Mac or PC which platform is more suitable for small office

By Sharon Nelson,2015-09-05 04:09
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Mac or PC which platform is more suitable for small office

    Mac or PC which platform is more suitable

    for small office?

    Both Mac and PC, and find out the cost problems, understand the be fond of of customers and employees, to consider network, customization and security requirements, finally for their platform is the platform should be chosen.


    There are changes in time, now work on the computer, already does not mean that it must be on the "PC", if you are a graphic designer or video editing division, in the "Mac" still can work well done.Therefore, is different from the old days, small business office now have more choices, can be a Mac, can also be a PC, the productivity of different equipment for the whole enterprise produced the important influence of different.

    Today, of course, apple is no longer the former "apple computer", it entered the field of more, including music players, tablets and smartphones, more and more business direction.Now back to the topic, for small businesses, in how to choose between Mac and PC?This is not an easy choice, once there is the main difference between two platforms: software, but now is different, the mainstream application has already been widely covered two platforms.

    JAMF Software company through survey said recently, most of the IT professionals think that Mac is expected to be the next three years will be 67% of the PC market share into the enterprise market

    place.Investigation of the enterprise IT professionals should have as much as 96% of people supports the use of Mac platform, enterprises or institutions even tablet and iPhone mobile devices business support also reached 81% and 81% respectively.

    So what is the difference between Mac and PC?Today we'll simply to talk about a small business how to choose the two platforms.

    The cost of

    Obviously, when it comes to cost problem, apple Mac laptop expensive problem is well known, so does that mean budget shortfalls of small businesses are not suitable for Mac?And it isn't.

    Small natural to consider the purchase cost of hardware, hardware lifelong maintenance costs are still important, especially a computer life cycle can meet the demand of long-term business for a long time.With this in mind, most people also have to admit that the Mac does have a longer life expectancy, and needs to be maintained is always less than the PC.

    Of past experience tells us that the PC is a fickle platform, with relatively low price to buy a PC, in the maintenance or replacement cost may offset the initial budget.More deadly, some maintenance and even because PC has lost the initial productivity.Mac is not foolproof, of course, stability and reliability is often praised by the heavily.For example, in contrast, a price 3000 yuan of PC, small businesses consider using six years (normal life usually three to five years), but even if the past six years, its total spending may also be less than the cheapest iMac.

    At the same time, the Mac is the most proud of integration design, also make maintenance headache, usually could be due to a piece of hardware in the failure completely eliminated, because the purpose of apple is hope you to replace disposable products, ensure stable update

    rate.PC let many people know the DIY computer, however, the original is not a very difficult thing, a component is broken remove the change.As a small business, I believe that no one would consider because graphics burned and buy a new computer.In other words, the Mac may not need to maintain, but once out of the question, the cost of possible beyond imagination.

    Questions about the cost, according to the initial price decision was obviously not doing enough wise, finally still need to consider the cost of maintenance, but precisely because of this it difficult to make the choice, no one can predict the future.So we think that although the Mac and PC price is different, but small businesses don't have to struggle with this, because eventually also may produce the same cost.

    Customizable and network function

    Due to the enterprise is the core of customer, so Microsoft in the aspect of hardware customization and network function better, from beginning to end Windows is based on broad compatibility of the concept and design of software and hardware.Apple, on the other hand, is more focused on the function of the user interface and it is easy to use, because they are at the heart of the customers are consumers.

    Most small businesses usually do not need to separate IT parts to provide technical support, is also not very dependent on cloud-based storage and software, so many small appreciation macs out-of-the-box ideas, their employees as long as the plug in the boot can easily use Mac, both online and install the software, without the need for special instruction, later also need not too much to carry out maintenance.

    Who need special customized hardware, however, have special needs of small businesses, or internal server Mac at this time is difficult to meet their requirements.The same dedicated hardware, if you can't custom, even Mac higher stability is difficult to meet demand, because it involves the job requirements of the specialization, networking, PC at this point is more ideal choice for them.

    Based on service is Windows initially IT standards, as well as designs for the PC in the first place.When small businesses need more resources and technical support, Windows PC have a natural affinity, any small business can make use of its advantages, for your own custom conform to the requirements of the business office computer hardware, such as performing video editing or 3 d computer aided design this kind of work, they choose custom high-end graphics and auxiliary hardware.And employees on network function can easily use Easy Connect or remote assistance quickly seek technical department support, administrators can also make the QoS strategy, more easily use DirectAccess and BranchCache enterprise network services.

    Security and software

    The importance of computer security is self-evident, not only the work of employees will be affected, but also may produce potential disaster, especially data breaches, staff files, financial data and corporate

    secrets, etc., the loss of any private data are likely to cause serious damage, even affect business within the scope of the

    customer.Companies are clearly not safety lightly.

    To be honest, both Mac and PC performance can be perfect security.We all know, sometimes as long as the mouse to click the application, or open the web page, with various elements both Mac and PC can be hacked.Mac is generally considered safer than a PC, but the vast majority of global enterprises in the use of a PC, they are not safe?So it's hard to discuss two platforms who safer than who.

    As an enterprise, the most important thing is to regularly keep patches and upgrades the latest system software platform, software platform is old means the loopholes, the more you hacker even without the latest technology can easily complete the invasion, think carefully about the consequences of security holes is very necessary.Concerned about security companies who can instead of with Mac and PC safer, might as well do something more meaningful things, such as investment more powerful anti-virus software, or to computer security education of employees, some companies are black because employees face can email and popups no prevention.

    Stubbornly pulled safety, have more advantages based on Windows PC, apple has not developed enough to provide real support for enterprise security, and the Windows in this category, provides many on

    the platform can be used for enterprise deployment of mature centralized security software product, small businesses can use these tools to configure the desktop, deploy protection against malicious software and data leakage prevention, and management of network security technology and so on.

    As for software, some small businesses choose Mac, because the Mac supporting the clear sharp display screen and the most intuitive system interface, suitable for all kinds of creation and creative work.While some companies choose PC, because Office suite has completed numerous work, help the enterprise has already been proved essential for productivity suite.

    But today, both Mac and PC, you can run Photoshop or Office, and apple and Microsoft are also offered online using the web version of Office suite, basically the use of software on two platform has a full set of the same version.Now the only problem is that both Mac and PC platforms have trouble in communication.

    With that in mind, small businesses in selecting platform, consideration should be given to the employees and customers' preferences, or to give enough attention.Different system software can affect employee's work efficiency, and whether the smooth communication and interaction with the customer, if you provide solution cannot open, directly on the client computer is likely to affect the business.If use the same platform with the customer, spend less time to troubleshoot or compatibility issues, the business progress more smoothly?Customer service has always been a small enterprises competitive advantage, so software considerations which should be more platform is more suitable for your business.


    Mac and PC debate endlessly, especially on the Internet, small businesses should be rational to treat different rhetoric and speech.Right choice platform will be more conducive to enterprise's demand, both Mac and PC, figure out cost, understand the be fond of of customers and employees, to consider network, customization and security requirements, finally for their platform is the most should be the platform of choice.So, we think, as a small business, the Mac and PC which platform more attractive?

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