Scientists measured the force between the antimatter

By Rachel Holmes,2015-09-08 17:09
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Scientists measured the force between the antimatter

    Scientists measured the force between the antimatter

    [abstract] at present, scientists antimatter reaction between the latest study is the first time, the reaction to the antimatter particles together.

    Scientists now a new study has found that antimatter particles together, the power of

    the future or will prove the real existence of antimatter.

    According to foreign media reports, scientists believe,The universe

    Big bang is equal quantities of matter and antimatter, but currently only found that the universe is mainly composed of normal matter, did not find the mystery of the antimatter.The lack of antimatter has become

    one of the biggest mysteries universe.Now, scientists said reveal the mystery of closer step now, new research has found that antimatter particles combined forces.

    The latest antimatter particles measured force for the first time, researchers hope to observe whether the antiproton unlike protons, antiprotons are ordinary proton "mirror".Characteristics of antiprotons will explain phenomenon of matter/antimatter asymmetry in the universe.American physicist Tang Yigong said: "although the mystery of existence for decades, rarely found important clues, is a major challenge in the scientific community, but we use properties of antimatter could potentially solve this mystery."

    Antimatter is a mirror image of ordinary matter, ordinary atom is surrounded by negatively charged electron positive charge of nuclear structure, however, antimatter is just on the contrary, it is made up of the negative charge of nuclear and positively charged electron.Although the antimatter are rare, but the particle accelerator to manufacture a small amount of antimatter, convenient for scientists to study their characteristics.

    Scientists use "relativistic heavy ion collider (RHIC)" test to the internal force between a pair of antiprotons, they found that the force between a pair of antiprotons is very interesting, is similar to the atomic

    internal protons together the strong nuclear force.Zhang Zhengqiao (transliteration) is the use of relativistic heavy ion collider the antiproton interactive another scientist, he said: "we observed that a large number of protons, they are about the basic structure of the conventional atom module, at the same time, we observed that almost the same number of antiprotons. Antiprotons looks very much like a proton, but because they are the antimatter, they have a negative charge, rather than the positive charge, so they bend collider magnetic field in the opposite way."

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