samaria girl film and television

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samaria girl film and television

    samaria girl film and television

    The Gospel of John chapter 4 there is a fable about endure hardship, talking about Jesus' time, when the jewish religious leaders accused samaria for heresy, the Samaritan shun, but he did not give up this woman, on the contrary, he told her and her fellow citizens of the hand of sympathy and save.[girl] samaria is a similar story, the difference is that Jesus is the father of a guilty, here the Samaritan woman, here is his daughter.

    For Kim ki-duk, [girl] samaria is likely to be a timely, benign breakthrough.Story although still very Kim ki-duk, that is full of extreme sex and violence, but the end is very beautiful, meaningful.Two underage girls to save up enough to travel to Europe meet the plane ticket to prostitution, one of them is responsible for contact clients and have submitted, the other is responsible for the body and the client transactions.Once, in the process of the police who go whoring prostitution girl committed suicide by jumping off a building, witnessed the devastation of another girl was very exciting, but ridiculously decided to sleep with men who deal with friends, and put the money in to them, in order to redeem.Thought that was her father, inadvertently found that the man can't accept this harsh reality, so from tracking daughter, beating the client, to finally completely out of control, in the public toilet killed a man and daughter go to bed, and took to the road of no return.After the murder, the father took his daughter into to the

    grave, his dead wife also spent the night on the mountain farm.Call the next day after down the mountain, he surrendered to police, the police arrived his daughter is learning to drive, see the father was away, she drove back up, but stumbled ran aground on the mountain.

    I'm against some of the comments of Kim ki-duk film USES the word "sad", "sad" movie is not so much a luxury of Kim ki-duk, rather than shallow, Kim ki-duk film is painful, the kind of pain is smashing bone attached to jin.

    Kim ki-duk film has many extreme cruel things, in this film, such as the musician won the girl's body despicable means, such as the girl's father into Johns three generations of humiliation to the other party in the home, such as the girl finally killed by his father's dream, this is Kim ki-duk provides us with another end, a consistent with his past the end of the aesthetic pursuit of violence), are extreme normality of human behavior, is a brutal action for true relentlessly tear - the sex scenes of the film is very limited, but it is classed as "at least 18 years of age to watch" is not without reason.

    The film also show originality in the structure, the first 20 minutes, it seems to be a girl about two an affair of teenpic (like shunji iwai);Then a girl died, another betray body for the sin (like ancient Japanese ethics play);Then when halfway through the second story, the girl's father was unexpected, the story here is actually really start, then speak is a tore heart crack lung of love.

    We should focus on the film's ending.The father know daughter after prostitution is very painful, so again and again and timely tracking daughter in undermine her trading and the client, he can't be daughter found that more dare not to face the daughter.Kim ki-duk such processing is very bad, because my father in the process of time and stop and revenge, cruel scene is more and more close, his psychological also will more and more close to spiral out of control, then unluckily appeared once his car stopped by accident in the process of tracking, and he suddenly rage and beating the plot of the driver becomes reasonable.The accident also caused another irreversible failure, that is

    once he finally failed to stop the daughter and others happen relationship, this has led to his later - to kill a man of violence, has always been and what he can bear the pain is proportional to the.

    From indirect murder to active development of homicide, the future of the father is a foregone conclusion, but the whole story of guide can still be irreversible, depending on the Kim ki-duk's current aesthetic pursuit.Deposit kidd the style of the past, the end of the story is father and daughter both die, such as father drove down the cliff, such as father daughter run over and killed and then committed suicide on the hillside, such as Kim ki-duk have you to give us the answers, is the girl that dream implies -- father strangled his daughter, buried her in the river.But Kim ki-duk didn't do it this time, fortunately, if it is really arrange both died, the story is too plain.

    Finally ending is this: in the mountains, and father encouraged her to learn to drive, daughter is very excited, open of good, when the police arrived, took away his father, the daughter saw car chase, the stumbling after action is really desperate, heartbreaking.We can think that the car is the implied that daughter is unable to rein in a future life, and gradually out of the father, is a kind of cannot be redeemed.The ending is very deep, far more rigid than two people die in despair, this is what I call, "[girl] samaria is likely to be a timely and Kim ki-duk benign breakthrough".

    Critics think [spring, summer, autumn and winter and spring] is a turning point of Kim ki-duk film thought, it seems not devoid of truth, the film may thoroughly thoroughly remould oneself did not help him, but apparently has completed his personal an artistic transformation, [girl] samaria had to be the result of this transformation.

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