10 a new generation of wearable computer

By Elizabeth Cooper,2015-09-06 09:11
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10 a new generation of wearable computer

    10 a new generation of wearable computer

    Wearable computer is still in its infancy, but there are many design clever people, some of which may also be in the near future to become consumer products like smart phones.Although there are a variety of wearable computing products have been listed, they are just the tip of the iceberg.There are many new designs have sprung up across China, the concept of wearable computer to a new level.These wearable computer whether or when it will be developed into commercial products is not known, but all this is possible.

    Here are ten a new generation of wearable computer:

    1. Lumus OE - 31 glasses display and Google Project Glass lenses

    Lumus company has unveiled a glasses display (upper left) - OE - 31.Lumus OE - 31 glasses display is very light, only 10 g in weight.It provides 19 degrees of sight, and support 640 x 360 resolution, its visual effect as in 10 feet distance have a 40 inch screen effect.Lumus company said it was enough to satisfy the reading of all kinds of text or even 3 d graphics.This product has a very wide range of applications, such as can be installed on the driver or the pilot's helmet.There may be a $500 next year or so of Lumus OE - 31 listing.

    Compared with Lumus OE - 31, Google company Project Glass lenses (right) more attention, especially in September this year in New York

    fashion week models on the runway after wearing it.Project is only a few ounces, the weight of the Glass lenses, however, it still built a miniature camera, also equipped with a head-mounted display system, data can be projected to the user in the right eye at the top of the small screen, and battery were implanted in the frames.In short, Google glasses like smart phones can wear type, allows the user to sent via voice commands to shoot photos, information, or other features.Microphone, for example, if a user on Google glasses say "ok, Glass", a menu that is on the user's right eye at the top of the screen, show multiple ICONS, allow you to take photographs, videos, using Google maps, or make a phone call.Google hopes to launch next year this kind of glasses, for $1500.

    2. The Wimm One smart watches

    If you can bring your computer like jewelry on your wrist, you will feel?WWimm Labs, the company may be able to help you realize this dream.

    Wimm One smart watch size 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.5 inches, using special customized Android operating system, weighs only 0.77 ounces, you can put it in the package or shirt collar, also can and matching a strap on hand.This is called the Wimm One microcomputer with 32 gb of storage space, with a 1.4 -inch multi-touch screen, and bluetooth and wi-fi, and a Micro USB interface of the base, can be connected with PC.

    Wimm One not only can be used as a watch, vendors provide developers with the corresponding SDK, can develop all kinds of mini applications.Through its own equipped with wi-fi connections to the Internet, users can through the Micro App Store (the Micro App Store) need to download the application, can achieve various functions, such as electronic wallet, display date weather, heart rate detection, calculation of sports consumption of calories, etc.Can also be connected with your mobile phone, through the network to call reminder, to view messages don't answer calls, etc.And WIMM One also support NFC close wireless transmission function, can with the same NFC support for data transmission between the Android mobile phone.

    WWimm Labs, the company has launched a cooperation with

    foxconn, WIMM One smart watches is expected in the near future will be listed, believe that after the listing will be if the price is suitable, will cause a lot of responses.

    3. "No Place Like Home" satellite navigation shoes

    If you see this kind of shoes, you will want a pair of."No Place Like Home, where is their homes)," satellite navigation shoes is an artist dominique Wilcox notes (Dominic Wilcox) design, the shoes with built-in a GPS chip, a micro controller and a pair of antenna.Left foot shoes of the head is equipped with a ring of LED lights, shaped like a compass, it can

    be instructed in the right direction, the right shoes also have a row of LED lights, can display the current location from the destination.

    Before you go, you need to design the route of the trip in your computer, its transmission with usb data cable to the shoes, then taps feet heel started the journey at the same time.This navigation shoes currently only accept custom, the price is about $1750, we can only hope that one day it can be mass production.

    4. The Sixth Sense system

    The genius of the MIT media lab, scientists planar Pranav Mistry, (Pranav Mistry) invented the "Sixth Sense" (esp) system can be in our five

    natural senses added a new feeling.At first glance, "Sixth Sens" there is not a special place.It consists of a gesture can read the camera, a mini projector and a smartphone, users with a rope to hang in the chest.Camera shot from the image at any time, and then by the phone software for processing, and result in the projector projection anywhere - hand, white wall, a piece of paper, even other people's clothes.That seems plain dot, won the popular science magazine's list of the 2009 annual innovation awards.Veteran magazine "computer world" in which, when it comes to actually use the "future shock: 2019 computer" title.

    You must take to color coding of finger sets, so that the camera can read your gestures.When using a "Sixth Sense", people can use the most intuitive way to interact with the virtual world.Camera everything - only need to use two hands index finger and thumb than a frame can take pictures, only need to paint with your fingers pointing fingers can, just need to pick up a book can see amazon bookstore on the cover of the book, want to have a passage from the book only need to use finger strokes input to the computer.

    Similar things, we have to see in science fiction movies too much, but now we still have to rely on the keyboard and mouse the stiff interface, and then on its established a corresponding way - barely - this and our experience of the writing on the paper.This is called a "Sixth Sense" so

    appealing.It combines the real and virtual, use camera to the real world to virtual world, try to identify, judgment, with a camera as the eyes, make software and the Internet have brains, and use a projector to show its on any platform.It's not like we are familiar with computer, more like our third eye, and brain was extended.Several everywhere can see the equipment, plus a little bit of magic software, is a potential tool.

    5. Can wear type multi-touch projector

    Microsoft research recently launched a new Wearable type multi-touch Projector (Wearable Multitouch Projector), can be any plane into a touch screen.

    Style of integration device action, depth sensor camera and tiny projectors, and other functions, can be worn type multi-touch user

    projector core content can be projected to any nearby plane, and then click, sliding, and zooming.Although at present the equipment is shown slightly clumsy, rough, but the touch input from the overall effect is very good.

    6. Zephyr BioModule workout clothes

    At present, the sensors that can detect people health is usually adhesion on a person's skin, or in the Zephyr technology in manufacturing of armor (BioHarness) in biology.But soon, it will be able to be put in the player's fitness clothing.Zephyr BioModule workout clothes in the chest have a circular biological sensors (BioModule), weighs less than an ounce, can be put as Under Armour (E39 hypoallergenic) (2013) the compression of the shirt.

    One of the biological sensors to monitor the accelerometer in action and speed, can measure the user's heart rate, breathing rate and temperature of the skin.It can be at very fast speed to transmit data to the computer.

    7. Refers to the set of detectors

    When we use the common computer or smartphone, we need a

    keyboard, mouse or touch screen operation, these movements would cost us a lot of time, but the university of Illinois at Urbana - champagne (Urbana troop - Champaign) of John Rogers (John Rogers) hope to finish all this directly with your fingers.This is Rogers invented this is called "the prototype finger tube (the original refers to the set of detector, PDF)" refers to the set of detectors in the first place.This refers to the set of the

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