Love letter

By Michael Daniels,2015-09-06 04:03
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Love letter

    Love letter

    Life is just a series of isolated for a moment, memories and fantasies, many meaning emerged, then disappeared, disappeared again.

    - Proust "who might have been a"

    Really don't know what to say, this movie "love letter" is a complex, I like the recall a time-lapse of young nice cake, is also a complex, what is this complex represents perhaps we oneself also say not clear.

    The director of shunji iwai, this is I like.Junior high school of time rock well movie watching the first one is "dream traveler", looked at the girls and boys ballyhooed towards death, but pure sound of piano enough to pour out of the blue of the sky and the sea, special shock, then immediately took to other rock works well.

    Rock well is a beautiful, watching a movie he can say is a kind of enjoyment, music is beautiful, the picture is beautiful, is a set of long distant mountains or sea from time to time, from time to time with the background of the violin music is a piano...

    "Love letter", I dare say this name can really express the movie.Bo son in the kingdom of the nice cake of to write a love letter, the content of the letter only two words -- " ? ".

    Has been very like the feel of the time flows slowly, so it's like the pale and thin films, such as a series of jump waves in the sea.Just gently pat along the coast.

    "My love, has gone with the wind..."

    Young nice cake after a long accidental death, his fiancee son still can not let go, so she copied the nice cake teenager home address to the nice cake only wrote a letter "

     ? " letter, but don't want to send to

    the young nice cake was a student in the class girl nice cake hand, sharing the same name as a result, two girls between letters to you, girl nice cake memories of young nice cake slowly overflow the dusty memories, she thought of the stubborn, silent boy.The two men slowly found discover the secrets of young nice cake never export...

    You remember - age is small, the quiet boy in the class, or a gentle lovely girl, see him (she) will you heart, you secretly followed him home, or you at the back of the book under her sketch;Even if busy you also want to go to see him in action again, or practice dance always peep behind her in the crowd;In front of him (her) you always feel infinite humble, can not help but haunting him.Maybe you remember, maybe, you are "young nice cake".

    Young nice cake, class 2 grade 3, 9.26 girl nice cake, 3 years, class 2.

    Young nice cake, borrowing from the library that nobody will read a book, just to write down again and again the same name with her;School is with pockets of girls to show a close;Contrast exam answer slowly, just to stay with her for a while...

    His love after library flapping white curtain, looming;His love is the girl's hand of school sheds light, gradually;His love is cherry blossom brilliant all the way at the

    school gate, only beautiful gorgeous;His love is the first snow of the winter pure girl home, clean and pure.

    Can't forget, a nice cake stood at the door girl nice cake, another world of young, young heartrending.Boy asked the girl to help him put the recall who also back to school, look at the way he trembles, I believe, at that moment he must be want to do and girls nice cake, but in the end may be because the wrong time might be not had enough courage, so thousands of words to dissolve a shy smile and twinkling eyes.So the boy that like the first snow of winter clean love, eventually did not resolve.

    "My love, has gone with the wind..."

    Girls really forgotten nice cake?Why memories of boy can so easily with hand to knead?Perhaps, not forget, never forget, just quietly stored in their hearts, waiting for the time is right to see, it turns out that it is already open and glebe's old flower in my mind.

    The best love in the world may have never had time to express, never had time to export, even never realized that.

    After leaving the tree really can forget girl nice cake?So, why are we will see the bo son and girl, the same appearance, the temperament of the same tree?

    There is a kind of feeling is in my heart, is cannot replace any other feelings, the in the mind of the faintly part forever, so far as she has.

    Japan this country, to the death like cherry blossoms, yamato "grief" in Japan is particularly prominent in the literary works, such as "snow country", kawabata piece objects mountain with a "call for love in the center of the world", "love photo" of the department of city kawakami...

    "Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves".Death, representing is lost forever, and lost then what should we do, not as wong kar-wai film - when you can have again, the only thing you can do, is make myself not to forget.

    The recall who more often is a medium, can anything more power than memories?If can no longer have, what we can do is that - the only can do is not constantly keep memories, made up for in the memory not regret about the past and once.

    Remember Taiwan auteur HouXiaoXian invited Japanese film "coffee time" when said, time is not the best but the time have been lost forever, can only use memory to recall, so, it is the best.

    And he said, can only use memory to recall, so, it is the best.

    All the memories about nice cake, is that you have, I send it back to you.

    But our memories so light so beautiful that no matter how to overflow, also won't be heavy rain.

    Remember to forget, remember to remember.

    "My love, has gone with the wind..."

    Movie of the last bo son distant Shouting, she died at the young nice cake nearly nostalgia afraid the general - " ?

    ", and the bed girl nice cake is mumbling of q " ?


    They finally a release in love, the other a memorial in the memory.

    If the original purpose of rock well just hope the audience can recall her lost after seeing the film the who, I think he did it.

    At the age of 18 a sleepless night to see a disc in the early morning, I suddenly remembered a boy stay in the memory of 13 or 14 and time of boyhood qing yu, his huge clear emerge again, now I can still remember clearly his many details.I don't know when many years later if he can think of that book he table empty missing painted graffiti in the draft this, along with the time diaries and letters yet still locked in my drawer.Did he remember that followed his home by his silent classmates found girls;If someone told him that an encouraged his anonymous letter is I wrote, he would like to see girl of portrait card behind the tree a shrine was?

    And say, time is invalid letter be returned, but my life is a never mailed the letter.

    I written in the best mood for a letter, every word is he walks every day actions drop of ink, is he thin shoulder line of arc - clean, simple, even if it is young, but his writing each silhouette with all eventually collected two words -- youth.Just cherish this letter in my heart forever no chance for him.

    So far also can't words, I do not consciously to the murmur of the screen to ask "how are you? I'm fine," said face in his hands, he couldn't help crying out.Finely sad all night fills the air.

    Hello, how are you?I'm fine!

    - I write this letter, the mood for love more than you can see.

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