Kim ki-duk film bow Kim ki-duk dacheng

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Kim ki-duk film bow Kim ki-duk dacheng

    Kim ki-duk film "bow" : Kim ki-duk


    Kim ki-duk is an extreme, "bow" is the story of an extreme.Floating boat in life with an old man and a young girl, two people by the guests received by boat on the boat fishing.Girl is the old man adopted a decade ago, he is going to marry her as soon as she turned 18, such as, but the ship date to a handsome young tourists, the girl's heart began to resist...

    This is actually a proposition about love and possession, Kim ki-duk just put it very extreme.First character set to extremes, and if the ordinary men and women of love, one side to the other party has a strong possessive desire, we can also understand, but in the movie, is an old man, a girl is, and the young girl or old man raising a large, then this kind of emotion is greatly sour, a subtle not Aaron.Even if we still exist some good understanding for love, it is also not to accommodate with the earthly love.And, despite a decade of nurturing, has been imprisoned her in the ship, don't let her

    contact with the outside world, so terrible "love", I'm afraid is not a normal person can accept, let alone to the category of human rights.Extreme feelings, nature will have extreme end, when there is no desire to possess, the result is the destruction of the self.Self destruction, self-sacrifice, sin, self destruction...The relief methods of the ultimate return to their own circumstances, you have seen in the work of Kim ki-duk, perhaps this is also his own outlook on life?

    Ordinary men and women of the initiation of possessive desire, of literature and art in general have a lot of, Kim ki-duk has not only normal emotional conflicts, he always to enlarge the perfection of it to show you.In order to highlight the effect, he often take a lot of unnecessary things in the movie are aggressively to delete.Such as social background, the reality of living environment, the character's name, even between people of the dialogue.If you look at the spring to winter, before the empty room, you will understand what I said."Bow" can be said to be set before Kim ki-duk elements, boat floating in the sea, is the only scenes, the story happened with this how similar it is drifting to room, when all the other environmental interference out, after the viewer's attention naturally on the emotion and conflict between people.When Kim ki-duk compress scenario to the extent that only one ship this, I began to see if he had had a lot of drama, so a simple scenario, it showed the most complete human conflict, if the movie moved to stage performances, it is a very easy thing.It's a pity that it has another characteristic is little dialogue, actor is almost entirely with expressions and actions to promote the

    development of the plot.In the absence of close-up, want to let the audience see the actor's performance, it's a difficult thing, so moved to the stage of feasibility to also up for debate.

    Kim ki-duk has created a set of very bright film language, in addition to the above very lean scene, almost no dialogue, there is: delicate and important props, love of paranormal religious and inseparable sex and violence.Said in detail below.

    In the bow, the most important props, of course, is that the bow, is the weapon of the old man used to protect girl, also can saying is used to imprison girl weapons, at the same time, it is a musical instrument, the old man can use its strings to pull beautiful voice, like an erhu.The dual role of weapons and instrument, I understand it is love and the dual contradiction of the possession.Love this is a good thing, such as string wire pull out the wonderful music, but when it becomes occupy desire, was hurt.In addition, the fine Korean wedding dress, antique box and lock, fully shows the old man thought and stubborn, and two young men walkman and camera phone form sharp contrast, the conflicts between the new and old is inevitable.I also pay attention to the two chickens, to marry the young man did not give the cock after the hen loosening loosening, but pat his head hard, clever, you know why he do that?

    In this movie, there is no clearly see the shadow of what religion, although the ship drew a lot of figure of Buddha, I think their adornment effect is greater than the contain

    symbolic significance, if has a symbolic significance.Kim ki-duk can't be a buddhist believers, of course, if he dare to performance in front of Buddha sex (" spring to winter to "), the more fearlessly archery to Buddha's face.This is the old man called way of divination.So, the colour of the paranormal or indispensable.And his divination was a prospective, from the plot, also can know he has worked out the result.But the spirit, is the old man finally shoot the arrow, even after the old man cast the sea became his symbol of male sexual ability, and make the girl to lose one's virginity, it is a little abrupt.Though this to the end of the story is a little happy, but I don't know why so happy.Just want to express or director, bows and arrows and an important symbol is the male organ in your country?

    Kim ki-duk are hooked on the cruel violence, also have preference to performance a little distortion of lust, and both are often together.Tell, Kim ki-duk in constant control himself, his early works show these is very naked.When the girl in the play with two hook, I'm a little bit painful close your eyes and mouth says "be not? Play the hook again," seen "drift to room" of people will understand what I mean.Shooting with a bow and arrow but she is just playing with the man's thigh, is the "bow" in the worst violence.Another cruel picture, it is the old man put the rope to his neck, Kim ki-duk couldn't self-harm.As for sex, the old man to bathe the girl picture is very ambiguous, at the end of the girls show sex play alone, although within the scale, but also to see person.In addition, play girl is its "samaria girl ', two phase contrast, Kim ki-duk for underage girls and sex

    relationship between whether there is another layer of special attention?

    You could say Kim ki-duk is no breakthrough in the work, but it's really embody a concentrated reflection of all his features.With the creation of such speed, also can maintain such a level, is not simple.

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