Against the terminator, iron man musk what is 1 billion dollars to build the Open AI

By Gilbert Bailey,2015-08-22 09:33
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Against the terminator, iron man musk what is 1 billion dollars to build the Open AI

    Against the terminator, iron man musk what is 1 billion dollars to build the Open AI?

    On December 12, 2015, tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter launched a nonprofit project OpenAI artificial intelligence.

    OpenAI is a non-profit artificial intelligence, a research firm, the goal is to "promote the development of digital intelligence, at the same time without being limited by financial returns, so as to benefit the whole mankind".

    News once released, immediately become the focus.A lot of people think, OpenAI to their excited and looking forward to, they can't wait to see a change in OpenAI brings to the human world.But there are also some questions about voice, a nonprofit group that raised $1 billion with a group of Google and can prevent artificial intelligence science and technology overturn human?This black box show you to the OpenAI really is what east east.

They said, "will keep the beginner's mind".

    Artificial intelligence has been a hot area.

    ;Tesla CEO Elon Musk

    At present, people worried about the development of artificial intelligence will make automatic machine completely replace human work, even Elon Musk bluntly put forward such worries.

    Early times, people think that solve some tasks (such as chess) will lead to research human level of intelligence

    algorithm.However, the results are not so good.

    But in the past few years, there have been some change.In depth study, you don't need manual programming each new algorithm, only need to accommodate the algorithm of huge amounts of data in the input data can be generated by the new algorithm architecture.

    The technology in the field of pattern recognition has achieved gratifying results, including the objectImage recognition, and

    machine translationSpeech recognitionAnd so on.People begin

    to see the computer for the creativity of the world.

    Today's artificial intelligence is impressive, but its function is very limited.Researchers in continuously break through the constraints, in the future one day, the machine can achieve knowledge intelligence, like human almost can complete all of the human society.It is hard to imagine a human level of artificial intelligence can bring many benefits to the society, it is hard to imagine if use undeserved, artificial intelligence will be how much damage to the society.

    Although founded OpenAI risk is unknown, but they have

    a lofty goal: believe that artificial intelligence

    can be safely promote the development of human

    individual will, free spirit.

    But at the same time they also warned that the project investment risk is difficult decisions, but they will keep the beginner's mind.

    About OpenAI

    Based on the development history of artificial intelligence, it is difficult to predict when human level of artificial intelligence will

    appear.When it really appears, there must be a mechanism to lead it to the right direction.

    OpenAI is expected to develop into such an institution.

    As a non-profit organization, OpenAI's goal is to create value for everyone.They urged researchers to publish their research results, including paper, blog, code and patent, sharing with the world.OpenAI will pass and the scientific research personnel and enterprise cooperation, constantly developing new technology.

    OpenAI from Google's director of research is the world famous machine learning expert Ilya Sutskever, chief technology officer is Stripe pay company's former chief technology officer Greg Brockman.

    The rest of the team are a world-class engineers and scientists, including: the famousBusiness incubatorYCombinator,

    co-founder of Trevor Blackwell, worked in TrueVault Vicki Cheung, Stanford university graduate student Andrej KarPathY,

    Google machine learning researcher Durk Kingma John Schulman, computer science, university of California, Berkeley,FacebookArtificial intelligence researcher Pamela

    Vagata, deep learning New York university doctoral Wojciech Zaremba.

OpenAI consultant team includes:

    Computer science department at the university of

    California, Berkeley Pieter Abbeel, a professor at the

    university of Montreal, Canada machine learning

    Yoshua Bengio professor, master computer genius Alan

    Kay, Google scientists Sergey Levine and SAP's global

    chief technology officer Vishal Sikka.

    Sam Altman and Elon Musk share OpenAI co-chairman, Sam Altman is a famous business incubator YCombinator CEO, reality is from YC companies.

    OpenAI obtained from tesla CEO Elon Musk, joint LinkedIn founder Reid hoffman, YCombinator co-founder Jessica livingston, PayPal co-founder Peter thayer, amazon AWS, Infosys and financial support in the institute of YC company.

    This is not a for-profit organization, so you can focus on the positive aspects of artificial intelligence.In the first few years, a small part of the funding will only spend about $1 billion.

    With Google, Facebook, competition for talent?

    Navia Systems, the founder of Beau Cronin has been focused on the field of artificial intelligence, he recently in an interview with the media, said in an interview in the early OpenAI establish it doesn't work quickly to solve some inevitable problems.

    Also some people think that attempts to restrict the

    development of artificial intelligence, forcing it to human friendly aspect development is not realistic, sooner or later there will be someone for some reason to break the

    constraints.OpenAI will speed up after we enter the age of man.

    David j. Klein is an artificial intelligence researchers and practitioners, whether he is more concerned with the

    organization can produce the corresponding results, and who can benefit from it.

    Klein said, a former Microsoft founder Paul Allen has invested $100 million in the 90 s to the advanced technology, a think-tank, later, but fails to the project, Paul said the project is "research too much but is not strong enough.

    OpenAI non-profit organization's identity is not too much.They already have a $1 billion investment, does not need more fundraising in recent years.Nonprofit organizations are also can give them the outcome of the patent application, and then decided to the results of consumer and the cost.

    Klein argues that, on the other hand, artificial intelligence, a think-tank in independent of Google and Facebook company is worthy of praise.Such institutions similar to Allen, institute of artificial intelligence, but more pure focus on machine learning, particularly in terms of deep learning.Team members are very solid.Such a body to do incremental research of artificial intelligence, can reap many achievements.

    OpenAI now open recruitment of engineers and researchers.In the eyes of Klein, OpenAI such public and Google, Facebook and other technology giants competition for talent is very interesting.OpenAI may be because their openness and

    non-profit and win.Between technology giants would into a talent war, whose talent quality, higher than who is more open.

    The artificial intelligence of kindness

    ;The terminator film

    So OpenAI was established, it is trying to strike a balance in the development of artificial intelligence skynet, prevent the accident of artificial intelligence.OpenAI current tasks are fuzzy.

    They will focus on how to "interest"?They will be how to define and measure "interest"?They are committed to research and development "artificial intelligence" kindness, or trying to solve the main problem facing the current human?

    If we can eventually eliminate artificial intelligence threat to humanity, that is the best, this is the real need.After all, no one wants to see the story of the terminator in reality:

    Humans developed the global advanced computer control

    system of "justice" comprehensive control, robot has

    its own will, the human as the putative foe, and launch

    a nuclear bomb to all corners of the earth, to kill the

    billions of people.Remaining humans under the

    leadership of John connor, with limited resources and

    weapons with strong sophisticated robot combat...

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