Prometheus reviews

By Helen Torres,2015-08-25 03:47
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Prometheus reviews

    "Prometheus" reviews

    Prometheus overall is a great movie, plot setting or something I won't go to the traditional, visual effect and the actors are excellent.However, in the casting of David or questionable on this problem.A good sci-fi thriller, after more than a David leng by me as a black humor comedy.I admit that my mind method shark laughing too much terrier is pure I deserve it, to cooperate with David young low expression of children's actions after I nearly spray in the movie theater popcorn in front of a head also calculate, but will not be able to find a wrinkled less actor to play David yao, old let me for his crow's feet and the corners of the mouth lines trance is not a good thing, a 35-year-old man face with 55 years of age, it is all sharks.

    But to method of sharks, ran out of this mess aliens are all because David this bitch.Smart robots, not good to listen to people, the brain rot with him dad bring out the best in each other to cause the ship's people also almost destroyed the earth, a wipe finally dared to repeatedly prayed for direct victims save his wife and indirect victims, I if Noomi I will bear his face.Theron sister so generalize quite brief properly: Son of a bitch. Incidentally also drove Weyland that silly scolded.As if also, incidentally, of course, she scolded, but this is don't care about the injury (it is) necessary.

    David is' at the beginning, even a little poor.Think about it, a ship sailing in the universe in more than two years, during which all boat people are fast asleep, David is

    the only one awake, learning all kinds of useful or useless skills, such as ethnic minority languages, riding a bicycle to play basketball, bartender (?)And so on.But wait, it seems that ya also get into some very trivial entertainment, peeping into the dreams of others, for example, at the same time also show only the serial child abduction killer smile showed abnormal.Nima Weyland incredibly still dare to call this abnormal condition robot production, where group moral and social responsibility in where?The thought that I was sleeping, he wears Chinese tunic suit flip-flops sat on the edge of the bed, easily turn into a girl's point of view a pedophile expression, I just can't help but creepy.

    Forget it but it is not, after all, we humans in the lonely time will do something very sad, what's more, is a robot don't seem too science.But as a robot you don't listen to your words is wrong.Into underground adventure, he showed the characteristics of a child, always running everywhere disorderly touch didn't listen to adults, ya of chemical and biological weapons, you afraid of your shitty BaBa lived a few days can not afraid of the chemical and biological weapons, the rest of the ship's people how to do?

    And don't know why is Weyland himself bad taste or, David also has a throw motto with deep love this feature.Is more terrible, every time back to throw motto, David must be when he began to do rub.What's the asimov's three laws!Why did the maxim ya remember!Against the robot, incredibly dare to take advantage of the loopholes in the human language to kill human beings, it's not science, not science, bears face owe paste say is such a bitch.If it weren't for David, but also be burned to death a few be paste bears face of zombies.David a quiet as a result, the two lonely men and women didn't resist spluttered pa, the result is that the alien queen gave birth, and also had four abnormity, everyone is making money.In fact, David must be a fox from now send through to commercial spies in the future.Must be yes

    But it happened that the base robot also special favor by fate, the most beautiful period of special effects in movies David play the earth, and, incredibly still selfishly one play don't play with others.So finally engineer handfuls of David's head is really few pulled down, thought this bastard robots finally a fair death honors the whole

    life.Results nima incredibly still a cockroach, body separation was not dead, so human technology better than engineer technology, after all we are as their creations with the die.But I admit foaming at the mouth of David speaks foolishly that, I have to laugh disgracefully

    And to this end, Prometheus obviously still have the space of the sequel, as long as some money.But is we have a chance to see again silly aggressive word procrastinates robot David.To be honest if I had the opportunity to live in that time, I will when Weyland discount price to buy a David, let him give me a glass of wine, and his lay about on sofas, command he tentacles department only biological paste bear with his face.

    Because David, this is it serves you right.

    "Other bits and pieces of speech"

    Why do humans think aliens shape mostly is based on the organ in your country?

    The geologists since so afraid of you not to come, Weyland is nothing more than to give money and didn't force you, just wake up what is urine trousers, really.

    Rumours: we didn't so silly force, biologists have never seen a creature we all have a complete set of processing procedures, especially in this kind of appearance is very suspicious, and has been likened to reptiles a door risk are high, is to comply with the program.

    Biological this can spit slot really many, racial barrier of hybridization, DNA sequence alignment is really degrees [100% you are playing with me].But the most I happy is Ridley Scott to evolution the sniper's shot.Stop that now now is in the world do not recognize less evolution, don't give the base creature education added burden.

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