Super el nino threatens 4

By Roberto Brooks,2015-09-10 05:03
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Super el nino threatens 4

    Super el nino threatens 4.7 million people live in the

    global big crisis

    Images: super el nino is seriously threatened the livelihood of the Pacific population of 4.7 million and survival.

    According to foreign media reports, the charity oxfam warned that super el nino phenomenon is a serious threat to the livelihood of the Pacific population of 4.7 million and survival, and is the fastest to early next year, this phenomenon may lead to as many as 4000 to 4000 of the population in the face of famine, disease and water shortage.

    14 local time, Oxfam Hong Kong Oxfam released a report, called for countries all over the world to accelerate the develop countermeasure, to cope with the crisis of the large scale of the "global".

    The report says, at present the super el nino phenomenon caused by high temperature and drought, rainstorm floods and cold frost, lead to the Pacific crisis of 4.7 million people into hunger, poverty and disease, among them with the Pacific island nation of Papua New Guinea hardest hit.

    Reported that the climate conference in Paris just agree on May 13, the world nearly 200 parties have pledged to strengthen to tackle climate change.Oxfam Hong Kong, however, stressed that climate change has exacerbated the el nino phenomenon acceleration, and very powerful, so we need to reduce global carbon emissions should be more effort. According to the report, this year's el nino phenomenon for the best record, the to cope with the huge "global crisis", the report calls for countries around the world must take action as soon as possible, can save more lives ".

    Hardest hit areas, including the asia-pacific region of Papua New Guinea Ethiopia and Malawi, the African countries, as well as Latin American countries Haiti, Honduras. According to the report, Papua New Guinea highlands will be threatened by drought and frost, hit the local agriculture and animal husbandry development, affected population 3 million people.

    In addition, tile slave atul, Fiji, Solomon islands, Samoa, and the east, also, the drought weather will make these south Pacific island nation in the face of farming of crops and water supply shortage.

    Asian countries, on the other hand, the rainfall will also reduce, of which most affected Indonesia, the Philippines in about 85% by march next year is expected to be threatened by drought.

    At present, Ethiopia has about 8.2 million people in urgent need of relief because of drought, there are large areas in southern Africa no rain after drought.

    Report also pointed out that the super el nino could also lead to the southern half of the tropical cyclone season is longer, the cook islands and impel the threat of moa will face more severe storms.

    Oxfam Hong Kong Australian humanitarian manager marquardt mayne says "climate change is already a wake-up call, to avoid to the general population into despair, we must act now, urgent."

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