Memory blocks hut stand the loneliness of deep sea

By Marie Peterson,2015-08-26 17:09
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Memory blocks hut stand the loneliness of deep sea

    "Memory blocks hut" : stand the loneliness of deep sea

    Most of conjugal love of husband and wife have had some kind of stick to conversation, that is, who first death in the future, though this is not predictable, but who cannot bear to leave, because alone that will endure more pain, will sink into endless grief and boundless loneliness, as if in the depths of the sea of loneliness and gloom, no hiding, die, recall is owned by a handful of comfort, on the premise of have no amnesia.

    In old age, the person's memory is spread, the past is always segment, associated with or without connection between each other.Kato long renshenganimationShort film,Memory blocks hut(La Maison en Petits Cubes), is very kind to the memory of the past as a dusty (which USES a water seal) tower layers open box, let life memories flashback, as if in linear helpage people recall the beauty of the old and warmth.

    In the human world is set as "the future water world", people living in the house extensions, appearance is like a tower insulated from each other.This set is not fresh, but also the meaning, so non-isolating life more aggravated the lonely old people who live alone.After not't N times build houses and the old man began to move, idiomatic pipe

    accidentally fell into the lower layer, the old man put on a diving suit to find, he does not stop looking for the footsteps of pick up pipe of that a

    moment, once lived that layer, not only let him have thought back on the layers.

    In this just 12 minutes of animation, as witnessed the old man's life, people like put a piece of backwards, in the home of different layers, soothing to the changing picture - bed of his wife, dependent on the life of the old couple, the grandchild RaoXi group photo, "son-in-law" by his daughter, daughter to get married young and was born...Until he and his childhood sweetheart wife promise that old tree, where they play growth, two of a kind...

     aThe short film tend to relative static postponing your character with the vicissitudes of life and mood change, lonely old man often present a relatively static, fishing or watching TV or eating or smoking a pipe, this

    time, silent crept up lonely, will be a soft sorrow permeates lightly.On colour, the film USES the nostalgic dim tonal, again with some warmth in yellow, indoor display like that old, indispensable is one side wall of large and small frame.In the dim scene, the old man casually dressed in red and green trousers, such contrast of color against the character of the lack of care and the unhappy.

    Full of simple sense of moving images, and moderate ambience, appropriate should love the soundtrack of the ornament, the sensibility of life context, build the there is always a place for you in by the film.It should be said that the whole animation style of narration and partial Europe and the United States is (inThe FrenchAnimation festival and has won the Oscar), will eventually return to the bright and warm, when the old man return from bottom to the top of a new home, much put a wine cup on the table, memories didn't let him get lost or depressed, he found a warm and beautiful in the back.

    Some well-known said in the movie - "the deepest and heaviest love must grow up with the time."The deepest and heaviest love, stand the touch of memories, also stand the loneliness of the deep, so the old man and the man forever in the heart, cheers.

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