On Java framework Vert

By Diane Edwards,2015-08-21 03:05
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On Java framework Vert

    On Java framework Vert. Some thoughts on x

    Introduction of Vert. X

    In Java20 anniversary, Java users complained about Java, such as memory management, heavy JavaEE, etc.And Java remains in the list of TIOBE programming language difficult to maintain the first position, with the development of some new programming language, this area presents a rough-and-tumble state at present.

    In this context, the Java small fresh framework -- Vert. On May 7, 2015 x 3.0 milestone5 version released, distance plan released on June 22nd Vert. X3.0.0 - more and more closer to the final, Vert. X user group of fans in the near future can't wait in the center of the universe (note: Beijing wudaokou) organized a Vert. X user Meetup group in China, aiming at Vert. X engineering development problems and Vert. X3 launched to explore the new features.Vert. X ( is an application platform based on the JVM, lightweight, high-performance, very suitable for the mobile terminal of the latest background, the Internet, the enterprise application architecture.

    Netty Vert. X-ray based on asynchronous Java server, and extend out of the many useful features.Vert. X window are:

    Also supports a variety of programming languages, which is already support Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Groovy, and Clojure, Ceylon, etc.For programmers, the direct benefit is that you can use a variety of language rich LIB, also no longer is the programming language selection and struggle;

    Asynchronous unlocked programming - classic multithreaded programming model can satisfy the many Web development scenarios, but with the mobile Internet a surge in the number of simultaneous connections, multi-threaded concurrent control model performance is difficult to extend, at the same time to control the concurrent lock need to higher skills, the Reactor started their asynchronous programming model, and Vert. X is the asynchronous programming unlocked a preferred;

    Rich support for various IO -- the Vert. X asynchronous model has support for TCP, UDP, FileSystem, DNS, EventBus, Sockjs, etc;

    Excellent distributed development support - Vert. X through EventBus event bus, you can easily write distributed decoupling applications, has a good scalability;

    Ecological system maturing -- Vert. X into the Eclipse foundation under, asynchronous driver has supported the Postgres, MySQL, common components, such as directing, Redis and several Vert. X application case in a production environment.

    Reactor model

    Compared with the traditional framework of Java multi-thread model, Vert. X Netty is a Java implementation model of Reactor.Archaeology of the Reactor model, the theory of the earliest by Washington University of Douglas c. Schmidt, the professor put forward in 1995, in "Proactor - An Object Behavioral Pattern for Demultiplexing and Dispatching Handlers for Asynchronous Events, this paper made a complete introduction.

    Figure 1-6 is analyzing the principle of its key parts.

    Figure 1 a classic Web Server after receiving Web browser request processing