Gorgeous moved in

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Gorgeous moved in

    Gorgeous moved in

    Believe that a lot of people have seen the film.This is a memorable, touching film, not just because of that colorful visual effects, more is the main film story is astonishing.The film is topped the disaster films that I have ever seen.If you haven't seen the film, it must be a regret.

     Film, the story is about the NASA found a giant meteorite is in the direction of the earth and come, and will hit the earth in 18 days, in order to prevent the destruction of the meteorites human, NASA came up with landing approach is to send the meteorite surface, and drill hole through the center of the earth to meteorites, and into the bomb detonated, make them first before hitting the earth in space not to be, and Bruce Willis as is with the task of drill at the foreman of the workers, but this ivor column g but not his subordinate, and Bruce Willis daughter (liv Tyler) boyfriend, in order to finish the term, two people pick a few friends at the same time the space agency's training, suddenly from several ordinary drilling workers to become an astronaut and salvation of hero.

     For such a story, a lot of the audience, including me, to know is already in the chest, such as "the day after tomorrow", "independence day", "sunshine", "world war" and so on, has been a disaster movie classics, and "Armageddon" is still a typical American personal heroism, still the earth and mankind is faced with unprecedented catastrophe, remains a hero to save the earth...Is such a story is so familiar, but always

    let people's eyes full of tears.When I was watching the film, at least more than once, tears streaming down her face.

     Similar to the disaster film, Hollywood's output is very high, almost every year has several, but is such a familiar story plot, but still deeply touched.

     Americans for personal heroism, especially the civilians heroism has always had a complex doesn't wipe off.This is probably because of the lack of spirit of modern society, people always hope that in some kind of spiritual enjoyment and pleasure in the movie.American personal heroism, is essentially in democracy, freedom, equality, dignity, and respect for others and by others respect the social atmosphere of encourage individuals to play subjective initiative in a form in order to realize self value of life.Hollywood movie is just caught the people of this kind of psychology, we from the classic movie of personal heroism, such as "true lies", "the punisher", "007" first blood "die hard", "con air"...The dubbing, visible people for this type of film is always blue.

     Although the movie is about the disaster of mankind, but with an ordinary drilling workers to play a hero to save humanity, normally in the real life impossible or difficult to happen, but through the on screen in front of an audience, such folk hero, just meet the ordinary americans eager to realize self value of life.Aboard the spacecraft into space, it seems that only those who pass through a place and space of training talented person can do, but this time by a group of ordinary drilling workers

    to complete the task Fried meteorites, this had to let people suspect.As the general said in the play, don't you rely on to save all this bunch of clowns.Such a plot setting, let the audience especially the ordinary people have a sense of affinity, is more a sense of achievement after save mankind.

     First to mention is the special effects film, colorful, colorful and shocked.A film opening, meteor shower sank to the ground, high speed through the tall buildings, first audiences to a snack before a dish, it is up to people's appetite.Later the meteorite fall into Paris and sweeping momentum in southeast Asia, and finally meteorite exploded only beautiful and gorgeous, let a person have to admire the Hollywood for good at computer special effects.The film brings us strong visual impact and shock infinite imaginary space, fully satisfy the audience's sensory desires.

     Only for a good film's visual impact is obviously not enough, riveting will be more easy to plot your heartstrings.Otherwise it can be a costly

    "show"."Armageddon" in the two aspects are certainly do good enough.If the effect is to make people enjoy a visual feast, then the plot will make people's hearts received a violent shock.

     Bruce Willis the have already become the American idea of a civilian hero's drilling workers, accept the task, with several teammates sharing weal and woe with calm, wise and solidarity cooperation spirit, cope with a barrage of unexpected events, the shuttle in the refueling station, the station of accidental explosion seems to presage the journey of the rough, the meteor stream, pumice, several other players take independent spacecraft crash, bit tried to detonate a nuclear crisis in advance of fault, accident, nuclear damage to remote control device, free spacecraft propulsion system of mechanical fault...A series of disaster moment, affects the hearts of the audience before screen.Fascinating story plot, exciting scenes, suffocating atmosphere, fascinating friendship, affection, all let viewers get stuck here.

     Story background of the U.S. government in the face of the crisis of meteorites, is no longer a American movies before the sort of narrow nationalism, but sees himself as a member of the earth humanity, will look farther, to see more deeply, and all this, also let the film had a broader audience, easier to let the audience to accept outside the United States.

     Film starring Bruce Willis's performance, because of his calm and brave, to finish the difficult task.He and his daughters liv Tyler finally the loss of dialogue, is to let people to tears.Eventually lifted his sacrifice not only for the earth crisis, also for her daughter and lover happiness, as well as respect for those who despise him.More gave people the image of the wei.Perhaps the sink die than intact return can make his spirit to bless and remember.

     Quite have the beauty of the Asian charm, plays Bruce Willis's daughter, the beauty of nature is an indispensable element of Hollywood films, liv. Taylor's beautiful and moving, also give people had better visual enjoyment.Although his scenes are not many, but the emotional investment performance, still for the film.

     Other roles actors performances (" prison break ", mahone in this become a heroic capable of air force colonel, "con air" of "butcher" California into a brilliant and so crazy "Wolf"), also makes the other characters in the three-dimensional and fullness.

Perfect story, beautiful visual effects, excellent performance, the role of

combined with plot and bring out the best in each other's music, so a thrilling film, if

you haven't heard, it will not be a lifetime of regret.

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