In the evening to eat what snacks won't fatSuitable for eating snacks at night

By Rose Palmer,2015-09-02 03:15
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In the evening to eat what snacks won't fatSuitable for eating snacks at night

    In the evening to eat what snacks won't fat?Suitable for

    eating snacks at night

    Weight loss of the girls heard instinct refusal to "snack"?Actually really all snacks will make you fat?It's not!Please follow below small make up together to learn and have a look!Error snacks will make stay up double damage to the body, not only the second day listless being read by the boss, and throat, and skin problems, long more girth.It is particularly recommended help fatigue recovery, beauty of anti-aging and healthy snacks, brush can comfort lonely when night mouth, can make you healthy and energetic again!

    Good night sweet: grapes

    Credit - resistance to fatigue

    Grapes, the antioxidant capacity of 20 times that of vitamin C, vitamin E 50 times, if you want to night snack with some sweet, decisive selected grapes.And don't spit grape seed, because most of antioxidants contained in grape seeds!

    What?Is to eat fruit?Of course has a pattern, a figure to teach you easy and have a good look "tart yogurt grape", you need to do is to prepare a bottle of Greek yogurt, then after cutting, wag of the pendulum.

    Eat a party feeling: cherry tomatoes

    Credit - whiten, embellish voice

    Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, lycopene the antioxidant capacity of 20 times that of vitamin C, can be said to be the ace of antioxidant, including small tomato vitamin C content is higher.

    If you are a boyfriend and girlfriends, chase play together, can do a party feels dye-in-the-wood show the "small tomato, so", with a goat cheese sandwiched between two pieces of tomato, can adorn some lettuce leaves and green leaves are more points.

    Western style western style most western style: cereal

    Function - full

    Cereal is rich in dietary fiber, is more conducive to your intestines than white flour, provide energy and a lot of cereal, and satiety is very strong, can resist you eat more jumbled unhealthy snacks.

    Porridge like breakfast, evening eat really good?Doesn't change Overnight oatmeal like breakfast, this is the big hot in Europe and the us was Oats.Approach is very simple, to summarize down is a layer of a layer of milk and yogurt, cereal and add to spread a layer of cereal, milk and yogurt, fruit is the icing on the cake and photograph good-looking, not also no problem.Put in the refrigerator don't control it, after six or seven hours can be eaten.Before going to work to make a small glass (300 ml), as some people eat in the evening.

    The lightest snacks: seaweed

    Function - removal of toxins

    You don't like to eat sweet or cold?No problem, and seaweed.It contains chlorophyll, chlorophyll can rise to enhance the role of red blood cells in the blood.It also is rich in a variety of enzymes, minerals, vitamins, has the function of remove rubbish from the body.

    How can you bear to eat only a few pieces of seaweed?!And seaweed to eat many will have the possibility of excessive iodine intake, so we suggest you: add an egg.Use egg is an egg stew stew, slap large square match two pieces of seaweed, torn, stir in salt without practice.

    Stay up late the treasure: lotus root starch

    Function - nourishing the stomach runchang

    Nutritional value of is not how high it is, in fact, the main functions of lotus root starch is to provide heat, nothing special nutrition, Chen recommend it because it of the burden of intestines and stomach is very small.Lotus root starch lotus root starch is almost pure long branches of starch, the stomach to digest it, easier than almost any other food.Lotus root starch it circled and advertising can be done.

    Why do you want to recommend the lotus root starch?Because it is joker!Add what is pretty good.Can be sprinkled a handful of black sesame seed, or Chinese wolfberry, chopped almonds is good also, raisins, have you tried yet?Small make up close, delicious to explode.

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