Computer radiation, using a computer every day will see 4 to 6 hours

By June Dunn,2015-09-03 05:22
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Computer radiation, using a computer every day will see 4 to 6 hours

    Computer radiation, using a computer every

    day will see 4 to 6 hours

    At the computer every day will see 4 to 6 hours

     * when sleeping at noon remember to turn off the computer

     If you often feel head heavy or memory loss?

     Lay sleeping want to remember the computer shutdown, don't just turn off the screen, because only turn off the screen is unable to prevent radiation, and we are lying down to sleep, head directly to the computer, which day had alzheimer's disease or brain tumor is too late!Radiation is really terrible!!!!!Be careful ah ~ good health is above all!

     * computer race's killer - thoracic outlet syndrome

     Often sit on the computer table you, whether one is sitting hours and

    sitting position is not correct, always felt somehow neck pain, even inadvertently work?Now please make a small test, could you put your head to the left direction, and then put your head down 45 degrees bent down slowly, action do it here, you feel unusually sore neck to neck and shoulder?For if you have the above symptoms, you should be careful, because you are likely to receive "thoracic outlet syndrome" of modern computer civilization disease victims.

     * killer turned out to be a "computer"

     You may often wonder why a, computer gens often feel waist sour backache, body resistance is more and more weak, often unable to concentrate, you absolutely can't imagine it's because of the "computer", computer radiation emitted by waves often ignored by people, in accordance with the international MPR ? anti-radiation security rules,

    within 50 cm distance required?25 v/m amount of radiation exposure, but do you know how much is the computer radiation?

    To tell you --

    ?, keyboard 1000 v/m,

    450 v/m ?, the mouse,

    ?, screen 218 v/m,

    ?, host, 170 v/m,


     A few action effectively prevent computer radiation:

     The first recruit: POTS of cactus is put in the computer, it can effectively absorb radiation;

     The second recruit: also tense and busy people to life, the easiest way to against the computer radiation is in the morning every day to drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea, eating an orange.The tea contains abundant vitamin A former, after it is absorbed by human body, can quickly converted into vitamin A.Vitamin A can not only synthesis rhodopsin, still can make eyes see things more clearly under the dim light, therefore, green tea can not only eliminate the harm of computer radiation, can also protect and improve eyesight.If not used to drink green tea, chrysanthemum tea can also play against the computer radiation and adjust the function of body functions, spirulina, seabuckthorn oil also has the effect of radiation;

     Three recruit: access to the Internet to do skin care before the isolation, such as using the pearl film, unique "" south pearls and jade membrane on the skin to form a layer of 0.001 mm pearl film, can effectively prevent environmental pollution violations and radiation;After the second computer use, will face many electromagnetic radiation absorption of particles, should be washed with water in a timely manner, this will make the radiation reduce more than 70%!

     Fourth recruit: had better be in when operating the computer screen, a special computer screen board in order to reduce radiation damage, indoor do not place other metal objects, so as to avoid formation of electromagnetic launch again.Using a computer, want to adjust the brightness of the screen, in general, the larger the screen brightness, the stronger the electromagnetic radiation, the smaller the vice.But, also cannot too dark, lest effect because of brightness is too small, and easy to cause eye fatigue.

     Recruit: 5 should as far as possible to buy the new computer, generally do not use old computers, old computers radiation is generally, at the same distance, under the condition of similar type, usually 1-2 times the new computer.

     The sixth recruit: computer placement is very important.Try not to let the back of the screen toward the people, because on the back of the computer radiation is strongest, followed by left and right sides, the front of the screen instead of radiation is weakest.Will be subject to can see clear word, at least 50 cm to 75 cm distance, so can reduce the harm of electromagnetic radiation.

     Seventh recruit: pay attention to indoor ventilation: scientific research proves, computer screen can produce a kind of call bromine HuaEr coumarone carcinogens.So, put the computer room is best can install

    exhaust fan, if not, pay particular attention to ventilation on the Internet.

     Eight recruit: pay attention to take into consideration the eat some carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean lean, animal liver rich in vitamin A, C and protein food, often drink green tea and so on.

     9 recruit: often people who work in front of the computer often feel dry eyes pain, so, in the computer it is necessary to put a few bananas on the table, the potassium in the banana can help the body to discharge the excess salt, balance, let the body reach the potassium sodium, alleviate the uncomfortable symptom of eyes.In addition, bananas contain large amounts of beta carotene, when the body lacks this kind of material, eyes will become less pain, dryness, eyes dull, water loss, god eat bananas not only can alleviate the symptoms, but also to a certain extent, alleviate eye fatigue, avoid premature aging eyes.

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