Japan's new mora robot winning percentage by one hundred percent!

By Ronald Shaw,2015-08-22 11:26
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Japan's new mora robot winning percentage by one hundred percent!

    Japan's new mora robot: winning percentage by one hundred percent!

    [abstract] at the university of Tokyo in Japan to develop the new "Janken 3.0" mora robot, can guarantee 100% in mora game winning percentage, its core technology is to provide the quick reaction capability of high-speed vision system.

    A mora robot developed at the university of Tokyo in Japan, with human opponents game

    can guarantee one hundred percent odds.

    According to media reports, how to ensure the "stone scissors - cloth" mora not lost a game?Assembling the vision system of high speed robots can do it!At present, the university of Tokyo in Japan ishikawa watanabe lab, developing "Janken 3.0" robots is mora the defending champion of the game, it does not lose any mora game at a time.

    In fact, the core of the robot is a high-speed vision system to provide rapid response ability, first mora game robot was released in 2012, but has 20 milliseconds delay than rival punch speed;After the release of the second paragraph of the robot, punch velocity in sync with humans;The latest release of the third robot, its punches faster than humans, guarantee 100% of the time.

    "3.0" Janken robots faster than before because it is the 1 millisecond full tilt feature automatically, to extend the range of its vision.The robot by its ultra high speed visual and tracking system, can recognize human opponents punch movement, and to react quickly, make gestures can overcome human opponents."3.0" Janken, by contrast, only finish punches in 20 milliseconds, and people took an average of 60 millisecond to complete the process.

    In addition to being able to ensure that the robot in a row, and it can help researchers to further develop accurate operation technology, can

be applied to future need accurate response of the factory and other

working environment.

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