Foxconn's parent company, hon hai's proposed $26

By Michele Willis,2015-08-26 03:20
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Foxconn's parent company, hon hai's proposed $26

    Foxconn's parent company, hon hai's proposed $26.8

    billion yuan to buy sharp

    According to Japanese media reports, foxconn's parent company hon hai's proposal will spend 500 billion yen (RMB 26.75 billion) acquisition of sharp, offers

    not only much higher than Japan's industrial innovation institutions (INCJ) of 200 billion yen (RMB 10.7 billion), is better than double the amount of original gaiden hon hai is put forward.

    It is understood that hon hai's acquisition of sharp, fastest clapper after next year's New Year's day holiday.If the industry analysis, hon hai really spend 500 billion yen, may be the mesa of the buyers interested in buying sharp to the highest bidder, according to hon hai will resolve.

    Hon hai yesterday (22), said no commentmarketThe speculation.Analysts pointed out that according to hon hai, as of the balance of cash and cash equivalents at the end of the third quarter to t $647.2 billion, cash level is quite good, buy sharp "money is not a problem.

    TV asahi reports yesterday, for sharp agree, hon hai to sharp a bid amount of up to 500 billion yen, the figure than reported, hon hai plans to double the amount of 250 billion yen to buy sharp.

    Relevant sources, hon hai is interested in buying sharp throughout the company, mainly want to take this panel, electronics technology, improve the competitiveness, expected sharp and its main bank, mizuho bank and bank of tokyo-mitsubishi UFJ will evaluate proposals carefully, can assist the sharp reconstruction.

    Due to the timing of the sharp decided finally object becomes more and more close, intends to offer manufacturers have emerged, such as South Korea's samsung and INCJ are all potential buyers, among them, the INCJ consider to sharp 200 billion yen, samsung has the remaining amount.

    INCJ is Japan display company (JDI) largest shareholder, with a "home court advantage", don't want to sharp panel technology outflows, therefore proposed to sharp, sharp, hope the JDI merger by integrating panel technology in Japan, the world market share of small size of the panel will be above thirty percent, then the JDI will not only become the world's most panel factory, medium size and ability to resist Taiwan, Korea, China trade.

    To stop by the JDI, at the same time enhance the display technology, hon hai are held high interest in buying sharp, sharp guishan factory production of small and medium size panel as its most niche technology, for both joint ventures, mainly the production of large size panel of pedosphere, 10 generation plant, hon hai is also interested in buying.

    In 2014, according to IHS LGD (LGD) global small and medium-sized city size panel market share of 17.1%, ranked first, JDI, sharp was second with 16.2%, 14.7% respectively, three;Second group and 8.3% respectively, 8.2% of the chunghwa picture tubes, au 7.7%, 5.4% of the boe, and 4.8% of tianma microelectronics.

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