Internet companies fighting cake sitting room

By Roger Cook,2015-09-06 14:17
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Internet companies fighting cake sitting room

    Internet companies fighting "cake" sitting


    Inadvertently, a gang fight "cake" sitting room is kicked off.The sitting room is family entertainment centers, the main equipment is televisions and set-top boxes, cake "sitting room" is the entertainment equipment market territory.

    Tempting "cake" sitting room

    And now sitting room entertainment equipment is undergoing a subversive revolution, smart TV + OTT STB = Internet entertainment terminal.According to measure, in terms of color TV sales in 240 million, the current smart TV accounted for 40%, calculated at an average of

    4000 yuan each smart TV, smart TV market size of about 64 billion yuan;And Internet TV set-top box sales of 5 million units, with an average of 300 yuan, the market size of about 15 billion yuan.At present, the intelligent TV set-top boxes and intelligence of the size of the market total is 80 billion yuan.

    This is a huge market cake, Internet companies drooling.As early as in 2004, the market smell very sensitive Chen from Microsoft "Venus project" is inspired, put his hand into the magic box.However, shanda's box by policy barriers, the lessons of 1 billion yuan of later generations.But the Internet enterprise search box dream moment did not cease.Ten years later, millet box made policy chip tend to tenaciously survive, and baidu is working with huan network science and technology to develop a Internet set-top boxes.

    At the same time, baidu's video website iQIYI and traditional collaboration TCL color TV manufacturers to produce smart TV news spread, iQIYI into entertainment sitting room with confidence, no longer limited to the role of content providers.And May 7 this year, China's first film and television play video website Letv has launched two new size 60 inches, 29 inches respectively, the price is 6999 yuan respectively, 6999 yuan of the TV, make same size price often overshadowed the smart TV in 15000-20000.

    Letv chairman Jia Yueting bluntly pointed out that to do with the thinking mode of the Internet TV, to subvert the traditional business model of the volume of trade, said the traditional color TV enterprises lack the Internet genes.

    Extend the industrial chain of the plot

    At present, in the ecosystem construction as the main line of race, hardware, software, platform, content, four elements linked together, be short of one cannot, who is able to cover a long industrial chain, who is likely to obtain the biggest benefit.

    Previously, the Internet enterprise in building complete

    chain.Following the January 31 night, ali announced the suspension of "WeChat related applications in taobao service market order", alibaba "blocked" WeChat have new action, on August 9, taobao began to clean up with qr code picture outside the chain, this is clearly aimed at WeChat "scan" sniping action again and again and again.

    Battle for the entrance of the mobile Internet's today, once the BAT (baidu and tencent, ali) happening friction between the big three is gradually evolved into a more direct confrontation and conflict, there is no doubt that "Q" tencent (ali) of The Three Kingdoms of Internet, each

    other's core interests for has publicly strong-arm reaction ", the core interests is the ecological environment.

    Internet companies to build a complete ecological environment, traffic, or the entrance, is an important component of the Internet to build perfect filling is to retain the third party need to support and service in the chain.In this way, the difference of the new Internet three kingdoms originally competition is more and more homogeneity, everybody wants to in the search engine, e-commerce, and build perfect filling im three areas, all want to "winner-take-all".

    And, with the "cake" sitting room also is Internet companies trying to build a complete industrial chain and a significant discretion.Ambitious Internet firms unwilling to pluck the plane soil, in the network to industrial chain extension, to offline speakers, downstream products development, with "soft" beat "hard", carrot and stick, online complement each other, to occupy greater market space, to obtain more profits in the market.

    For the same purpose, following the ctrip Shanghai cui Ming together into high-end property of outbound tourism market "offline" after feeding, the guangdong's two biggest online travel companies also successively "offline", is the industrial chain down case.

    Segmentation delicious "cake"

    In the face of Internet companies like a hungry Wolf break into the sitting room entertainment market, using a traditional color TV manufacturers also is not a vegetarian, is back, fight back.Following Letv launch price 6999 yuan after 60 inches super TV, SONY, sharp, changhong, skyworth, TCL and other traditional color TV companies in 60 inches to react on product price, sharp, launching a 60 inches LCD TV priced at 6999 yuan, SONY is launched with 7799 yuan price with size of products.

    On the operating system, Internet firms with traditional color TV manufacturers have a fight.Smart TV includes three key elements, namely, the sound quality, content, applications and operating systems.Sound quality is the traditional color TV manufacturers for many years the practice of internal work, has occupied the commanding heights;Content is an ace Internet companies, offline than traditional TV manufacturers;Operating system is a link that connects the two, it is the core, control of the operating system is to control the smart TV control, like the iOS on the smart Phone, Android and Windows Phone operating system, have the destiny of mobile Phone, hardware manufacturers can only around the three systems.If the Internet company get ahead, to master the operating system platform, the traditional color TV

    manufacturers have become the Internet enterprise "offline", become a pure hardware manufacturers, lost his voice.

    So, carry electricity giant ali ali operating system and let the traditional color TV manufacturers feel an ordinary people.Letv also recently released a new version of smart TV operating system, the system adds Letv shuffling channel, television, star TV, applicable Yu Dabing QQ music and other dozens of function.

    Traditional color TV manufacturers more know the operating system and the "cake" sitting room at stake, changhong "dormant" for many years, the development of smart TV operating system TVOS owns the intellectual property rights, confidently refused to ali over the olive branch, will be launched in October this year alone carry voice browser and independent of the operating system intelligent TV

    products.Skyworth, hisense, such as traditional color TV manufacturers are also on the operating system of each.

    But everyone wants to be boss, difficult unified smart TV operating system in China, Internet companies to build a public recognition operation platform, to do their homework, can make traditional color TV manufacturers "giant".

    While consumer spending habits change impact in the television market.According to the Chinese the audio-visual new media development report (2013), in the Beijing area television machine has dropped to 30% from 70% three years ago, and the mainstream television in over 40.And young people like holding a smartphone, holding the tablet hiding in his room to steal to smile.Compared with the traditional consumers, the preference of the Internet value-added service of smart TV user base is still small at present, combining to firm to help guide the user to buy at a low price.

    Had fresh, as PC giants, lenovo launched the strategy of "four screen" in 2012, after pushing K series four smart TV in the Chinese market, but let lenovo, struggling under sales difficult so far.

    And policy barriers still exist, the most sensitive review obstacle is content, this is the absolute core of TV competition.For domestic manufacturers, both traditional color TV manufacturers and Internet companies, entertainment market into the sitting room is encountered related regulatory bludgeoning, from in the near term, the limitation of policy and regulation still around the box in the future, the fate of the smart TV.

    However, for a family, the sitting room is still the mainstream consumer entertainment, there are clear and there is market, act as

network terminal intelligent entertainment television and OTT STB could

lead the sitting room, its market prospect.Internet companies to shard to

delicious cake "sitting room", but also have wisdom and patience.

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