Christmas to U.S

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Christmas to U.S

    Christmas to U.S. stocks ended higher on Monday

     U.S. stocks ended higher, part of the back losses last week.Christmas vacation will make trading time this week.Investors continue to focus on oil prices.

    Eastern time on December 21, 16:00 05:00 on December 22nd (Beijing time),The dow Jones(17251.62, 123.07, 0.72%) of the industrial average rose 123.07 points, to 17251.62 points, or 0.72%;The standard & poor's 500 index rose 15.60 points, to 2021.15, up 0.78%;The nasdaq(4968.92, 45.84, 0.93%) composite index rose 45.84 points, to 4968.92 points, or 0.93%.

    - Lucy bayer-oglesby, chief investment strategist at Janney Montgomery Scott Mark (Mark it) said: "it is well known at this time of year is the stock market usually rises. Could there have been some unwind action now, it has nothing to do with oil. Although today's oil prices continue to fall, but investors don't seem to care about, does not see it as a sign of the weak global economy. It just may be a special market today."

    Christmas Eve (December 24th) Thursday U.S. stocks will be finished ahead of time, will be closed on Friday, a return to normal trading next week.

    This year just two weeks, U.S. stocks trading time limited liquidity could enlarge the volatility of the stock market, especially during the Christmas and New Year's day, this time most of the western world markets are closed.

    Influenced by a drop in oil prices, us stocks fell last week, the s&p 500 index fell by 0.4% in a whole week, the dow the week down 0.8%.Last week, crude oil futures prices at the lowest level in almost seven years.

    Oil prices continue to fall, on Monday morning, brent crude oil futures prices fell below during the financial crisis in 2008, the lowest price continued to fall since 2004 have not seen.U.S. crude oil futures prices fell nearly 50 cents, to $34.25 a barrel.Investors may still remember last FridayBaker hughes(43.76, 0.16, 0.36%) reported that the number of oil drilling rose for the first time in five weeks.

    GKFX, chief market analyst James Hughes (James Hughes), according to commodity futures prices of stocks up still play an important role.

    Hughes said: "the volume will be very low, so traders have to focus on oil prices, as at the end of the year, many people have begun to take profits, reduced positions."Hughes argued that low turnover situation will enlarge the volatility of the stock market, so the "Christmas rally may be coming, but can't rule out the commodity futures price swings could regain the center stage."

    November economic data, the Chicago fed's national activity index is 0.30, predictive value of 0.10, before the value from 0.04 to 0.17.

    This week's economic data is various, durable goods orders will be released on Wednesday, consumer spending and consumer confidence report.

    Stocks news, L.M.E ricsson Telefon () shares rose, after the Swedish telecoms equipment maker announced, has been solved withapple(107.33, 1.30, 1.23%), inc. (AAPL) of legal disputes, the us smart phone manufacturers will pay royalties to use the mobile technology.

    Apple CEO Tim Cook on Sunday, Tim Cook said in an interview with the media, the cause of the apple products "made in China" is not because the cost is cheaper in China, but China has more talent "skills".He also criticized the tax policy in the United States.

    alibaba(82.87, 0.22, 0.27%) announced today that named Matthew Basel (Matthew Bassiur) for the group vice President, head of global intellectual property law enforcement at the same time, the appointment will take effect in January 2016.

    Basel's main responsibility is to lead the team with international brands and retail partners, industry organizations, government regulators, law enforcement agencies and other industries agency cooperation, promote the

    alibaba[microblogging]Efforts to crack down on fake goods and the protection of intellectual property rights.

    Crown Fitbit (FIT) shares rose after the Pacific securities, analysts said the weak after black Friday sales performance, the company's holiday sales "explosive" growth.

    Other markets, European stocks rose on Monday, after Spain's ruling party lost its majority in weekend elections low, making the country for decades of bipartisan system came to an end.The Spanish IBEX index fell sharply.Asian markets were mixed on Monday, the nikkei 225 index fell 0.3%, but the Shanghai composite index rose 1.7%.

    At the same time, the euro against the dollar rose slightly.The yen against the dollar lower.

    Comex gold futures prices, $14 to $1079 an ounce.Crude oil futures prices fell 30 cents, to $34.43 a barrel.(39)

    November Chicago fed activity index fell unexpectedly Gen (low in May this year

    Chicago fed (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago) on Monday (Dec. 21), according to data released on November Chicago fed national activity fell unexpectedly, suggests that the world's largest economy in the fourth quarter economic recovery still remains uncertain.In November, according to the American Chicago fed national activity index fell to 0.30, the former value was revised to 0.17.

    The index is lower than zero, then the national expansion of economic activities present a lower than the average growth rate, and alleviate the pressure of inflation in the future.The Chicago fed said, Chicago fed national activity index by the weighted average of the 85 national economic activity index indicators and become a national economic activities.Main data collected four main categories, including production and income, employment, unemployment pay in time, personal consumption and housing situation, sales orders and inventory situation.

Cook: manufacturing in the United States have far behind China

    In the latest episode in the United States in the news program "60 minutes", Charlie Rose (Charlie Rose) on apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) conducted in-depth

    interviews, talked about the personnel recruitment, employment environment and the CEO's sexual orientation, and many other problems.

    Interview was no explosive content as a whole, the cook didn't talk about driverless cars, also made no mention of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) delivery service.However, he did mention some interesting content, including apples cost $5 billion to build new headquarters, and employs 800 engineers design the iPhone camera.But it is also notable that cook for some apple pr face the perennial problem of shows that his position.

Cook: apple products "made in China" is not as cheap

    Apple CEO Tim cook said in an interviewCBS(45.79, 0.13, 0.28%) television said in an interview, apple products "made in China" is not because cost is cheaper in China, but China has more talent "skills"."Is a skill!"When the famous program "60 minutes" host Charlie Rose asked about why the apple products are made in China, the cook, said.

    Host clearly isn't buying it, "Chinese workers workers more skills than the United States? Are they better than German workers?"It asked."For some time, the United States is no longer enough professional skill talented person," cook says, "you can put all tools and mould manufacturing division set up in the United States, they may also stuffed with our current house. In China, they may fill several football fields."

    In interview at first, when the subject turned to such as apple is said to be "tax evasion", and "through complex mechanism" hold $74 billion in revenue in overseas topic, interviews began to heat up."This is purely political bullshit," cook said, adding that the "willing to put money back to the United States, but it will not do so, because" if the foreign money back, will let us loss of 40%.I think this is not a rational decision."

Alibaba appointed former apple executives responsible for fighting

    Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) announced today that the appointment of Matthew Basel (Matthew Bassiur) for the group vice President, head of global intellectual property law enforcement at the same time, the appointment will take effect in January 2016.

    Basel's main responsibility is to lead the team with international brands and retail partners, industry organizations, government regulators, law enforcement agencies and other industries, promote alibaba to crack down on fake goods and the protection of intellectual property rights.Basel to alibaba group chief executive Michael Evans (Michael Evans) report.

    Before joining alibaba, for BaselPfizer inc.(32.46, 0.47, 1.47%) pharmaceutical (Pfizer), vice President and deputy chief security officer.Before, he also worked in the company and the U.S. department of justice.Basel or "Fulbright research scholars programme of China and the United States" participants, taught in renmin university of China intellectual property law.

    Ericsson(9.51, 0.38, 4.16%), apple's patent licensing agreement to end wars

    Swedish telecoms equipment maker EricssonSaid on Monday, the company has with apple patent license agreement.But Ericsson did not specify how will benefit from the agreement.Ericsson expects its 2015 in intellectual property rights of the total revenue will reach 130-14 billion Swedish crowns (about $9.84 billion yuan - 10.59 billion yuan), including the signed an agreement with apple to bring positive influence.In 2014, Ericsson revenues from the patent license for apple at least 9.9 billion Swedish crowns (about 7.49 billion yuan).

    Last January, Ericsson mobile technology licensing fees to the United States court appeal, as the earlier this month, apple to file a complaint, in northern California district court accused of Ericsson on LTE patent patent royalty fee is too high, and triggered a patent war between the two companies.

December new oil fell more than 14% so far this year fell 33%

    Crude oil futures prices generally fell on Monday.Global excess supply prices remain under pressure.The most actively traded contract in February, the New York mercantile exchange for delivery of west Texas intermediate (WTI) crude oil futures prices fell 25 cents, or 0.7%, to settle at $35.81 a barrel.The last trading day of January crude oil futures into sight, the futures rose 1 cents, closing at $34.74 a barrel.Brent crude oil futures prices fell 53 cents, or 1.44%, to settle at $36.35 a barrel.

    Calculated according to the most active contract, the New York mercantile exchange crude oil fell more than 14% in December, has decreased by 33% this year.At the same time, natural gas futures prices last week fell to a low rebound after nearly 16 years.January delivery of natural gas futures rose 14.4 cents or more than 8%, to close at $1.911 per million British thermal units.Natural gas prices because of the weather forecast says cold weather is coming.

Go against U.S. gasoline prices have low 1 liter to RMB 2.7

    For American motorists, Christmas has come early, and they reaped a package on Monday: national average petrol price has fallen below $2 a gallon, this is the first time since March 2009.In parts of the United States, meanwhile, oil prices fell to $1.60 a gallon, or is 2.70 yuan/liter.

    Officially announced on Monday, the American automobile association (AAA), according to the national average gasoline price is $1.998 a gallon, and oil price information service provider, according to the calculation of the price average are $1.995 a gallon of petrol.These two data are the lowest since March 25, 2009.

New York golden week up 1.5% in twoweek high.

    Gold futures hit about two weeks the highest closing price on Monday.Today slightly weaker dollar and lack of important economic data, the gold price to obtain support.In February the New York mercantile exchange for delivery of gold futures prices rose $15.60, or 1.5%, to $1080.60 an ounce, as after December 4, the highest closing price.On December 4, gold closed at $1084.10 an ounce.

    Gold may be coming to an end this week after falling for several weeks.Gold market closed early on Thursday, the stop trading on Friday, the day most of the world's markets will be closed.

    Some market participants believe that gold's rise on Monday, another reason is that the so-called short-covering, traders and other investors to reduce positions bet on the future prices will continue to fall.This trade it is possible that some fund managers adjust portfolio positions at the end of the year, the decrease of empty positions.

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