Obama said a year-end news conference next year, the first service is the TPP

By Lester Rogers,2015-09-07 02:31
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Obama said a year-end news conference next year, the first service is the TPP

    Obama said a year-end news conference next year, the

    first service is the TPP

    Barack Obama: first duty is the TPP pass next year

    U.S. President barack Obama on the 18th, a year-end news conference at the White House for a year "work summary", a series of "important achievement," said 2015 made him for the upcoming 2016

    "confidence".Although the term is only for a year, and next year is an election year, Obama said, still won't step aside, and will be "full", continue to promote long-term seeking the moral goal, first priority is to make the crossThe Pacific Ocean(10.59, 0.65, 6.54%) of the partnership agreement (TPP) pass in congress.

    Result not cast coverage rate fell to 10%

    The day before Christmas and New Year holiday is the White House last working day, press room inside and outside is permeated with festive atmosphere.Obama said, looking back at the past this year, his government rewards in the form of real americans, including the economy continues to rebound, the private sector employment record growth, the unemployment rate in half, wages continue to improve. When it comes to health insurance reform since the ruling is the most important domestic achievements, Obama said, this year there are 6 million people to join the affordable care act health-care system, uninsured americans ratio fell to a record low of 10%, the medical care

    price growth.White House officials said the show "Obama health care reform" of sustainability.

    In the field of international, Obama says the United States in this turbulent year a lot of achievements, especially the reconstruction of diplomatic relations with Cuba, the Iranian nuclear issue full agreement and the trans-pacific strategic partnership agreement, and together with other countries to reach a global response to climate change action to arrange the Paris agreement.

    The mood is good for the Democratic Party's presidential also thank republican control of congress this year by numerous laws, don't forget to ridiculing opponents, says the republican party is "in the developed countries in the world the only actually refused to recognize the main political parties in the climate change", "I don't feel embarrassed, because I'm not a republican".

    plan Next year to push congress to approve the TPP

    According to the Associated Press, Obama cites a series of achievements, but progress is difficult to cover other policy goals.Especially since he took office in 2009, is committed to close the notorious prison at guantanamo bay, but congress many opposed, shut down plan was delayed again and again.

    Obama said that early next year will be submitted to congress a plan to modify, waiting for MPS response;If congress clearly said "no", and then

    make a decision whether to use administrative power to accelerate the prison at guantanamo bay closed process, including gradually reduce the number of prison detainees.

    Next year is barack Obama in the White House last year, America's attention will focus on the presidential election, but Obama says, there are many plans to achieve, he will not "disappear", "as long as there is an opportunity, I will go to grasp".

    Mr Obama to push congress to approve the trans-pacific partnership agreement as the primary target of next year's policy address.Notice the speaker of the house, he said, Paul Ryan is very interested in reviewing the fta, will collaborate with the republican congressional leaders.Obama also said optimistically, will work with congress to promote the criminal judicial reform.

    Over who will replace him at the helm of the White House, Obama confidently predicted that "will surely is a democrat.

    defend The Arab spring has nothing to do with us

    Barack Obama at a news conference that the us-led international united front will defeat extremist group "" islamic countries, but also admitted," lone Wolf "attacks is a headache to the new security challenges. AFP said that, in the past a week, Obama a few promised nervous americans, the government will eliminate this kind of local terrorist threat.Just, again, the year-end press conference indeed out the

difficulty of the task.

    U.S. law enforcement officers are still trying to clarify the cause and effect of California's SAN bernardino shooting.The local terrorist attack killed 14 people."It is hard to detect the lone Wolf type of conspiracy," Mr Obama said, "even though we all law enforcement forces have reliable vigilance and professional... you don't always aware of it." Obama said, "lone Wolf" attack is different from the "base" the challenge of this kind of traditional terrorist groups, and more importantly, the "islamic state of extreme thoughts have been spread, encourage some people attack.

    Many people criticize, it is again and again to promote regime change in the United States, led to today's mess in the Middle East.This obviously makes the Obama complained."We didn't cause 'Arab spring'."He said at the press conference, Libya is not, nor in Egypt, the downfall of the leader of the reason has nothing to do with us.

    However, Mr Obama admitted that Libya's muammar qaddafi's regime in after the collapse into chaos, "islamic country" is now based on there, it is a "failure" for the entire international community."I think the us has failed to act quickly enough, underestimated as soon as possible to restore the necessity of government should be partly

    responsible."According to the xinhua news agency

    Barack Obama called for Mr Assad to step down

    According to report of xinhua news agencyThe United Nations18 security council unanimously passed a resolution to the beginning of next year to start the united nations-brokered Syrian factions formal talks.Resolution, however, made no mention of Syrian President bashar assad's role in the future.

    Syria's opposition is firmly opposed to bashar stay during the transition phase, the US President barack Obama continues to ask Mr Assad to step down, but the words seemed to leave room.Russian foreign minister sergei lavrov warned, should not let Mr Assad's future influence counterterrorism operations in Syria.

    Syria's u.n. ambassador bashar jafari criticism that some countries involved in talks with the Syrian side say what let the Syrian people decide their own destiny, but talk about how to find someone to replace the President of Syria, was "harsh self contradiction".Syria's main opposition, said on January 1, 2016 ceasefire "unrealistic".They also demanded that Russia stopped in an air strike Syria for terrorist and extremist groups.

    The former defense poking fun at Mr Obama

    According to report of xinhua news agency, chuck hagel, the former secretary of defense in 10 months after resignation, some talk of tenure for the first time to the public, broke with the White House and the feud between the President barack Obama.For hagel, the White House had

not responded.

    Hagel 10th of this month to accept American foreign policy magazine interview.18, the magazine publicly for the first time the interview. Review two years against the long term, hagel talked about, his tenure with the White House in Syria, Ukraine crisis and closing the prison at guantanamo bay obvious differences.He accused the White House always interfere with the defense department's work, especially the bureaucracy of the White House national security council, affect the normal work of the department of defense and other cabinet departments.

    Hagel, for example, at a press conference, the last August he had called "islamic state" is the "unprecedented threat", but some government officials, "I have been some criticism from the White House". "I was accused of trying to exaggerating... I don't fully understand (' islamic countries), but I know we are facing is something never seen before. In many ways, we're not ready to this," he said, "facts have proved my claim."

    Hagel is mentioned, tenure, he repeatedly demanded to separate talks with the President, but there will always be someone else in the oval office.

    Hagel between words, also reveal about Obama's discontent, think the latter decided to give up against the Syrian government in 2013 had "lost

the international trust".

    In August 2013, Obama defined "red line", warning if the government of the use of chemical weapons on the battlefield, the United States to use force.Since then, he is suddenly "promise", said the use of military force to seek congressional authorization.

    Hagel said he told Obama the move was "surprised", "no doubt, in my heart this damage the credibility of the presidential speech".He thinks, today, there are still some foreign leaders are grumbling.

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