The publicness of the Internet platform and central European business review 3 q war JiangGang type of accommodation

By Andrea Hawkins,2015-09-10 13:31
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The publicness of the Internet platform and central European business review 3 q war JiangGang type of accommodation

The publicness of the Internet platform and central

European business review 3 q war JiangGang type of


    Aside from Internet companies is a feud, we must defend the public's right to know and option, the user will not be blind, coercion and induction, can choose according to individual need and free will. Vin park held a

    3 q war smoke is fading, and I didn't solve a problem.Under the ministry of reconciliation, the company recalled 360 "QQ bodyguards," tencent company has stopped for 360 series software is not compatible. But in addition to information technology li yizhong criticized this competition is "immoral" and "irresponsible", no laws and rules of the nature of the conclusion.For the public, perhaps one day, the other a penguin will jump out to refuse to compatible products, such as 460 and general Internet users also will therefore again in a while, also to be the situation.

    This solution is referred to as the "reconciliation" Chinese critics, it represents a kind of right and wrong conclusions, without a new rules "JiangGang reconciliation".Chamber of mediation to escape the eyes of the public, the possibility of damaged public interest has not released.

When the platform scalable business conflict

    Free service for vast users, with the client to strengthen platform viscosity, to module extension to increase market share, is China's three big magic weapon for winning the top Internet companies.Today, the Chinese Internet domain tencent, baidu and alibaba in The Three Kingdoms, in fact is the interpersonal relationship, information search and the electronic commerce platform as the core of three. As a newcomer, qihoo 360 to safety as the core appeal to become China's second largest Internet client, based on the extended to the software management, page game three important profit source browser and platform for the child.3 q war, in its essence, is still a platform to expand business in the process of coincidence of conflict.Originally is tencent company will security services and software manager together is in the QQ chat software, resulting in a loss of 360 users.While 360 counter measures from the moral measure of privacy shock users trust the QQ, and to provide users with software, used to streamline the QQ software platform for value-added module, which affects tencent the core source of profit.

    If lack of judgment, the war is easy to be understood as "dog eat dog, a mouth MAO";But if from the perspective of public interest and the "public" to understand the Internet disputes in recent years, many

problems are exposed more clearly.

China's Internet

    Factual dispute shall come to an end, to comb the war, there are several facts should be the cause of all the public alert:

    - the original tencent company to expand its management services, security services and software directly on the QQ together when installation and upgrade QQ doctor (later changed to computer butler), in which both software user unwittingly be installed.

    - as a news portal, tencent very hard in the dispute of the two companies, especially tencent technology channel made big news feature to attack and discredit opponents.Although the content come from other media, tencent obviously after editing and selection.

    - in 360 security guards software steward, rely on the user's public evaluation to ranking of 1800 software.360 how free software also accept public comments, but critically acclaimed maxthon evaluation is low, and 360 maxthon once remind users may exist safe hidden trouble, suggest user to use 360 secured browser.

    In the three events, the first thing the infringement of the right to know of the user and options, this space, there is no dispute.The second thing is to contemplate, tencent news channels and technology channel is

    tencent company's home page, or a medium of public opinion?Even as the private Internet media platform, whether to adhere to the principle of the traditional media's objective and neutral?If a media platform can such unbridled ground attack, if that does not grasp the media platform company cause unfair competition?

    The third thing is more important that how to guarantee the impartiality of the evaluation system of non-public public?Especially occupies a large market share, like the 360 software steward platform, its evaluation will affect a lot of small software of life and death.Also, the public evaluation platform to ensure credibility is simply the market logic, or should establish a new evaluation rules?

    The same problem can also be extended to the search field, including the infamous "bidding".The author also found that in mengniu "defamation" incident, in a search engine search "mengniu", page only mengniu tendency of advertising and mengniu positive comments.Traditional media struggle to dig out of darkness, is likely to be the search engine to the enterprise cost.

    "Public opinion, the world is also", the Internet platform service sea quantity of users, making it a public service.It is necessary to emphasize: aside from Internet companies is a feud, we must defend the public's right to know and option, the user will not be blind, coercion and induction, can choose according to individual need and free will.

If Microsoft is a Chinese enterprise

    In contrast, in the 1990 s, Microsoft's Windows system forced bound free Internet explorer, for netscape browser software from the Internet.Once the trigger a long-running antitrust lawsuits in Europe and the United States, led to Microsoft to be at the risk of break up.If it is a Chinese company, at the same time into the IM (MSN) and antivirus (Microsoft Security Essentials) two fields, imagine if Microsoft announced that Windows is not compatible with QQ and 360, what then?

    Therefore, both in content portals, search engines and evaluation system of the public, credibility should be built on the basis of fairness, and institutional supply is the government.The government must pass legislation to solve these problems.Any software and Internet platforms in extension module, module must be through the user's choice;In the public evaluation system and search engine, proprietary products, advertising products, and general public ranking must effectively mark, to avoid the public be misled.While for media platforms, should be in accordance with the standards of traditional media to ask. Compared to the relevant departments committed to the control of the Internet public opinion, the industry rules and legislation for the average user have encountered problems appear very processing still lags

    behind.I read a number of laws and regulations related to the Internet, the starting point of legislation still focus on the administrative examination and approval procedures, to prevent the harm to national regime, the Internet also emphasize the protection of minors, but few on the market rules to make institutional norms, resulting in the system of supply, and the implementation of existing laws also has a problem. From the perspective of the established rules, sincerely hope that tencent and 360 companies, and filed an antitrust lawsuit QQ users to pull down lawsuit, and form the case, and not let the Chinese Internet fall into the law of the jungle and "JiangGang" culture.

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