The star through the time the bad man, partial cold so much

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The star through the time the bad man, partial cold so much

    The star through ": the time the bad man, partial cold so much

    For most of the fans,Christopher NolanIs the name of a is not ignored.Who was born in 1970The BritishDirector is full of passion for movies born, at the age of 20 years with spare time taken by each weekend debut "follow" and entered the cinema, again because of "memory fragments" and "white night after fierce" two movies a foothold in Hollywood.If the films are also appear a little small, so he from 2005's"batman: the war time, let he officially in the ranks of the mainstream Hollywood commercial director.

    Of course, the term "mainstream commercial director" for Nolan, apparently not really summarizing its ability.A year later, he came with "the prestige" declared its own ambitions.It tells the story of the 19th century the two fictional magician end the story of life against each other, elegantly combines the gripping narrative rhythm and eye-opening science fiction, in which there is no lack of again's praise of the human nature and the lash.

    Nolan is keen of the two topics discussed in the movie, so continued in his work.Whether the later two department of comic works promoted to the top level of the dark knight, or let many people feel incredible, amazing"inception", the most sincere emotion, and reasonable

    imagination of the world, for the future is through eternal element of Nolan's work.

    So, once before understand Nolan film, then to the"Interstellar through"It also won't feel strange.Although astronauts, wormhole and five dimensions of these concepts seem to be some advanced, resulted in the post on the "brain" of the film, but in fact the story structure and Nolan the past is not: the works of the herofamilyBroken premature death (wife), his daughter in order to be able to and see you again, and conducted a risky task.

    In"inception, "dicaprio plays cobb in order to return toThe United StatesCopolymerization tianlun, and daughter, and accept the risk of implant dreams challenges;In"Interstellar through, "Matthew cooper, played in order to meet his daughter, and difficult in those vast star long river.

    Interstellar through"For those who desire to study the theory of real fanatical fans, prepared delicate and rich feast.Film at the core of a black hole theory based on the famous theoretical physicist kip thorne, he also participated in the world view of architecture, and a small amount of play writing, or even one of the film's producers;Of wormholes, singularity, miller planet tidal wave, mann planet frozen cloud, colonial halo, and so on, are better than mostScience fictionMovie is much more rigorous Settings.

    To and the audience to explore the existence of physical knowledge in these films, kip thorne, specifically the ""Interstellar through"In science," a book for all misgivings, the BBC filmed the matchingThe documentary.All of these are showing Nolan when making movies is rigorous, and the heart of fear in science.So the"Interstellar through", is likely to be in the history of the "real" science fiction movies, because the old module, analog electronics insideThe letterScreen and mysterious black holes, are based on real science environment for now set, so we in the movie, can't see the holographic projection, can't see the actor on the LCD screen handsome operated by hands.And in order to make the black hole, close to the real shape under the kip thorne design, the computer simulation for a whole year of time to finish.With the film's executive producer, is also the Nolan wife Emma Thomas's words, the farthest from the reality of science and technology in the whole movie, is that one will appear in almost all the freezing compartment in the interstellar travel theme.

    To some extent, Nolan is a stubborn and conservative director.He doesn't have to 3 d, insist on a film, taken so many science fiction movie, but little green screen and special effects, this stubborn than general director.Star through, for example, "cooper corn were cast in the real plant, production group planted 500 acres, a total of cooper rushed into the corn track driveIndiaUnmanned aerial vehicle (uav), also is full of live

    action - Matthew McConaughey to take this opportunity to properly after a motorcycle racing.Nolan has even said jokingly, don't look down upon the corn, corn harvest after selling, production group has made a fortune.

    Similarly, mann planet's ice and snow, is also the crew snapped in Iceland, the space ship is predictably NolanmagicProps team to make out, after the break-up shipped to Iceland, let the more than ten thousand pounds of big guy, rather momentum to real appear in front of an audience.Nolan some regret to say that, even if not to take team to space, he even want to really feel in the universe.

    Nolan's this "stubborn" and "conservative", represents a kind of persistence.His films, also has an unusual adhere to quality, "the dark knight rises in Bruce Wayne, after falling abyss, with protect Gotham's belief, finally climb out, save people in distress;Inception in cobb with love, finally out of from the Limbo dilemma, back to the real world;Star cross, cooper to insist, daughter love fantasy of power in the universe, make him into a hypercube has found a way to communicate, finally to save the planet earth, also saved himself.

    In fact, in the interstellar through, cooper to face the biggest villain, not cunning evil aliens, nor highlight human evil Dr Mann, more is not a deep crisis of the universe, but time.

    AnneheatherEu play brandon told Dr Cooper, time can be

    compressed, can also be expanded;For five dimensions of life, time is real, tangible.When but sadly, at this stage of the human only three dimensional space of life, and there is no way to return to the past.So he watched the video across the 23 years, look at the other end of the universe son admitted to university, get married, have children, childless...For all this, he could do nothing.This kind of sad, believe that is the place where most of the audience the tears at the movies, such as me too.

    I know a girl, after watching the movie WeChat I said, I am not really understand the scientific theory in the movie, but were deeply moved.I asked her what movie impress you?She said, cooper is looking at relatives physical sense of helplessness.That reminded her, now also can meet, chat with their parents, eat together, watch movies together, how big is a kind of happiness.

    After the movie, on the way home, I listenHins

    cheung"Young".Wyman's lyrics, maybe just can as a humanistic footnote: the science fiction film

    Those years how good, how to meet later?Those who has white hair, as in silent.Pray for the old long live, long live the old love, don't literally old;But the bad time, partial cold so much.Get away slowly, also do not...

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