TF - X speed test flights in the United States is interested in competing for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) market

By Gladys Allen,2015-09-12 07:06
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TF - X speed test flights in the United States is interested in competing for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) market

    TF - X speed test flights in the United States is interested in competing for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) market

    So-called "seconds and kill" unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) concept of TF - X speed was impressive, but has been the United States department of the government strictly controls, flight test is prohibited.Recently, this product is an important opportunity - the federal aviation administration (FAA) announced to launch the product test.It is understood that the company has won the special permit issued by the government department, the product is allowed to the United States airspace for testing.

    Terrafugia company as early as in 2013, the United States announced the speed of information, and named "TF - X".But until August this year, the company will be officially launched TF - X speed material.With advanced cool appearance, the TF - X speed once popular in social media.

    Most make people relish, the flying car in addition to the normal surface road, also can quickly take off in a traffic jam.Terrafugia company introduces, the principle of the TF - X flying like a helicopter, without being limited by the track conditions, as long as in a relatively open ground can take off.Flying in

    the process of TF - X also can pack up the propeller, rely on big fan body behind the driver.

    TF - X speed the biggest characteristic is its automatic "unmanned" mode.Driver or a pilot flying cars will be dispatched to ride or flight mode, no need to perform other operations, speed can be according to the weather and traffic conditions accordingly.

    Currently, TF - X speed in flight mode set up three sets of security systems, including automatic forecasting system will be landing in bad weather, power shortage and no-fly zone under three states prohibit vehicle takeoff;Emergency landing system to guarantee the flight vehicle automatic landing process out of control condition;And backup parachute also provide drivers in extreme conditions to survive a certain security.

    It is worth mentioning that TF - X speed carrying is a hybrid system, the system consists of a maximum power 305 - horsepower engine and two maximum total power of a 608 horsepower motor.

    If the TF - X speed to enter the market, its cruising speed can reach 322 km per hour, flying range is about 805 kilometers, and don't need the runway during takeoff and landing.

    However, such a seemingly "imagination" speed is very simple to operate.Terrafugia claims that TF - X speed similar to driving a car, most of the students is generally not more than five hours drive is free.Between the landing zone or airport, TF - X speed can choose "manual" or "automatic" mode.

    At present, Terrafugia company this flying car may be defined as "luxury", the goal is to those who can consume the local tyrants of luxury cars and yachts.

    But the TF - X speed "headache" is not the technical and financial difficulties, but the U.S. government's ban on flight.As aircraft, TF - X speed had been failed for the federal aviation administration permission, causing delays in an open test, data mostly stay on the paper.

    More recently, after much effort, TF - X speed in the transit, finally got the special license issued by the federal aviation administration.This means that the TF - X speed distance on the market further.

    But the Terrafugia company were allowed in the United States airspace test of TF - X speed is just a model, its size is only about 1/10 of the actual TF - X speed prototype.

    Allegedly, TF - X model coasters are allowed to fly to a height of 121 meters, speed can reach 160 kilometers per hour.The test car can make use of the airspace of the United States.During the flight, TF - speed behind the whole working team of X model need to keep contact with relevant institutions, flight in the event of an emergency stop immediately.

    Although the whole test process is a tall order, but the test data of TF - X speed r&d work plays a key role.Only through test model to obtain continuous and mature state of flight, so you can finish better upgrades.This also means that after the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the air will usher in a new challenger.In the future, TF - X speed may and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) "turf wars".

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