Goldfinger smart glove to get energy from the finger activities

By Lloyd Bryant,2015-09-05 15:13
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Goldfinger smart glove to get energy from the finger activities

    "Goldfinger" smart glove to get energy from the finger activities

    According to media reports, perhaps in the smart glove human-computer interface has large development potentials, can help people get rid of joystick or mouse, but it also has its development constraints, how to make the operation become more natural, intuitive and high efficient. The problems to be solved. De Pasquale led by Giorgio from the Politecnico di Torino and MIT scientists team believe they one step closer, recently they took "golden finger (Goldfinger)" - a simple gesture support self powered Gloves - in people's sight.

    Although it looks like an ordinary ski gloves some similar, but "Goldfinger" inside the great universe, a variety of electronic

    components and mechanical parts installed in the glove inside. It can provide a more comfortable way for the people in the process of data input and instructions in the.

    "Goldfinger" with the computer or other devices through a wireless connection, the operation of the energy required from the motion of the fingers, the benefits of this design could reduce the weight and get rid of the tedious wire gloves. In addition, sensors, switches and lines can be loaded inside the fabric gloves make the wearer feel like wearing gloves is true.

    It is understood that the glove through simple gestures to control devices and systems. Gloves and optical detection and tracking software is responsible for the translation of finger movements.

The team notes that the "golden finger" will be able to find the

application prospect in the field of industrial, medical, virtual


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