Technology giants will be in the future is not the same Google plans to the rich

By Walter Thomas,2015-09-05 03:05
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Technology giants will be in the future is not the same Google plans to the rich

Technology giants will be in the future is not

the same Google plans to the rich

    Four giant of science and technology, Apple (Apple), Facebook and Amazon (Amazon) established their closed management (walled garden) systems are growing rapidly, but four big view of the world in the future is not the same, their respective development in different areas, which is perhaps one of the most abundant Google content.

    The world still have two-thirds of the people did not use the Internet, as a result, the face of the world future full of endless possibilities.Kenshoo Techradar site points out, the marketing officer Aaron Goldman, said Google read a macro view of mobile (mobile) this concept, it is not only representative of smartphones, tablets, also includes the home intelligent home appliances, automotive systems, and wearable devices.

    Google has launched the Android Wear platform designed for Wear type equipment, and hopes to give the new operating system features, such as built-in Google Now situation change function and voice command, Google search, and may even have Gmail, and Google Fit the calculated life important data.Android Wear can make people a glimpse into all kinds of small tools (gadget) can play a role in the future.

    As the Internet of things (IoT), Google also want to cross the field, from the Google acquisition in the production of intelligent thermostat Nest that is.Smart devices in the Home, Google's Android @ Home concept could be extended for Google Home, building intelligent Home dashboard App (dashboard).Not only that, Google is interested in robot technology, artificial intelligence also.

    In addition to these ideas, Google and other large and special ideas.Google X is also called the moon factory (moonshot factory), which includes a normal program, like buying Skybox Imaging, to update the Google Maps, peculiar Project Loon concept, will have wi-fi networks to high altitude balloon, fill the network covering the gap area, include with science and technology the Calico plan to solve the problem of aging, illness, disease, etc.

    In search of the next century primary computing platform, Facebook for Virtual reality headset manufacturers Oculus Rift, Facebook's future development of Virtual reality, is the focus of the expected to create Virtual reality social network (Virtual reality social networks).In addition, Facebook development into three areas: pronunciation, online payment,

    online laboratory (Connectivity Lab) services.Voice, Facebook create similar SnapChat Slingshot communications software, the future is expected to become a valuable commercial mobile tools.

    Online payment is Facebook want to provide services, through this service, Facebook can obtain many payment data, as well as in emerging markets to increase its popularity, but, want to find a way to and other service providers such as PayPal to make.

    Online payment can give the user the mobile version of Facebook, but if the phone no signal, then to use Facebook's online lab, that means Facebook sent by unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) network signals, and the Google Project Loon.

    Compared with the former two, amazon and apple's direction is likely to be simple.Amazon provides many services, and customers live together, after the 4.7 "has just launched their own Fire Phone, more tight to consumers' hearts, and extends the platform to mobile phones.

    Finally, apple, due to its highly confidential planning for the future, it will be in the future is hard to predict, but recent developments from apple, it has introduced iOS8, up to Drive, has to follow the footsteps of Dropbox, Google Drive, in addition, apple has acquired for the first generation of Xbox device provides sensing technology PrimeSense, believe that will introduce more innovative services and equipment.

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