Internet box regulars crisis, fake products

By Jamie Allen,2015-08-20 18:18
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Internet box regulars crisis, fake products

    Internet box "regulars" crisis: fake products

    Internet TV set-top boxes have become the two major the hottest products, IT products zones for three years and sell like hot cakes.

    So-called OTT STB, namely to make TV a networked intelligent terminal, let the user directly on the Internet by the video content.

    OTT STB of sell like hot cakes at the same time, shanzhai are filled with the market, the proportion has reached to 80%.Tencent technology found after interview and statistics, OTT STB shipped 1 million units in 2012, starting in 2013, shipped 1 million units per month, while fake box sales reached 800000 units.Before part due to the huge market demand, production of headphones, computer speakers, mouse, MP4

    manufacturers to join "shanzhai" camp.

    So-called market commonly known as "shanzhai", is not to get the national award of Internet TV set-top box plates, which have no formal status of the product.

    Tencent technology on taobao search "box", the brand more than more than 60, 90% of the product introduction and there is no mark licensed qualification.And some manufacturers in order to avoid regulatory policy, products for the different name, such as 3 d hd players, high-definition player, intelligent set-top boxes, etc.

    "According to this development, there could be 30 million next year, the year after 50% of Chinese households Internet set-top box will become fake."Accountof teng President Hou Limin tencent technology interview said the OTT TV set-top box really stubborn enemy is fake crisis.

    The personage inside course of study says, regulatory system only on behalf of the production relations to determine productivity, OTT STB in front of the huge market couldn't resist the temptation to present four kinds of representative enterprise: cooperation with seven licence, have formal identity box, such as Letv, millet, etc.;Either go underground market, such as fake products;Either taking export and OEM line, such as gold in the asia-pacific, either using new technology to cut corners, produce laptop fusion products to get rid of the regulation.

    The survival law of shanzhai box

    In 2010, with the popularity of home broadband and WiFi, a batch of enterprises in shenzhen to start producing with networking hard disk player, the earliest based on Linux system, then, as Google released based on trial in tablet, big screen Android4.0 version, the performance of gold in the asia-pacific, the picturesque, mai le, juniper, sea meidi manufacturers began to enter the market with 400 million family Internet set-top boxes.

    "There is no screen and battery, with Android software, assemble it is very convenient."An enterprise that box are easy to fake because no technology threshold.While some companies can spend 50 yuan can buy software from some satellite TV, can realize the function of millet box on the software.

    Do not need marketing model, don't need a good user experience, but still has vast users.Why fake box has such a strong appeal to users?

    Tencent technology found that first, the shanzhai box can provide huge amounts of free content, can connect all the video web site, can be directly login CNTV, sohu, youku, potatoes, etc., including overseas and to establish a web site;Live is live connect various applications at the same time, as many as 400 ~ 500.

    Second, the stronghold OTT TV box on the market at present the price is in commonly 300 yuan the following, for consumers, even a year in a don't feel too bad.

    To regulate domestic OTT box market development, at the end of 2011 the former state administration of radio, film and television issued by operations management requirements for holding the Internet TV licences institution, Internet TV set-top boxes should be brought into the scope of control.No. 181, it limits the set-top box direct access to the Internet content, set-top box must be with the Internet TV licences 7 big cooperate licences to production and sales.But in no. 181 issued before, some companies in shenzhen have already production box, first when there is a market for policy, so to speak.Some began to play "chip" box manufacturers to reduce costs to get rid of regulatory risk.

    The people at the same time, according to the stronghold box just play box with network function, have HDMI output function, as to the user is on TV, computer or other equipment, cannot be defined, such as trouble, the shanzhai makers will escape in time transfer production or sales of other products.

    No operating costs, no content copyright pressure, its interest guidance is box hardware sales revenue.According to relevant set-top box business, even though each shanzhai box 10 to 20 yuan, profit grey market profit nearly 800000, 16 million yuan a month.

    And according to tencent understand science and technology, national radio and television department is planning a "encirclement and suppression unlicensed operation" of the set top box.

    The survival law of regular troops

    Intervention OTT STB manufacturers generally believe that market, the product is aimed at large stock of TV market.Ordinary TV users do not need to change into a smart TV, only need to connect a box for network video content.

    Since last year, OTT box in the domestic market to heat up, a around ordinary TV low-cost embedded network video war quickly, from Letv to millet, PPTV, iQIYI, there have been many Internet companies in the nuggets set-top box industry, some TV companies, skyworth, hisense, etc are also beginning to join us.

    What is the meaning of OTT STB for regular army really?

    The personage inside course of study thinks, millet just through the box to "heat" into the TV.Although the billion-dollar valuations of millet, 10 yuan a box hardware sales, profit contribution to profits."But you can bring the enough cash flow."

    Even ministry of telecommunications research institute researcher kun Yang once said in an interview, millet box is for the sake of "financing".

    Even some people think that, even if the set-top box obtain licences, but some of the set-top box enterprise self-built website, allow the user to break the box.Grantham research analysts believe that built their

    website content was also hit a ball, these companies are always cherished dream of becoming a "platform".

    In addition to free to see the film and television play, the game application, millet box can also will be the millet mobile phone, iPhone, the photos and video with WiFi projected on the TV, in front of the screen interaction become more big trend, get the licence box manufacturers need to take various entrance to have a chance to try.

    And on behalf of the video such as based on Letv, in the company's box, to the interests of the space is the future of advertising and to attract capital involved, but also compete "than who can burn at the end of the" Internet mode.

    Planning music as their source of income including hardware revenue, terminal box advertising, content and application into income."Set-top box can't form the size of the market, the PC advertising doesn't work in the field of set-top box. Domestic users didn't get into the habit of paying, the profit is still on the hardware."The picturesque Luo Gongning said.

    Box is a transitional product?

    Facing the rapid popularity of intelligent terminal of the television, the box is just a short-term arbitrage products, or have a longer life cycle?

    The industry has a different voice.Some argue that the set-top box and the upgrading of the television time is different, the TV is durable consumer goods, determine the user can't short time change, set-top box is a good alternative.

    "Box industry chain and faster and faster mobile Internet fusion, mobile phone should change, two or three years after the box. The TV replacement cycle is 5-8 years."Letv new senior vice-president to think.

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