Audi car has become a platform of mobile technology

By Anne Gray,2015-08-22 09:23
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Audi car has become a platform of mobile technology

    Audi car has become a platform of mobile


    CES is the topic of the speech on Monday, "German engineering and technology meet in silicon valley".In this by the famous actor nao, nayar (access Nayyar) presided over the theme of the speech, several industry leaders walked onto the stage.

    On introducing the CES chairman Gary sharpay ROM (Gary Shapiro) and the Audi car company (Audi AG) chairman of the board, rui put Rupert Stadler, (Rupert Stadler), before the host nayar explained: "automobile this word actually means that the automated

    driving."Sharpay and rupert stadler two people sitting in a car by the driver Horch brand stage, said "piloted vehicle used to mean" need a driver to drive.As car have more and more independent function, this definition will soon be reversed.

    "When you think of CES, you might think that cars are not worthy of the name of consumer products."Sharpay said, "but the fact is, the car has become a display platform of mobile technology. Automakers are more and more innovative technology rapid development, they make cars become personalized and automation. When you think of German engineering technology, you will involuntarily thought of the car.

    More than one hundred years, audi has been at the forefront of automotive innovation, information and entertainment, auxiliary driving and automatic driving in a leading position.In terms of autopilot system, audi is the lead, is one of its efforts to Google (weibo) the integrated application of the Android operating system.

    Audi is working on their hands on the steering wheel can make driver, let vehicles to complete their work.

    "Today, we are in a new era redefined" piloted driving ". Ted said, "my car's history can be divided into four periods."

    He said that in the first time, the human created the car, but at the same time see its limitations.The second time is essentially a about how to "tame" car, and make it become the reliable tool for people.Cars from a novelty to an everyday tool.The third time, the car safety and efficiency was improved, most of the cars today with this Horch car on the stage and there is no big difference.

    "Now, we ushered in a major change in a new era."He said, "the fourth age is an age where we not only improve the car, but give it redefined."

    This is the audi company are doing at the moment.Audi is eliminate the gap between consumer electronics and cars, it makes the car is becoming more and more automation, more and more become the daily necessities.Rupert stadler, said finally, audi will close the gap between science world and the real world.

    Audi is not only in order to realize this vision, hand in hand with the silicon valley and has established cooperation with some of the leaders in electronics industry partnerships.In order to highlight the partnerships, rupert stadler with AT&T Mobility, President and CEO DE la Vega (Ralph DE la Vega), President and CEO jen-hsun Huang, NVIDIA company (Jen Hsun Huang) jointly took to the stage.

    "Audi has been at the forefront of technology," DE la vega said, "it is the earliest Internet research car (connected car) of the company."