Big data era data to those who live in the world

By Paula Hayes,2015-08-22 00:20
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Big data era data to those who live in the world

    Big data era "data" to those who live in the


    "Big data" is very fashionable now.As the name implies, big data is huge amounts of data, electricity has been the "big data" as their core competitiveness, who owns the "big data", who will be able to occupy the market opportunities, who will be in an impregnable position.

    "Big data" since is so important, that my computer hard disk to a "T", also have what use to me?These desultorily big data for I really useless, it only takes up my computer hard disk space, for me it is just a pile of junk.

    Someone says, the garbage is misplaced.Before the Spring Festival, I point open taobao, web page to remind me to see a menu, the menu

    says my 2013 spending bills out on taobao, I spent a total of 20000 yuan last year, it also told me to buy something, main my consumption level is at the national level...I ate a surprised, taobao take me one year consumption down all a pen a pen, I did not make the statistics and analysis, statistical analysis and taobao put my out.If taobao to all consumers in online shopping, a statistical analysis, all kinds of data, it will get online taobao it can be used to adjust the strategy, merchants can use it to warehouse layout.This is the "big data".

    Big data is not a pile of data, but a pile of can take advantage of the data, when the use of statistical techniques to a pile of clutter data together, boring data can "speak".

    And there is a popular network news event I wonder if you have any impression.One official at the scene of the deadly accident grinning like a Cheshire cat, the photo after publication, some netizens found his wrist watch is valuable.If he is only a high-grade watch, as we have a pile of data, then some netizens for his worn by all kinds of watches, all the photos in the official wearing high-end table revealed, this may not be able to, a departmental officials, salary is not high, why have so many luxury watch?

    The data on the "dot" once formed logical chain, so the cold of the data is the temperature, then the netizen called "'s side by party officials in please go to "drink" coffee ".

    There is a news, also very provocative.Like online shopping, a white-collar abandoned Courier bags is cast into the door, a Courier found the white-collar workers buy a lot of things, the price is very expensive, concluded that she is rich, one day, the Courier rob to her, did not have a fresh life.The poor fierce urgent Courier also used the "big data".

    Germany have stores, the store's books are often stolen, the owner was angry, their stolen books and register the administrator of the duty, stick on the wall of the bookstore.One day, was discovered by a publisher of this form, he was a treasure, he published the bookstore is often stolen books, and play a "stolen most of the books" advertising, a book stolen frequently, it is very popular like, result the publisher published books were sold.

    There is a "real" data.In this information, data processing technology and very confused the mature age, as long as you have a new idea, can from a lot of data in a variety of wonderful conclusion, it's like in the 18th century Europe "forty-niner overprudent in California found a gold mine.

    Last fall, I was in Shanghai to attend a BBS, after my apple mobile phone in hangzhou to Shanghai Gao Tieli stolen, my three years of accumulated in a variety of data.Sitting in the hall to listen to the lecture, I'm standing on the edge.But the main story, let me settle down, he was 10 years ago 100000 yuan's website, the site is now listed.He succeeded, is to use the "big data".

    His "big data" the story goes, he constantly make public dating a year, sometimes also corresponded to, he has collected a large number of young people in town information: name, domicile of origin, hobbies, blood type, income, work units, etc., with that information, he can be targeted marketing.

    I am very impressive, "data" to those who live in the world.

    On the way back, I have been in his speech.Although I lost a almost new apple mobile phone, but the story really makes me very excited.A whim, I hope the man who stole my cell phone is also a "data", can from my three years of phone, text messages, photos, video, analysis out I am a how of person.

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