20 s, do a talking will handle affairs

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20 s, do a talking will handle affairs

    20 s, do a talking will handle affairs

    Very eloquent 35 recruit

    Praise, you should say...

     1, praise behavior rather than the individual

     For example, if the person is a cook, don't say: "you are really a great cook."His heart knows more than he cook good.But if you tell him, you have half a week's time to eat in his restaurant, which is a very good compliment.

     2, through the third party for praise

     If the person is indirectly through others hear your praise, directly tell himself more than you a surprise.On the contrary, if it is criticized each other, don't tell clients through a third party, salted to avoid.

     3, subject also to say properly

     Kind words is show your respect and appreciation, so enough is enough.Someone to do the little things for you, as long as you say

    "thank you.", "I'm sorry, trouble you on this matter."As for the "pretty good, your advice, please."This lack of emotional pleasantries, can free.

     4, in the face of compliments from others, it is good to say thank you

     The average person is blessed, probably answer "ok!"Or with a smile.Rather than in this way, frankly accept and say "thank you" directly with each other.Sometimes other praised our dress or something, if you say: "this is only a bargain!"It will embarrass each other.

     5, appreciate the magnanimity rivals

     When your opponent or hate being praised, don't rush said: "but......", even if you don't agree with each other, on the surface or to say: "yes, he is very hard."Show their generosity.

     Criticism, never...

     6, criticism, also want to see relationships

     Advice when most needed is least heeded not necessarily, even if you are well, the other party also may not be appreciated, even misunderstand your kindness.Unless you and your partner have a friendship or trust foundation, otherwise don't criticize.

     7, criticism can also be very pleasing to the ear

     More easily acceptable to say that: "... about you, I have some idea, maybe you can hear it."

     8, time is very important

     Don't be in on Monday morning, almost the majority of people will

    have the symptoms of "blue Monday".Also don't before coming off work on Friday, so as not to damage the other weekend holiday mood.

     9, pay attention to the occasion

     Don't criticize your friends or colleagues in the presence of outsiders, those words secretly behind closed doors for good.

     10, and puts forward Suggestions

     Criticism, should also provide positive Suggestions for improvement, can let your criticism more persuasive.

     When reply, be careful...

     Answer 11, avoid shouldn't say exports

     Like: "no, it should be......"This kind of words appear deliberately picking on you.In addition, we also often said: "I heard...", feel like you listen to the news of the coating can get along, be appropriately.

     12, don't answer "indeed!"

     This is very bad, when heard this kind of response, hard to avoid in the heart think: "are you know perfectly well past ask?"So as long as echo said: "yes!"

     13, get rid of useless mantra

     Everyone has habits of speech to speak, but is easy to produce.For example: "you know what I mean?", "do you know?", "basically...", "to be honest...".

     14, remove unnecessary "noise"

     Finally used to add some people every word "ah" and so on the vp, like "means", "of course", for more formal occasions, will be less grave sedate.

     15, don't ask "what does your company do?"

     You met someone in a campaign, he introduced himself said his work in a company.Don't ask: "what does your company do?"This activity may be held their company, if you don't know you embarrassed.Also don't say: "I've heard that you did a great job!"Because someone may this quarter off three.You should say: "what position do you hold in the company?"If you don't know each other's career don't ask, because there is a possibility that he didn't work.

     16, don't ask, don't cooked "why?"

     If each other friendship is not enough, ask "why?"Sometimes have asked, invade your privacy.For example, "why did you do that?", "why do you make the decision?"All these problems will be avoided.

    Do face, give to others...

     17, don't think everyone know you

     Met met once, but know not deep, not to say: "do you remember me?"One thousand each other can't remember, embarrassed.The best way is to introduce myself first: "hello, my name is XXX, nice to meet again."

     18, refused to also can not disrespectful

     During dinner, if host recommend you eat something you don't want to eat, can say: "I'm sorry, I can't eat this dish, but I will eat a little bit more of xx."Let the other side feel you really like and thank them for food.If satisfied, can say: "the food is so delicious, if it weren't for full, really want to eat a little bit more."

     19And don't show much than the other

     When you are talking in a social situation, if someone says he just went to New York, 1 week, don't say the last time you went to a month, it will destroy each other.It is better to follow each other, share your feeling and love of New York City.

     20, don't correct the mistakes of others

     Don't be too cynical to correct others' pronunciation, grammar, or the fact, not only can let the other side feel embarrassed, also appeared at your love.

     21, don't understand don't understand

     If you do not understand the subject of the conversation, he said frankly: "this problem I don't know."Other people will not continue to embarrass you.If you don't understand but pretends to know even, it is easier to say the wrong thing.

     Look at his face, don't impulse...

     The principles of 22, master 1 second

     Finish listen to other people's talking, before answering, pause 1

    second first, on behalf of you just have to listen carefully to, if immediately answer, can let a person feel you seem to have long waiting to interrupt at any time.

     23, hear, did not say exports

     When listening to someone talk, you hear just know each other, and willing to tell you.In addition to listen, we have to "watch".His behavior?Engaged in what work?How to allocate time and money?

     24, the point in time by the way, what is right

     When you have something to find a colleague or supervisor to discuss, an important issue or not, should according to their own choice of time.If it is for personal things, don't disturb when he is on the.If you don't know each other when free, might as well write to him first.

     To embarrassed, there are ways...

     25, smile refused to answer personal questions

     Asked if the people don't want to answer personal questions or make you uncomfortable questions, you can smile to each other said: "I can't answer this question."Is not to embarrass each other, and can hold on to your bottom line.

     26, beating around the bush rebuffed

     Many social occasions, drinking are inevitable.Don't just say: "I don't drink."Everyone's xing.As said humorously: "I'm better at poured wine for everyone."

     27, state your name first

     Forget each other's name, just as a formal occasions, to introduce themselves by name or take out the card, the other will be conveniently put their own name and name card, call out from the other party's name.

     28 and inappropriate gossip mouthpiece

     When a group of people talking about someone's gossip or talk, don't answer echo, as long as the said exports, is bound to spread to the ears.The best way is doesn't mean his position, as long as the said: "part of what you said I don't know."

     29, issued "fujian"

     If you think the time near the end of the conversation or the north fujian, but seems to have no intention of leave, can say: "sorry, I have to call, time may be a bit long..."Or: "today is really thank you for coming to...".You can also look at your watch, inadvertently let the person know it's time to go.

     30, make each other feel he is very important

     If the elder for help, can say: "because I trust you very much, so I want to consult with an you..."Let the other side feel respected.

     Evaluation of subordinates, to the right...

     How competent and subordinate communication, can be properly and does not hurt?Pricewaterhousecoopers, enterprise management consulting company internal education training, teach beginners, head

of the five communication code.

     31, describes the status quo directly

     Has a different opinion and affiliated, don't direct criticism, and to explain where differences.

     32, seeking solutions

     If subordinates with poor performance, should ask him how you can solve, don't take the threat.

     33, active expression of help

     If suddenly can't solve the problem of subordinates, don't say "don't bother me" this in advance, but told him "I know who can help.

     34, talked to equality

     Director of avoid by all means said, "I have more than 10 years of experience, listen to me."Good idea is: "I used this method, and very effective, would you like to try?"

     35 and elastic acceptance of subordinates

     Even if your heart have a mindset, also don't to say: "these proposals are considered, don't say more."Subordinates should give chance, said to him: "on this issue, I have the sum, but still want to listen to your opinion."

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