Vauen data it is technology practice

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Vauen data it is technology practice

    Vauen data: it is technology practice

    On October 27 to 30, at a summit in Tokyo it encountered many of the old plant at the same time, we also met some exhibition it summit new faces, such as in the domestic field of cloud computing has already been done vauen data are flawed.

    In a technical team with vauen data communication, we know that since it was born, vauen have been focused on the development of it, as it began to maturity, from 2013 vauen increased spending on research and development of it, and at the end of 2013 launched the "interpreta dream" private cloud products based on and Havana.The summit vauen with his latest products and solutions, to exhibit in the vendor form for the first time.

    Booth vauen data also aroused the interest of foreign participants

    Location: derived from the community, higher than the community

    Cloud computing and big data era is the era of open source software, and it is no doubt the current champions of a free open source cloud computing software.Cloud computing and big data in today's innovation and development is largely due to the open source software community and the great role in promoting.At the same time, with the further development of clouds and it was, as the world's biggest open source projects and maximum "software engineering", it is also facing unprecedented challenges.

    Vauen data CTO lee vauen team it strategic positioning are introduced.Vauen data attaches great importance to the basic technology research and development, pay attention to product research and development of independent intellectual property rights, especially focus on the core technology research and development of innovation.The latest vauen product library including large distributed computing and management platform, business-oriented

    resource arrangement, cloud automation, network virtualization and SDN, high-performance computing, distributed storage, huge amounts of data processing, etc.In 2015, vauen data in the field of it to accelerate technology r&d, become one of the fastest pace of technology companies in the it field practice.

    Cloud in China, it is first and foremost a technology innovation and product integration platform.Around the platform, vauen data integration encapsulates a large number of their core of mature technology, producing vauen own innovation of cloud computing solutions, such as vauen CloudUltra enterprise private cloud solution.In addition, based on CloudUltra and own strong in terms of public cloud infrastructure and operation experience for many years, also introduced the latest vauen data support it is a hybrid cloud architecture, can help enterprises to carry out the depth of architectural innovation and business innovation.

    In adhere to the product scheme innovation at the same time, vauen data especially attaches great importance to the product standard and openness.Global industry has been a lack of clear acceptable standard of cloud computing, but as it is mature and the participation of global companies, it obviously has become the default cloud standards, especially in the aspect of enterprise products.So vauen it is chosen as the data standardization and open platform, the solutions to help customers through the transition to the cloud, and business innovation on the cloud, while keeping the standardization and openness, provide the interoperability and compatibility with other cloud platforms.Through it compatibility standard, for example, support and vauen vauen data private cloud platform not only has its own public clouds get through, at the same time also will provide support for AWS and other public cloud platform interoperability.Through it, on the other hand, the ecological system and the open platform, vauen data is working with multiple partners at home and abroad company in-depth cooperation, to create a more advanced and mature products and solutions.

    Open source is not equal to the commercial, at present it in the community many of the components from the real commercial and distance.Vauen technology positioning data is derived from the community, higher than that of the community, in combination with public cloud operating experience, starting from the practice, make it more robust.Vauen data use and research and development since it has been for hundreds of improvements.Which commercial products, in order to provide mature stable vauen LBaaS, Ceilometer, Cinder components such as scale, improve the reliability, performance, or function of these components.Vauen still use their own COS replaced the Swift component object storage technology products, for through it integration vauen products laid a solid foundation.In 2016 vauen data has been planning some mature technology back to the it community.

    Public cloud services: it architecture has accounted for ten percent

    According to vauen chief architect Mr. Guo, vauen it architecture based public cloud services now account for 10% of its overall size, and continues to grow, has now reached the scale of the nearly 1000 servers, and next plans to further expand it architecture in the ratio of public clouds.In running it on a public cloud, vauen data provides a cross data center SDN, VM cloning, mirror the market, such as import and export more than 10 different from

    previous Xen architecture value function, it public cloud the overall resource utilization is close to 50%.

    In addition, we in it Ceilometer components on the redesign, on the basis of introduced Stackwatch component, USES the distributed database and information acquisition node deployment, greatly enhances the ability of large scale cluster monitoring it, particle degree of the monitoring can be refined into a process of cloud host operating system.There are including Intel, wuxi construction, China MeiKeYuan, good credit, multiple users in the use of this platform to provide services.Based on CloudUltra products, launched in 2015 vauen data turn IDC cloud solutions, obtains the good public praise, typical one day data each public cloud + cloud + virtual private cloud platform for the overall plan of the enterprise, and China mobile international company (CMI) international public cloud service platform.

    Research and development of the challenges it products

    Based product research and development director vauen xiao-xin liu from the perspective of practice, share the vauen experience in it into production.It cover the computing, storage, network, monitoring, scheduling, and a series of upper complex comprehensive open source cloud computing infrastructure services platform, its overall functionality, stability in the past few versions have been constantly improving, but it community open source version in function, performance, stability, and in some aspects and popular commercial cloud platform, we still have some gap.And this just for companies like vauen data provides opportunity, through the it version of the function, performance, and stability on the optimization and adjustment to conform to the enterprise cloud computing requirements.Since 2013 (the Grizzly release) since the increase of r&d investment in it, around it construct vauen data meet the demand of enterprise, autonomous control of open source cloud computing products, has experienced numerous difficult bumpy.

    1. Diversity maintenance, version iteration strategy

    It every six months to release a version, for now, the general part of the new version will introduce new functions at the same time to repair a batch of Bug;A version for half a year is in the rapid development of it projects may not be appropriate, because as a whole, it has not yet to the stationary phase of the project, a lot of new features, new projects are added to it.From the perspective of enterprise's operation maintenance, half a year a major version update for enterprise-class cloud platform, is not a good choice, frequent version upgrade will bring system operation and maintenance of the huge workload and risk;How to design the suitable development and service pattern, is the first question before vauen data.

    For enterprise cloud computing based on it, one kind is to provide it directly related to deployment, operations and other services, their concerns itself rarely do extension;Another is based on it will do more extension according to their own needs and planning.Based on the business specific enterprise cloud services, vauen data iteration cycle finally determine its version (1-1.5 years) and to create and maintain internal code base, first select the basis of a relatively stable version (if the Juno), and then implement the corresponding extension on this

    version, when communities have the new version (Kilo or Liberty) the features or Bug fixes, we need to backport it to our maintenance base version, but the basic version is still on the Juno.This way to avoid the following are trapped in the community, to develop more stable products.

    2. Version stability problem

    Stability is a vital for an enterprise cloud platform KaoChaDian.Because it provides a huge portfolio and plug-in support, despite the Tempest and Rally test automation to improve the quality of the code, but its specific scenario testing, it was not enough to fully cover the test quality and coverage is unable to meet the needs of enterprise cloud platform.Considering this problem, vauen QA and testing data on the r&d process with particular emphasis on the role of the team, for enterprise user scenario and increased the full test case cover, ensure the delivery of the function of running stability.

    3. The version to upgrade

    It early version for version upgrades without support, between the Migration mechanism support demotioneing run processing is designed.The mechanism is well solved the problem of the version to upgrade.But vauen data because it deployment time early, some still does not support the upgrade mechanism, which gave the upgrade to the new version it products brings a lot of trouble, but upgrade is inevitable.In this case, the r&d team vauen data carefully analysis compared the database changes between versions, design the transfer of data and resources, and to automation, can be automated steps to ensure the upgrade process without any loss of data, will upgrade outages caused by dropped to the lowest.

    4. Cross-regional heterogeneous cloud platform management

    As enterprise system, cloud platform need to control the resources and the environment is often not so pure, there may be a variety of architectural technology platform needs to support and get through, such as enterprise existing VMWare environment before, want to try after KVM platform, and the platform may be distributed in different parts of the geographical position, through a unified platform to heterogeneous cloud platform environment integration management is the basis of a cannot bypass the challenge.In order to solve the above problem, vauen data invest a lot of resources, the independent research and development resource scheduling and management system, a unified cloud nest, the system of heterogeneous resources and management of the underlying technology platform provides a unified interface abstraction, through plug-ins pattern implementation support for different technology platforms.Vauen data public cloud platform is based on the cloud nest system building, at present has achieved across regions heterogeneous cloud platform management, greatly increase the flexibility of management.

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