Of the flower reviews

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Of the flower reviews

    "Of the flower" reviews

    "And eighties of the last century the rise of the western feminist movement in the grand background of the modernism, beginning today. It deeply into every field of politics, culture, discusses the women's nature and culture. The feminist film theory is a branch of feminism, its aim is to break down the movie in public welfare for female suppression of creativity and screen for female image of deprived."

    Of the 1990 s "of the flower

    is the best such

    films.Director ridley Scott

    depiction in the film by

    realism creation the society

    at that time men rights

    mechanism under the oppression

    on women as well as the

    corresponding resistance.

    Based on conflict between

    men and women as the clue, this paper tries to analyze the various film photography details to show where the opposite sexes, to explore ridley Scott as a male director, in the perspective view of women for men.

    One of the flower "synopsis

    "Thelma is housewife, Louise is a restaurant waitress. Two very ordinary woman, want to take advantage of the weekend, travel trip. Who knows Thelma thoughts at a village pub was raped, thanks to Louise arrived in time to stop, but because of rude things about each other, Louise on impulse, shot and killed the man. A casual fault, the two people on the way of escape. On the way to Mexico, a lift of the J.D. pretended to fall in love with Thelma, two people drink later, when the Thelma, J.D. stole all their money. Thelma and Louise drive by on the wall. At ordinary times at home is a doormat Thelma had to armed robbery zero goods shop, two people step by step toward the wall..."(2)

    Two, three sexes conflict change destiny

    The first conflict between undoubtedly occur in the village pub.

    Bar, Thelma decided to indulge yourself, so Halun likes drinking and met strangers, two people's congress, closest to the dance.In the case of getting drunk is Halun raped out of the bar.Louise arrived in time to stop, but Halun contrition and foul shot Halun under the stimulus of violent.

    This scene, at first Halun Thelma sex, in order to deceive Thelma said absolutely won't hurt each other, after rejection attitude changed, two vigorously slapping Thelma and violence in fixed Thelma brute force.

    Scene of intense conflict between sexes conflict is also a reality most outstanding one, that men and women both

    parties on the force caused by natural inequality status differences.Male nature in the pursuit of sex to male rhetoric enticing women, and after Halun violence into the rape Thelma to expose the nature of the animal sex, taunting Thelma "hateful bitch", while large drips saliva craven images and poor Thelma tears cannot resist weak image contrast, the conflict between performance limit.

    Louise killed Halun that a shot seems to be a symbol of the women in the patriarchal society tentative struggling under the weight of trying to rebel.

    This scene at the end, Thelma panicked and Louise to calm, had to travel on vacation two people embark on a road of escape, as a murderer, completely changed the fate of the Louise.

    The second time the conflict between the hotel in the suburbs.

    Thelma flee appeared a stranger a lift guest J.D. completely obsessed, two people in the hotel after sex describe sex climax in "Thelma and Louise, but eventually found J.D. stole two people for escape all travelling expenses.Louise lost to cry for the future, Thelma comfort Louise and ultimately alone robbed a zero on the road goods shop to raise money.

    This scene, the most impressive is Thelma's change.Finally saw the men face Thelma decided according to the professor on the evening of the sex J.D. approach deliberately conducted an armed robbery.This is a weak female to male a strong

    resistance, Thelma after watching the robbery video from her husband and several police the kind of reaction that is shocking.

    This second conflict clothe Thelma armed robbers' identity, Thelma's fate will be changed.

    Third is also one of the most intense conflicts, sexes in interstate highways.

    A fugitive Thelma and Louise repeated all the way to meet a large tubing car.Driver of the vehicle to many times of two people of sexual harassment.The driver not to apologize and wisecracks curse them with more virulent, Thelma and Louise shooting their guns tubing car, caused serious bombings.

    From this it is not hard to see a comprehensive, conflict, and three conflict, in the patriarchal society, let the dominant male from the bottom of my heart really respect woman is almost impossible.Don't respect, not only because of the grip on power, but men see women as their subsidiary, for women to follow his will.To some extent, to say that a contradiction between the sexes is almost irreconcilable.# # p# page title e#

    The scene at the end, Thelma and Louise drove up cheering around the driver circle, more like a playful, has been rising for women's rights against the patriarchal, instead of panic careful testing.

    Cost is, Thelma and Louise, thoroughly on the point of no return.

    Three, details show character transformation

    In addition to the three obvious gender conflicts and fight scene, director ridley Scott in the place where the details of the journal of flowers under the real kung fu, Thelma and Louise two transformation of the character of the heroine foreshadowing a wealth of content.The author selected some details for your reference.

    1, clothes,

    Thelma and Louise throughout change clothes in the movies.

    Thelma and Louise were set to two totally different character of women.Thelma, for example, as a housewife, in addition to her husband's wet behind the ears, simple and lively personality, very typical small woman.And Louise is different, although just a waitress but also independent roots, compared with Thelma become more independent, more neutral are also on the character.

    At the beginning, journey, from the film Thelma white dress clothes away from home, but Louise is embroidered shirts and jeans, both are typical women dress up, but both compare, Thelma more feminine.

    Sex for the first time conflicts, Louise changed into the dark grey coat, and Thelma skirt is replaced by dark blue jean jacket shrinkage.Two people's personality changes is already under way here.

    Second gender conflicts, namely Thelma alone robbed the zero after goods shop, Thelma change without sleeve dark denim shirt and leather, but also put the shirt tail up strong and show the lower abdomen.Can say at this time of Thelma character completely changed, bid farewell to the body has not grown up girl.Thelma and Louise has not at this time the female's gentle, to be covered with a neutral even partial male temperament, can say at this point, Thelma has caught up with and even surpassed Louise at this moment.

    Third gender conflict, that is, when shooting a tanker trigger bombing.Thelma was wearing a sleeveless skeleton graffiti black t-shirts.The image of the two people kick the leg on the car almost has no difference with men.

    All this clothing changes appear to be very bright Thelma and Louise change in character, Thelma, in particular, is especially striking.

    2, the action,

    Thelma unkempt appearance in the morning and haven't had time to do oneself busy picking up breakfast for her husband's image appearance.Dare not to speak loudly, dare not to mention on vacation with my husband, even in the dialogue will habitually when her hands trembling.Packed with two fingers when the tail gun into his duffel bag., all this shows the woman's timid, weak, allow to take hold.And actively respond to Halun strike up a conversation at the bar, and shows its escaped after her husband control easily, and pure musical personality.

    During the second half of the movie, after the hit J.D. cheating, Thelma armed robbery alone, calm calm.Gun threat of police on the road, warning him to his own wife and lock it into the trunk, the whole process with one spell able decisive like a veteran.Even at the last in the face of the tanker drivers have skillfully use guns cause explosion.

    Such behavior before and after the contrast between the stupefying.

    Just like she said to the police.

    "I want you to good to them, especially your wife."

    "My husband bad for me, see what have I become"

    Beauvoir said: the woman is not innate, but is generated.

    Even if a woman born with gentle, under the oppression of the patriarchal society into humility and submission, will eventually rebel under extreme conflict broke out.

    Fourth, ridley Scott's female view

    Under Scott's director, Thelma at first is a typical type of angel women: gentle, virtuous, without work, fix everything in life for her husband, dare not to speak loudly even dare not to ask her husband on holiday requests.Then qualitative change in personality, from the standpoint of a male, is a typical from angel to devil's transformation.Both rob and shooting, and even make heroic fight for freedom in the last act, Thelma, like in the skull T-shirt, change to let men shocked even fear of the devil.

    This transformation process, Scott gave a lot of camera language to complement.

    From the start, on the other hand, live in her husband's yelling and roughed up every day, to the outside of the bar was Halun in no dignity of rape, after finally to pay in the climax of J.D. really being deceived.There is no doubt that Thelma is worthy of sympathy, and this kind of sympathy in Scott, director of the male perspective but also have a meaningful.In my opinion, Scott as a male at least on the view of women and his men in the film is the opposite of.He saw the oppression on women in sexual antagonism.He is a bit like a film that only in the interests of the two women, middle-aged police officer, with his own unique way to try to understand them, protect them and save them.Perhaps, the two leading lady, Thelma and Louise last image, it is Scott expected female images: no longer endure oppression struggling, independent, strong, the pursuit of their own freedom.

    It is this, they showed the ultimate beauty of women.

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