Google unmanned vehicles and Uber do not go to war

By Fred Bennett,2015-09-09 13:58
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Google unmanned vehicles and Uber do not go to war

    Google unmanned vehicles and Uber do not

    go to war

    On Tuesday, the advantages of the taxi car rental markets around the world manufacturers Uber, announced a joint at Carnegie Mellon university in the United States, into the research and development of self-driving car project.At the same time, the American media also reported that Google (weibo) is developing a software compete directly with Uber take a taxi.Google and Uber, from former Allies (Google is Uber shareholders) into the competition relations, media have said the two companies will go to war in the field of unmanned.

    However, The science and technology news site The Verge published analysis according to The article, Uber and Google won't have The so-called "war" in The field of unmanned, at present, this field still

    belongs to The regulation, technical standard blank initiation stage, more manufacturers to join, will help The development of unmanned and promotion.

    The Verge, points out that as early as 2007, when Google company has made a puzzling, announced that The company announced that it will participate in The federal communications commission (FCC) of The radio frequency resources auction, but The premise is The FCC rules, let all of The wireless communication equipment can use The corresponding frequency resources, access to The communication network.

    Google's decision at the time was very "outrageous".Because the Google android operating system and smartphone, need to create a partnership and the mobile communication industry in the United States, if the auction to participate in radio frequency resources, it will be enemies and mobile industry.

    Google why invest billions of dollars in funding, from the hand of the work plan of mobile operators "steal" frequency resources?

    This problem is the answer for the second year - this is Google a counsel on policy.

    In the radio frequency in the auction, the telecoms giant Verizon to become a big winner, won the most frequency, Google is empty.But by

    participating in the auction, Google has realized one purpose: that is the lowest bidding requirements, by satisfying the FCC to open device access to trigger the FCC rules.

    In fact, Google does not need the radio spectrum, Google just hope telecommunications market is more open, so as to lay a foundation for the release of the android smartphone.

    If put the vision in the 2015 today, driverless cars are facing and the mid - 2000 - the next generation mobile communication network.

    Today, driverless cars need rules and technical standard does not yet exist, the industry still needs to research and development work.Supporters in the field of private and public, is currently the leading in the field of unmanned dialogue, hope to commercialise the technology as soon as possible.

    This week, Uber said it would and joint unmanned research at Carnegie Mellon university.According to reports, Google has started to develop a taxi rental mobile phone software, at first glance, the two companies ready to "fight".

    But if you look back over a decade ago Google in the mobile communications market strategy, the outside world will know Google and Uber war will not become a reality.

    On February 2, to the outside world about Google and Uber "enemy" reported that Google responded via Twitter website, Google believes both Lyft Uber do very successfully, Google employees are often a taxi in the use of two kinds of tools.

    In 2007 and the mobile and smart phones, Google today's automated driving project is still in development and policy making.Given Google for self-driving cars have a grand vision, so it is clear that Google still has a lot of work to do, to make from unmanned technology become a commercial reality.

    Google's self-driving car today, unable to cope with bad weather, the other complex situations, such as at a crossroads, driverless cars also can't make a similar human decision quickly.Compared to other and highway, urban traffic environment for unmanned remains a huge challenge.

    U.S. department of transportation secretary Anthony Foxx expressed support for unmanned technology, but this is only the first step in the thousands of miles journey, driverless cars really hit the road around the world, remains a distant prospect.

    So in this background, if Uber contributed self-driving technology camp, and in the aspect of technology research and development and

    regulatory policies to promote, so this is actually the unmanned a great good.

    In fact, according to the Wall Street journal reported that Google internally developed a taxi rental tools, at present is still in employees' internal use, main purpose is to help Google employees on

    transportation to and from work smoothly, Google will make it open to the general public, open and their investment Uber competition, this is still an open question.

    The Verge, points out that driverless cars in 41 door to work automatically, this scene may have until 2020 to become a reality.And in the meantime, carmakers, Uber, Google, and regulators, all need to make efforts to let the driverless cars can truly "open up".

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