Long-term stay up late to a girl around 20 damage

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Long-term stay up late to a girl around 20 damage

    Long-term stay up late to a girl around 20


    Long-term stay up late to a girl around 20 damage

    The dangers of staying up late

     Does not sleep and pressure, can affect the endocrine metabolism is incomplete, resulting in the loss of skin moisture, easy to cause wrinkles appear long, dark skin, acne, black rim of the eye is aggravated, especially on the situation will be worse after makeup, makeup is very difficult to uniform.After a series of staying up late, if you feel face tight and itchy, desquamation, there also may be fat leakage dermatitis.

     From health point of view, does great harm to stay up late.Because if a man often stay up late most easily fatigue, depressed, the body's immune system will decline.Cold, gastrointestinal infections, allergies, and so on will find you.

     Does if long-term stay up late, can slowly more insomnia, forgetfulness, irritability, anxiety and nerve, mental symptoms.Overwork make the body's nervous system function disorder, cause an imbalance in the body of main organs and systems, such as arrhythmia, endocrine disorders, etc., serious can cause systemic stress state, increase the chance of infection.Fatigue strong person than the average person

    respiratory organs, digestive system, circulation, such as various of adapting just-in-time inventory also increase many.

     Sleep experts believe: sleep is important physiological process in metabolic activity.No sleep, no health, lack of sleep, not only physical consumption is not complement, and caused by a lack of hormones, can cause environmental imbalance in the body.American immunologist for sleep and immune to do after a series of studies that sleep besides can eliminate fatigue, and improve the ability of immunity, resist disease also have close relationship.Have enough sleep of T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes in the blood are increased obviously, and the two kinds of cells is the main force of the human body immunity.Sleepiness is pretty tired brain, should not wait until then to go to sleep.Only get into the habit of sleeping time, guarantee the sleep time of not less than 7 hours a day, to maintain the normal operation of sleep center this clock.So, young people should also learn to control your life habit, don't let the natural rhythm is disrupted, into a vicious circle.

     The dangers of staying up late

    1. Energy:

     Night awake energy loss roughly continuous climbing one morning.Outside the resulting disease include: dizziness, tinnitus, weakness of limbs and attention and thinking ability serious decline. 2. Skin:

     Special attention should be paid to female comrades.In general, oily skin anti-aging ability is stronger.But, my skin (heavy oil, is that a minor with 6 pieces of paper of oil absorption face special beauty of that kind of, very thin) to suck the fat off from the nose and forehead skin), there is an obvious wrinkles in the next day.Due to later didn't repair service (- 0 the man is so commonly), wrinkles have been lasted for 10 days, until now.

    3. The digestive system:

     If you don't eat a night, very big to the harm of the digestive system.And want to eat something, also need to consider carefully, I do not recommend the puffed food such as French fries and instant noodles, had better eat home-cooked meal.

    4. Vision: ATTENTION!

     Most harmful, it is recommended that each stay up (after 23:00) for 1 hour, do eye exercises.Otherwise the consequence is serious.It is important to note that wear glasses is very painful.

     To avoid the above situation, please refuse to stay up late.

     Stay up late the harm and prevention

     At present, due to the accelerating rhythm of life, many people feel the day have enough time, used the night up to those who did not finish work during the day, and even become accustomed to.In addition, colorful nightlife is in town, some late night still bubble in dance halls,

    karaoke bars, watching movies all night or other entertainment activities.As "late" crowd in the city, while clearly knowing that the mirror of the black rim of the eye has been disastrous, also knowing that "men eat, to sleep" the old adage, however, overtime, parties, access to the Internet, watching a DVD, bubble, pop, the more abundant the nightlife, we seem to be the more reason to indulge skimp on sleep, join to stay up late.Little imagine, staying up late to greatly reduce the sleep time, the brain and the organs can not get rest, bring serious harm to health.

     Staying up late to bring harm to people is not only a black rim of the eye, long blain blain, or something as simple as rising, it caused great harm to the body, can make the human body in a state of sub-health even damaged the body's organs and appear all sorts of

    diseases.Staying up late to the harm of simple said has the following several aspects:

     A, lack of sleep will increase stress hormone levels, make us feel the pressure rapidly to A new level.

     B, physical fitness and energy because of the lack of sleep be significantly decreased, intellectual level, the ability to concentrate and decision-making capacity will be affected by different degree.

     C, inadequate irregular sleep can seriously affect the learning process, and reduces the brain per unit time internal energy intake of information almost half, learning new things easily frustrated.

     D, too little sleep might make you in not troubled situation will also feel depressed, mental capacity decreased obviously.

     E, perfect the enemy of skin

    Stay up late not only face bleak, also covered with acne, eye on the bridge of the nose is hopelessly climbed up the fine lines, eyes also grew up and became "panda eye", will also feel the face skin feel tight itching, or desquamate phenomenon.

     Stay up late to the human body the harm is far more than these, irregular, unhealthy life style, of course need a thorough change to come over, but the clock is not a day two days will be able to adjust to the best state.As a result, then recommend several stay up after the first aid measures, to a certain extent can be temporarily alleviate the problem.

     1, dinner has exquisite

     Skin in the case of not getting enough sleep, can appear the excessive loss of water and nutrients, so light dinner should eat more fruits and vegetables, fish, etc., and added some element contains the original blue and white grape seed extract (products) or contain chitin health products to help the skin to restore elasticity and luster, and at the same time can eliminate black rim of the eye and make the skin white and ruddy.Diet spicy foods and alcoholic beverages, it is best not to smoke.For external use for collagen protein, chitin ingredients of skin care products.

     2, just before bed, need care

     After staying up late fall asleep is the most bad habits.At this time should be take with natural dietary fiber supplements (such as fructus momordicae sweet element, oligosaccharides, etc.), both can embellish dryness and helps to sleep.

    After thoroughly clean the skin, spray a layer of moisturizing spray, then coated with rich in cucumber element, chitin, face cream for collagen protein and other ingredients, can go to dead skin, not only can wrinkle the skin restore luster, the effect is remarkable.

     3, the most critical in the early morning

     A. didn't sleep a few hours to get up, maybe you have a splitting headache, then must wash a face with cold water, at the same time, taking special effects and no side effect with all sorts of headache antelope horn dropping pill, make you refreshed, also taking the original blue and white pigment, chitin of health care products, which can effectively eliminate eye edema, fade out black rim of the eye.

     B. big breath of fresh air, let the brain flexibility.Do some simple muscle relaxation, relaxes muscles, reduce stress effect.

     C. breakfast can have a brief on protein-rich foods, such as soy milk, eggs, etc., can give a big imagination sufficient enough nutrients.As a supplement can choose contain lecithin, natural enzymes, such as containing a large number of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements,

selenium beer yeast Jin Huasu).

     Here, people give different reasons to stay up late a few action, in order to reduce the discomfort of staying up late and damage:

     1, often at night to work overtime work or study, should eat more protein-rich food such as fish, milk and so on, in addition to taking such as contain lecithin, brain cells, growth factors, tuna oil, taurine composition such as health care products to supplement the brain;If appear have a headache can take antelope horn dropping pill to alleviate symptoms.

     2, night entertainment (playing CARDS, karaoke, bubble, pop, etc.) and nightlife overdraft, easily lead to symptoms of Yin deficiency with internal Yin deficient hand, ziyin kidney can take cordyceps sinensis as the main ingredients of medicines and health products containing mushroom polysaccharide composition to enhance immunity, it is best to take the supplement contains natural enzymes such as Jin Huasu quickly recover physical overdraft.

     3, no matter what form to stay up late, the body will appear physical strength overdraft phenomenon and the large number of lack of minerals, vitamins, trace elements in the body, make human body in a serious state of sub-health, so suggest taking health products containing natural enzyme (containing rich amino acids and a variety of beneficial to human body activity of enzymes, chromium, selenium, zinc, magnesium,

    calcium, iron and other elements, can quickly restore the physical human body, make human body energy, has become all the rage in Japan, popular attaches great importance to the people in the health of health food products, the current domestic existing such products production and sell) some large chain enterprises in the city.Added a variety of vitamins, it is best to take in amino acid chelate technology in the production of the combination of minerals and vitamins.

     Human beings in the universe the law of the alternation of day and night is very sensitive, as if the human body contains a clock, make people follow the laws of nature, "sunrise and make, whether".

     As modern life rhythm speeding up, more and more, people are to stay up late, to version on the old man, down to the elementary school higher grades students, of course is more of the intellectual.Notes, often stay up late is not a scientific way of life, the longer it will harm human health.

     Modern medical study found that a healthy lifestyle and regular sleep can make normal hormone secretion in the body, and keep the relative balance, so that life organ within a stable work environment.If you often stay up late, running rules will be disrupted, hormone secretion pattern will also change, make life different degrees of damage to organs,

     To health hazards, and even shorten, someone stayed up for a long

    time, and adhere to the early to bed and early to rise to control study, found that people who often stay up late at night in a stress state for a long time, the secretion of various hormones in a day early to bed and early to rise, on average, 50% higher, especially the excessive secretion of epinephrine and norepinephrine, make vasoconstriction early to bed and early to rise 50% higher.In addition, long-term stay up late people more vulnerable to cancer, because cancer cells is in the cell

     Generated by the split, and cell division in sleep.Stay up late to sleep patterns occur disorder, affect the normal cell division, resulting in cell mutations, cancer cells.Newspapers reported that Chinese intellectual life expectancy less than other peers 10 years old, investigate its reason, this burden with intellectuals for many years, often stay up late

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