Resolution the three big central Banks blockbuster hit the dollar index highs

By Lewis Arnold,2015-09-10 11:26
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Resolution the three big central Banks blockbuster hit the dollar index highs

    Resolution the three big central Banks blockbuster hit

    the dollar index highs

    The European central bank (ECB)Since the policy decision,The dollarIndex slipped to recover after high on Wednesday (Dec. 9) the dollar index fell below 98 mark, again refresh 4 to 97.62 low.Since the dollar index intraday highs, non-us currency overall rebound, the performance of the commodity currencies weaker, while European currencies rise across the board.While the dollar is weak, but including Goldman sachs, the investment Banks and hedge funds still bullish dollar in next year's performance.On Thursday the market will be welcomedThe bank of EnglandAnd the fed, and New ZealandThe Swiss national bankInterest rate decision, in the currency market is expected to sweep of a whirlwind of violence.Days to Europe and the United StatesdataSparse, China the news sparked widespread attention.The state council executive meeting on Thursday through documents, clearly put forward within 2 years as of the date of enforcement of decision, the authorization to be listed on the Shanghai stock exchange, shenzhen stock exchange trading stock public offering shall practise a system of registration.Analysts pointed out that the registration system of short-term negative impact on the market trend, mildly positive for a long time, in the short term the market will adjust, especiallyThe gem

    Draghi was less than expected doves a boostThe euroDollar weakness but agencies still see more dollars

    The United StatesThe ministry of commerce (DOC) according to the latest data published on Wednesday, U.S. wholesale inventories in October month rate decreased by 0.1%, lower than expected increase of 0.1%, suggesting the economic growth is expected in the fourth quarter or downgrade.

    In October, the Commerce Department said wholesale inventories mainly because enterprises to intensify efforts to reduce unsold inventory.Inventory data has to shrink by 0.56% in the third quarter economic growth, increased the difficulty of the growth of 2.1% this year.

    (U.S. wholesale inventories in October month rate, source: FX168 business network)

    Review (Reuters) - U.S. wholesale inventories in October month rate, according to the U.S. wholesale inventories in October month rate recorded decline, mainly because the enterprises intensify efforts to reduce the unsold inventory, in which both durable and nondurable inventories has decreased;Today's wholesale inventories data may make economists lowered expectations of U.S. economic growth in the fourth quarter, inventory data has made economic growth is a contraction of 0.56% in the third quarter.

    After November non-farm payrolls report, market expectationsThe federal reserveOn DecemberIncreases in interest ratesA few a foregone conclusion, but the market has been fully reflects the expected, and the European central bank easing less than market expectations, the pent-up boosted the euro, the dollar index pared gains from high drop sharply, days after the dollar index fell below 98 mark to 97.62, refresh the 4th low;Decision on euro/dollar surged more than once on the day of 400, rose to 1.09 above threshold, days after the currency pairs, again broke the silver last week's interest rate decision after the euro/dollar record highs, refresh a high point to 1.0991, 1.1000 mark.

    Graph (eur/usd 60 minutes, source: FX168 business network)

    According to a well-known industry fund managers, even if be a "superMario, "said the European central bank (ECB) PresidentMario draghi"Hit" (Mario Mr Draghi), hedge funds are still bullish dollar.

    In charge of $9 billion in assets of Pacific Alternative Asset Management Co., chief investment officer at Sam Diedrich said that the European central bank President Mario draghi last week announced a new round of easing, but which disappointed some investors.

    On December 3rd resolution on the same day, the silver dollar against the euro hit a six and a half years to its biggest one-day drop.This makes those who bet on the euro depreciation hit;Because of the European central bank expected to implement a more aggressive easing, euro speculative short positions the highest level in five months.

    Diedrich said: "the silver resolution let many people by surprise. Indeed the euro shorts was a hit."

    Including Goldman Sachs (Goldman Sachs Group inc.) and Macquarie (Macquarie Bank Ltd), such as big lines were cut against the euro this weekThe exchange rateForecast, the euro fall to parity is expected to spend more time.

    However, Diedrich, points out that because the fed is ready to implement interest rates for the first time in 2006 years, policy differences with other central Banks, hedge funds are still betting on a stronger dollar.In many developing countries "economic problems" may also deteriorated, which support the dollarEmerging marketsCurrency.

    Diedrich he said: "at present there are still a lot more than $. If you had a bad day, this is not to say that everything is over, because most of the time the situation will be the same."

    Synchronization with the euro and reboundThe Japanese yenBelow 122, the dollar/yen days pass, refresh low since November 6 to 121.75.The pound/ dollar