Who can be the next generation of leader electric business model

By Samuel Ford,2015-08-26 11:40
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Who can be the next generation of leader electric business model

    Who can be the next generation of leader

    electric business model?

    The next generation of electricity business model would be like?This problem is no standard answer.

    Because mobile electric business, social electric or C2B electricity, breaking point of them slower than expected.

    The belated electric wave, tencent and ali also into the different mentality.

    Ali is the biggest beneficiary of existing electric business pattern, in their way product layout ideas, "who will beat us? Instead of being defeated, not beat yourself" throughout.

    Model competition, has become China's more than ten years one of the key words of the development of electronic commerce.

    In order to prevent alibaba B2B model had been defeated by eBay representatives of C2C mode, ali do taobao;In order to prevent taobao had been defeated by emerging B2C mode, ali launched Tmall;The next and who could defeat the B2C mode, ali C2B is the answer.

    Only this time, the C2B model for the drive of the relationship with users, tencent WeChat has built up based on the biggest users of social relations, entrance.The cause of the crisis is more let ali, this time started social relations in mobile terminal, an area where ali has not adequately prepared.

    For tencent, when this market is still no clear leader, as has been the first to grasp the user entry WeChat platform but have more time to sort out behind the electricity system, or has the resources to make the innovation of the mode of exploration.

    Ali C2B layout by WeChat box

    Alibaba group chief strategy officer Ming zeng as early as 2011, said the electronic commerce in the future if use a word, is called C2B, future business model is based on the consumer as the center of the mass

    customization mode.E-commerce is absolutely not just move the sales channels to the Internet.

    Although this direction have been recognized, but in the planning and operation of specific products, but did not create a representative sample of successful products.According to insiders ali, at the stage where they are now like toward this goal at first open one gun, if found to deviate from the target, then adjust again, and try again.

    For ali, taobao a BBS mode business community development from the past until now, has become a mall traffic was huge, but the milk of human kindness.Users on taobao buy entrance is still focused on the home page or search.For taobao, has more than 9 million merchants, the traffic is too single entrance mode is not conducive to taobao ecological healthy and sustainable.

    If you can distribute the interaction of buyers and sellers to the personalized service channel, then the decentralized mode will revitalize the larger sellers activity, at the same time also can let buyers in the consumer experience to surprise and differentiation, enhance the sharing and the expression of desire.

    Especially when more and more buyers and sellers identity began to unity, a social product, can precipitate relationship tend to form a more close and dynamic business chain.

    The prospect of a new model in ali thought, but encountered accident is more and more sellers will maintain the buyer relationship work moved to WeChat.Like many businessmen at the time of shipment will often insert a WeChat public account in the boxes.

    Although these WeChat account function is very simple, is the latest commodity instant push shop or just some promotional information.But this behaviour for taobao building C2B model in the future will be a huge obstacles.Especially when WeChat account form more user management or personalized services, merchants gathered may mean a new electricity service platform.Plus has been reverse the WeChat payment, mobile payment makes it possible to form a complete closed loop.

    Socialization of electricity is still experimental field

    Anticipation for the next generation of electricity patterns, the personage inside course of study describes, "social electricity chain is based on social relations, the only qq, tencent do bad social electricity, other home and don't want to do."

    Whether to do, for WeChat, this is not an area where a

    shoo-in.Change the habits of merchants and users for the traditional commodities trading is not a easy thing.As now when talking about how to improve the sales, many businessmen to mention the most still is two words: hot style.

    In the business point of view, a new electric business pattern is never analysis, but is made.WeChat platform can produce the next generation of electricity business model, although there has been a user base, but can really attract enough merchants willing to play on this platform is a more difficult problem.

    On WeChat platform, therefore, the first to see it from the O2O start small life, for on-line closed-loop model in this field are not forming, for users and businesses to explore space more freedom.But even so, a replicable model of how strong, also not be scale validation.

    In the end, who will become the next generation of leader electric business model?Both sides can not be too optimistic.

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