The samsung Galaxy S7 will be equipped with pressure screen

By Donna Bell,2015-09-08 05:35
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The samsung Galaxy S7 will be equipped with pressure screen

    The samsung Galaxy S7 will be equipped with

    pressure screen

    According to the Wall Street journal reported that, according to sources in the flagship released in March next yearA smart phoneOn,samsungElectronic will install pressure sensing monitor and quick charge interface.The south Korean company also consider joining the retina scanner on the part of the model, but will have to wait after 3 months to just know to join.

    The Galaxy S7 smartphone improvement compared with the S6 is not very big.As this year's S6 Edge, samsung will be launched next year S7 Edge of curved surface screen.New flagship phone success, will be an early test of samsung's new director of mobile and town in, he has recently been promoted is hope he in samsung 2 years after disappointing sales can turn things around.

    And town in the original is the head of samsung's mobile r&d, as part of the star grade 3 year reorganization of this month, he replaced the ShenZong as a mobile head for long periods, the latter will be responsible for the mobile research and development, product planning, design, manufacturing and sales and

    marketing.Success and town need new flagship in mobile phone.

    Although last year the S5 is not successful, but this year the S6 and S6 Edge recognised by consumers.Just ShenZong demand are misjudged the curved surface screen mobile phone, mobile profits falling for 2 years.In some ways, the

    improvement of S7 nothing surprising, mobile phone appearance is roughly the same as the S6 next year, a lot of new features will be reference for the other phones on the market.

    For example, stress induced display will be similarappletheiPhone6 s, the screen can be based on user to pressure size perception of percussion and touch screen.Sources said the S7 may also adopt the next generation of charging and connecting USB interface Type - C, 30 minutes of electricity charge 1 all day long, sometimes faster.LG, such as huawei mobile phones have been adopted by the interface.

    One source said, the curved surface screen S7 there may be memory expansion slot.Samsung also considered in the retina scanner is used on some models, but China's zte have done so.S7 will also be installed in low light photography to optimize better cameras, and not highlight the fuselage surface.

    Sources said the S7 will in the end of February next year Barcelona MWC conference, and listed in the United States in mid-march.S6 released this year over the six weeks after listed, to speed up the pace of the listed apparently to seize business opportunities.To this, a samsung spokesman declined to comment.

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