Hancock reviews - (Hancock) - romance is department

By Melvin Crawford,2015-08-25 04:27
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Hancock reviews - (Hancock) - romance is department

    "Hancock" reviews - (Hancock) - romance is


     This is a trailer will

    cover all the highlights of

    the film.If you are not

    deliberately to

    understand the film's plot,

    so after watching the

    trailer would you think

    this is a tale of grassroots

    superman from fall to rise,

    or simply to overturn the

    traditional superman

    wears outside

    underwear's image.Before into the theater, I almost expectations of drama are not so far, I'm into the cinema is at hot scenes.

     Unfortunately, this is not a vast, we think of it even less than 90 minutes of running time is almost a b-movie standards.Trailer that hold the police car bullet hand holding the wind lens is almost to the utmost the policewoman's welcome all wonderful, if not succeeding superman fight scene, the film almost nothing can now.Wonderful action is only attract you are willing to pay for the film elements,

    but not all of the film.If this is a super hero film, so the movie the person gives on the plot of the accident, who is far greater than its "predecessor".

     Because this is almost a packed in action to love films.Hollywood has packed in countless rotten common plot to love, and almost all super heroes have anything to ink love an ornament, but fortunately, in "Hancock" love even let me some accident, even some moved.

    The beginning of the film, Hancock (will Smith) is almost appears in the image of a comedown superman, when he grabbed the bottle flying about in mid air, we can only muster all his strength to roar with laughter.At least before the biggest burden in film, the plot has been in accordance with everyone thought of trajectory, we can even follow the Hancock that look like eyes, like to think about loneliness, looking for and I really proposition.Film will also seem to have a viewer in the

    direction of "my legend" drag tendency, if it is not that always appears in the film, the little sense of humor, at least in the first half, the film presents a heaviness by

     beyond my imagination.And, all this in later that sudden love suspense.As the superman had to pair to the audience's visual enjoyment after a big fight, the film also quickly into what was supposed to be about themes - Hancock on earth come from?Triggering a concealed by the film more than 3000 years of love.Hancock, as it were, before the film the decadent mood brewing is to release at this time, the hospital scene, although the scene is not one of the most popular is the purest in the film, especially in the corridor outside shooting scenes and shock of operating room quick cross clips is swallowed by the film's sad mood to | high tide.Gunfire and electric - one is the sound of passing life, and the other one is the voice of save lives - the two overlap shock far more than any time in the film at the sound.Although this kind of metaphors is very simple, but enough to impress people, Hollywood has always been good at in the simplest way to create tear gas.

     It can be said that the performance of "Hancock" is out of my expectation, super hero and love these elements in the film is not too bad.But unfortunately running time is too short, so that the film first half behind slightly hippie style and emotional style slightly seem a bit sudden, but, although the final happy ending is Hollywood commonly used gimmick, but not my favorite, film, the first branch office to discuss the "lonely", in the last film seems to have too much emotional to forget the "lonely" actually still exist.If the film in the first half and also with the feeling of the philosophical proposition, that the lower part is completely become a

    poignant love story, this story although good, but the feeling of hard to avoid lets the story a bit anticlimactic.But will Smith's performance throughout the fascinating, innovative "Hancock" scenario, but not perfect, if not will Smith's excellent performance, the effect of the film is to play on a certain discount.Both at the beginning of the film and a face of sorrow or later lover "dead" himself, will Smith can always use his expression infection audience's emotions.If it is in the movie "superman" let "Hancock" this love story looks not so boring, that will Smith let love become more deeply in the film.

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