Some of the poor is deserved it

By Melanie Ward,2015-09-11 00:49
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Some of the poor is deserved it

    Some of the poor is deserved it

    When I was young, my grandfather always likes to tell my story, the story of a poor man sitting at the top of the jinshan, makes me memorable.The story is about a very poor, but in his backyard vegetable field, as a large pile of gold was buried hill.The man does not know oneself every day sitting in jinshan, hungry every day, complain that god is not long eyes. Land father-in-law saw a round, appeared to him and told him it's ok to vegetable plots in plane dividation of

    something.Because the cat was not leak, land father-in-law also only dare to help him to it.But the man is too lazy, don't want to land.And, he also don't believe that land can dig gold, to instantly change their poverty.So place land father-in-law hint ignore and continue to be poor every day to complain, until they are cold and jealousy tortured to death.And, after death, also become a joke in baoshan not treasure.

    Grandpa, the purpose of this story is hope I become a hard-working person, that's what I was initially.But as the growth of the age, I found that this is not a hard question, but a vision and insight, also one of the world, because of people's vision and insight, and see not the same meaning and value. Also a wasteland, someone gave it up, but someone in the

    above the precious tobacco seedlings;The same leaves, someone will it as junk, and someone is sending its fermentation packing into the town when the high-grade flowers fertilizer;Also a piece of the original stone, someone put it as ordinary stones to build by laying bricks or stones to the toilet, and someone is peeling carve it, make it valuable jade;Also an old stump, someone will it as a wood to the fire boiled pig feed, and some people find it through its delicate gold wood grain and silt by years, the value of the hid... All these examples, the above is I hear or see experience for many years.Especially in many years ago with a philanthropist for the lugu county in sichuan's experiences, the returned from overseas philanthropist under the set of friends, going to donate to one of these schemes.Go to the family home, look at the situation is really poor, destitute, large hole in the roof can drop pumpkins, iron pot rusting, the most terrible is, eating doesn't even have the chopsticks.Philanthropist immediately clappers, give him eight thousand Hong Kong dollars, let them take to improve housing and living conditions.But blocking the philanthropist wife, said: "I don't agree to give them money, it's not that I love money, but they are not allowed!"

    Her fingers, is the family green bamboo behind the house, the

    mature bamboo, optional cut one or two root can do a few pairs of chopsticks and bamboo brush wash pot, still can fill the hole in the roof, but they didn't do.Investigate its reason, not because of too lazy, because can't see.Both enough to make the hole in the family in to the perdition of the poor, no amount of money is fill dissatisfaction.But actually the right thing to do, is their vision, and mobilize their enthusiasm of life.In the end, the money into another fund, donate into a remote elementary school student projects.

    If above scenes are dramatic enough, that I also have a more alarming story: in a donation of tuition fees for poor college students, I met a assets worth $entrepreneur, he first bucket of gold, is how to make kimchi earned.He said he was making kimchi craft and formula, are from the neighbor a Boyle.Hi mate do kimchi, acid bright fragrant crisp, is his most memorable childhood delicious.His failure that year the university entrance exam, with nothing to do, don't want to farming, as Duo Boyle and his making kimchi business together.But who can make money, don't believe in pickle jar and think carrying kimchi go township households is humiliating, and make fun of him as a troublemaker, out of the drive.Later, he felt, overtime again from time to time,

    consciously or unconsciously for aunt, aunt also never even when trade secrets to kimchi recipe told him.Later, he had made, Boyle has been poor, just sigh he lives well.Later, Boyle's children to college, but also he sponsored.Boyle in boast in his life, thousands and thousands of thanks to add a "good heart" two characters, and he heard, but always feel not the taste, then more large funding for poor college students go to school. This story reminds me of my grandfather about the poor people died on the jinshan.Of course, the cause of the poor and there are many, but what is undeniable is that limitation of vision and insights, is one of the most important reason.

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