Come from the deep emotional warming crisis of confidence

By George Cox,2015-09-11 12:36
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Come from the deep emotional warming crisis of confidence

    Come from the deep emotional warming

    crisis of confidence

    I admit that sometimes he is a nostalgic person, capable of remembering the past, always thought within easy reach of happiness is not worth to cherish, never look back yesterday is the unremitting pursuit, typical of a waste, so a period of time, super like hayao miyazaki's animated film "my neighbor totoro", picturesque countryside, innocent abortion, xiaomei, and snoring, smiling big totoro, scene scene moving images will I back to my childhood home happy again, does that mean himself in realistic environment condition more distress, the more likely they were to miss once thought the most beautiful time, said to his spirit to encourage, to put it bluntly learn Q something to comfort themselves spiritual solace.Reality interpersonal indifference is only oneself can believe that?But until one day I know because all the trust from the most warm on my neighbor totoro is illusion, it is more cruel than start to cheat, has reached the highest state of cruel: will be the most pure emotions first show it again, then the unscrupulous will destroy it, but also let you watching tore up bit by bit, from warm emotional depths of the crisis of confidence was born.

    In fact in the animated film "my neighbor totoro", big totoro play is not the god of hope but the ghost of death, because the two sisters have died on the way of the story, and then his father in imagine two sisters live better, the novel written by his father in the animation, is the "my neighbor totoro" of the manuscript.In order to be able to prove that it's all fiction, almost all the people from the following several aspects:

    1, my neighbor totoro is a god of death, the angel of the underworld, met my neighbor totoro is death or death.In the story, the mother of seven mountain hospital admission, the mountain of eight hospitals, actually really exist, check can be found on the Internet, the main holding the end of the hospital patients and psychiatric patients.

    2, sister, may in the story has died on the way.When after missing, she found her slippers in the pond, she has been drowned in the pool.Later, the elder sister after abortion find xiaomei, the two sisters are no shadow of the state.

    3, the sisters to the hospital have all died at corn.Perhaps many people remember their mother in the hospital said, "now, in the tree, I really want to feel abortion and xiaomei there smiling."Why two people stay corn, but I do not meet with the mother, because two people have already died.

    4, corn in Japanese harmonics is similar to "kill the child".

    5, the story of two sisters with Japan sisters bloodshed.In Japan has been in the '60 s sisters be cruelty sayama events, and "my neighbor totoro" is to events based on the narrow mountain, the name of the two sisters, sister abortion (satuki) = Japanese May, sister xiaomei = May = English in May.The narrow mountain events occurred on May 1.

    6, cruelty, similar to the story plot.In this case, the first sister, then my sister was found in the forest younger sister body in 16 knife die, in the later the police found in the record, elder sister said to the police see large civet cats "monster", meaning is unclear, and the story of my neighbor totoro has many similarities.

    7, studio ghibli used facts by default.Then someone make a phone call to ask this matter, ghibli staff acknowledged with a smile.

    Watching all this chilling, thought totoro brings us hope is the last light, but it is inevitable to despair, trust from deep emotion is the most warm, let we have to re-examine our side to the people who truly love.Had to answer a lot of women in emotional sina BBS post don't know why their favorite men betray themselves, in the material and spiritual double under the premise of are very satisfied with their life, they really can't find the man ran away any reason, if the man lewd as the final reason to some bias, rather than a woman make a man feel stability

    is the final answer, under the premise of without suffering consciousness, I believe you will not go to cherish the present people and things, so had not only grasp now have happiness, and want to enjoy the outside stimulation, and animated films like "my neighbor totoro" desire to always pursue happy to us, please note, here to give is not what you can be within easy reach of happiness, nor you can firmly grasp the happiness, at most only a little spirit opium brought short pleasure, make you feel good and if once as "my neighbor totoro" behind revealed to despair, it's too late, his beloved woman absolutely will leave you.

    From warm emotional depths of the crisis of confidence, suddenly shot isn't a bad thing, just a kind of suffering consciousness, it should let us thank you again for great totoro, thanks to abortion, thanks to xiaomei,

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