From imitation to innovation, the peach garden private microblogging cool experience

By Norman Rodriguez,2015-08-26 15:49
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From imitation to innovation, the peach garden private microblogging cool experience

    From imitation to innovation, the peach

    garden private microblogging cool


    After this is reviewing the iOS upgrade to 1.3.1, the first assessment of the article appears on the network, introduces in detail the function of the peach garden, some design ideas, is a person of red, and reviewing the possible innovation direction.

    No product is naturally innovation.Even Google and Facebook revolutionary product, the beginning is the same, only in some big basic innovation level.In the show, in terms of cater to the user, the basic and a micro innovation on the basis of predecessors.While innovation in China, especially in the shadow of a giant innovation, too difficult.I wrote a blog, in front of the"Who drove entrepreneurs on the copied easily?"Said this thing.Some agree that some opposition.But we see WeChat circle of friends of the copy of the path and beyond, you know, just copy the path is not terrible, terrible is don't know whether to be innovative, do not know from one to two point, really meet user requirements.Reviewing the private microblog from the imitation of the product, has been the best.Also hope from the product function and operating ability, do your best, more needs to be from the spirit, from meet user 1-2 point, be the

    best.Support the peach garden friends, not support a startup, but to support the family, support their future digital record of wealth, support their memories.Reviewing the private nature of weibo is a family of products

    - keenkang note

    Reviewing the private microblogging cool experience

    Background: the peach garden private microblogging introduced the concept of "copy" at pixel level, become a spring/summer 2012 controversial a mobile social product.An emphasis on private dense social class Path products, from the first day, will be burdened with the heavy burden of competition.Peach garden from the first day, and were marked by strong fortress.But we found that the peach garden private microblog since version 1.2, has been and Path on a completely different road "meet China user affection communication".In this review, based on July 11 new shangri-la 1.3.1 version, including its basic social functions and sharing function, as well as the originality of the invitation and message system accord with Chinese characteristics.Finally, for some people criticized the system of color and system stability are also made a detailed review.

    Mobile social as sets by Facebook the news of a $1 billion deal to buy, to become China's largest mobile Internet hot again.Is given priority to with Twitter, sets, Facebook and Google + for flagship mobile social, move forward, with the iPhone, Android mobile phone, gradually invaded into every aspect of our lives.Like SMS and IM ten years ago, affecting people's lives of today's mobile social products, also try to change people's lives.At home, mobile social boom, from mobile phone QQ, renren and Qzone Web social mobile social began to work, chat with rice and WeChat social tools based on LBS and voice The characters, in order to take into account the weibo content access and social networking to promote open platform for the ultimate filling, plus some stranger social applications, building up a complete social graph

    spectrum.A smart phone, if there is no installation 3-5 SNS application, owner was already OUT.

    But with an open application of SNS social networking, gave up the pursuit of personal and intimate feelings, privacy is difficult to get security, to "show self" as the core, "fast forward" as the core method of traditional social, break into pieces the killers of time.Therefore, to pay attention to privacy, focusing on a small scale private social and weibo app is limited to mobile end of peach blossoms private, though still in the flag of "weibo", but soon get some "private social" needs of the user's attention.Unlike completely predominantly small endowment the user Path, peach garden from the ease of use completely learn the international most advanced UE experience, but from the aspect of using for the average Chinese family and close social needs of the crowd, made a completely different improvement.These improvements, considering both the average Chinese smartphone users, especially the iPhone users opponent machine APP concise demand, and fully consider the Chinese people are not good at expressing public close and loving personality, and considering the characteristic of network bandwidth demand and cost balance, made some innovative new features.

    Reviewing the private microblogging (English name: Zella)

    Category: social

    Version: 1. 3. 1

    Size: 4. 3 MB

    Languages: Chinese and English

    Must-have APP recommended: 4.5 stars

    Stimulate visual experience

    Original coke red color, stimulate visual experience for "affection" service

    Totally different from other domestic like mobile social networking sites, reviewing the private microblogging ingenious use of the "red" as the main color.This is almost the bold color.The traditional phone APP has stressed the "affinity", reviewing the private microblogging is doing the opposite, using the most stimulate an eye "red".Coke product designers have stressed that this is called "red", is probably from the Coca-Cola color appetitive stimulus to everybody.Shangri-la chose the most bold color directly.Challenge, challenge the visual limit.

    Shangri-la cola red flag, challenge the visual limit

    In addition to the color of clear and impact, peach blossoms private weibo Logo is concise and to the extreme.Without any sense of design, fully used the founder are bolded text, in terms of application interface is concise, almost become China's most daring of all APP.There is the bold WeChat is a.Other more or less can't express myself so concise manner.

    The English version of the peach garden private microblogging Zella name, the effect is to seek a kind of halcyon, looking for a mobile phone is possibly mean.

    Reviewing the application interface of extreme fine, almost from the pixel level research through the most commonly used at home and abroad social applications of layout element.As well as the Path, adopted

    the integrated share button, but the dynamic effect of button pop-up.Only five can click on the button on the main interface.Weight distribution, and the clickable region to the most appropriate location.Dynamic effect of all kinds of buttons and clear instructions, guarantee the product from the note book to use, very simple.

    The core of the main interface design idea: 3 x 3 structure, details in place, contracted and not simple

    Main Timeline concise interface, content Item classification is clear, can read area area obviously

    Reviewing the private microblogging interface

    Open the peach garden private microblogging, first loads the Demo interface.In the Demo interface, fully shows the peach garden private microblogging has various functions.Including text, images, video, attendance, and who together, and wonderful comments, add such as expression effect.

    Very detailed Demo effect, tell the user use the peach garden can realize what kind of function

    After registered, log in to the system, there will be a perfect navigation system.Small and pure and fresh, it's very kind.The classification of the content Item is clear, can read area segregation is obvious.Than traditional Timeline repeat Item form, the content to form, not only ensure the balance, the left side of the head and the share button and also ensures the continuity of the visual.

    After registration perfect navigation system, small and pure and fresh and in terms of ease of use

    Distribution of five main screen click on the button: for "menu" button at the top of the upper left, upper right for the management of "friends" button.C over the cover, for the refresh button on the left, the right side as the "comments" button.The motion blur effect is very good in this two buttons, the be clear at a glance.

    A similar snake game, the effects of dynamic menu expansion very cartoon

    At the core of the main interface button, is fixed on the lower left corner "Share Share" button.Click share button, can share son dynamic pop-up button.Pop up from down to up, much like traditional snake game on the Nokia mobile phone dynamic effect, cartoon very much.Pop up five buttons function clear, high recognition rate.Pop-up efficiency is very high, compared with other similar software, the dynamic effect better flow chang.Individual character is dye-in-the-wood.

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