Caesar must die reviews

By Beverly Coleman,2015-09-10 23:18
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Caesar must die reviews

    "Caesar must die" reviews

    Recently reading Aeschylus's the Russian red, the trilogy, happen to be in when encountered "Caesar will die" in Shakespeare's QiuLi, Julius Caesar, in the mind have Mars hit the earth ecstasy.Aeschylus was the ancient Greek tragedy of Nietzsche's most respected playwright, the rational dialogue and narrative of Nietzsche's so-called god Apollo and the ni type the madness of the gods at ensemble singing in Aeschylus drama with a concerto type (concerto has ambiguity of words, the original concerto is a competition between theme and auxiliary melodies play rather than the

    coordinated).And the revenge theme to some extent in Shakespeare's plays are still continued the tradition, is just the idea of Apollo type strategy has the upper hand, and the ni the madness of the type was more into play the overall atmosphere and theme.This review and don't want to in Shakespeare's plays as the center of discussion, but still feel the tragedy as forms of drama in the traditional inheritance is one of the elements in the film, and there is one point that inspire me to write this review.

    I pay more attention to in the movie is not the content of the drama, on the contrary, I think the film is a director of conceptual experiments, and I just want to start from the idea to analyze the intention of the director.Here I'd like to quote recently finished reading zweig's a medium-length novel, the director to the best direct intention.In "chess" midway through this novel, a reversal of the chess champion and amateur almost a foregone conclusion of a plate of chess strangers to the narrator tells the story of their own story in world war ii political prisoners in prison.His description of the prison life is, where everything is the same, no one, not for his mind to daydream, no concept of time is the most important things, as if everything is still, his thoughts in slack, almost all accused admitted.It was at this time, he has stolen a chess move highlights, in despair, he attracted to chess, head very dizzy, the whole talent started slowly alive.Quoted this novel to show only a little, in prison is a kind of time, change, and the lack of action and drama performance is just make up this, Shakespeare's plays in the film of the prisoners like chess in zweig's nameless chess player.

    But this drama rehearsal for the prisoners it is time to change the action as simple as that, I think the director's ideas more lies in how to use art sublation reality - even as the bottom, the lack of reality in the jail, impulse reality - framed by the variety of opposites.And drama as to try to grow into the actor some impulse in the heart, in the movie when I was thinking about the German poet Schiller in the aesthetic education of letters, a bit.In Schiller's opinion, the people in The Times of his lack of integrity of human nature, whether it is the perceptual impulse or image impulse, the former let a person rooted in real sense, the latter let a person to abstract concepts, can realize the combination of image and the reality.Prisoners in prison is, as it were, doesn't even have the two impulses, their life is the human nature the integrity of the radical antithesis, but it was a rehearsal for the prisoners can feel Schiller so-called beauty as the combination of the two kinds of impulse of feeling.Schiller said, "beauty as the self-realization of humanity, neither is likely to be absolutely pure life...; and can not be absolutely pure image.... Beauty is a common object, of the two impulses is game impulse."What he called "impulse" game gave the artist a sublation and image, reality and life drama, with the time, freedom and incompleteness of the opposite way.Only as a game in the process of the art of time and drama of the prison in the time together, so just can have between the director and actors that "hurriedly rehearsal" playful dialogue.Because of the fictional art time into real (not), they feel a sense of urgency of time.More important is the prisoner as an actor is established in the Roman empire is the cry of liberty.The desire for freedom for them is fictional, is a thing of the past, and

    they have nothing to do now, but because they are "impulse" fictitious desire for freedom is almost the past as the sound of a lack of freedom in the prison and resistance.They cry they don't have access to free, but also in the process beyond the body and the space limit, through time and space to get some kind of spiritual freedom.Is such in the traditional sense of freedom and the prison is also in the game.But perhaps most importantly the prisoners also truly understand the freedom for the first time, from their own limited body and soul from open, become Caesar, brutus, they shouted their freedom never wishful thinking, but in the fictional world really believe in the existence of freedom.Is such, the prison truly became a prison, because art, play games, give them a fictional "self-realization" of human nature, to give them real freedom.But, the film's greatness lies in it all boils down to the stage, not just in prison and free stage is still the opposite.Its given the nature of documentary film, and it leads the possibility of greater involvement in reality, some of the art prisoners of freedom is not only a historical fiction.Theatrical performances in the end, we see the "brutus" really saving as the actor on the stage, and the other actors also wrote a book called Free Inside, understand what is the inner freedom.All opposing the abolition of the art and beauty, let the prisoners to restore human nature, let the reality of drama.This is not a drama, it is not simply a repeat of the Shakespeare, Julius Caesar's death again, but the transcendence of human nature of drama;This is also a drama, drama to make the life and the human nature in the image is triggered, let inmates in three roles between moving to find the real self.If at the end of the sentence "after contact with the art, the prison is really into the prison."Tone sounded more like a pessimist, I think from Schiller's point of view, the meaning of this sentence is "since I know more contact with the art, what is the freedom of humanity."# # p# page title e#

    Moreover, I think from Benjamin came up on the relationship between the authors and producers to discuss the film to the processing of literature.In Benjamin's the article "as a producer of author", he points out that to break through the literature can only write for a class or service fate, we must seek a subversion (transform) rather than the transmission method (transmit) in the form of literature.For literature form of

    subversion can overturn the literary form for only one class (usually) for the middle class enjoy the situation, to be incorporated into literature may be working hands.And transport is just a repeat, it can even put the revolutionary ideology assimilation for a class in the form of "consumption".The author as a producer, necessary to mix literary form, resolve the conflict between the writer and the reader, let the author's subversion to inspire readers some impulse, the process of reading such production rather than consumption.The film adaptation of the plays at first glance like transport, it is nothing more than to a group of people to deduce the Caesar's story again.But look carefully, the director of it is trying to make the most unlikely of reading Shakespeare's gathered a group of people, let them become the new readers of Shakespeare, and through the art as the games not only to subvert the intent of the original more producers to make the readers a new story.Prisoners may be all of us never focus on "class", their'm afraid I can't understand a lot of people are said to be class.But it is found that the unreasonable class, literature to find their own new audience, this is Benjamin hope literature do the first step.The subversion of the second step is the completion of Schiller's self-realization in human nature.This group of prisoners is perhaps the most real need the freedom to shout.Relative to those who are middle class, life rich, when the Roman empire "Caesar will die" cry, innocuous, nothing but the baptism by literal, feel some has nothing to do with themselves.But for the prisoners, as if every call is the prison walls shatter, perhaps from the perspective of psychoanalysis, this is a process of catharsis.Therefore, the combination of literary aesthetics, urges the prisoners inside some kind of desire, and to achieve the effect of resonance type.Here, the opposition between readers and the author has also been sublation, regardless of film, drama, or documentary form for this kind of the opposite effect.

    Film dissolves and removes the prisoners in fictional role plays and real identity, that these figures will be able to show yourself to the most perfect state of human nature;Drama actor purely as readers and dispelling the playwright's opposition, make these prisoners readers of a new class to produce a new text;Documentary dispelling the prisoners of the identity and the conflict between the concept of "people", and give

    these people in the film outside of the human nature, prisoners and people's unity.All this reconciliation based on art as a kind of game impulse to construct aesthetic space between life and image, it can go beyond a simple text, performance, photography, and give the most sought-after human person with the most real human nature.And that is perhaps the most urgently need to produce a value of contemporary art.

    As an artist, a growing number of people have this anxiety - only if art is rooted in the thing in the life and social political ideology, how it can go beyond the limitations of their own political tool?Perhaps, we go on like this, a sense of aesthetics of digging, to regain their own aesthetic space, can make the art to create a binary opposition, no longer no longer class differences, self and others in the system.And that seems to have let's go back to Shakespeare's plays, ultimately brutus is trying to build the Roman empire is just such a utopia, as envisioned by countless countless revolution thinker in the history.Maybe this is just political and human history can achieve the idealism of datong world, but the Caesar will die is trying to pass to build such a movie and drama aesthetic space, why can't we believe in the power of art?

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