Its new CEO,our highly motivated Is much stronger than mason era

By Diana Lawson,2015-08-20 12:11
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Its new CEO,our highly motivated Is much stronger than mason era

    Its new CEO: our highly motivated Is much stronger than mason era

    According to foreign media reports, the company's new CEO Eric Lev khodorkovsky (Eric Lefkofsky) recently accepted a tech blog website Business Insider interview, and made answer to a series of problems.Company morale, he said, is far higher than Andrew Mason (Mason. Mason), five years later people in the eyes of the company will become a leading mobile commerce company.

    The following is the article main content:

    Before ipo in 2011, the company inside and outside the people expect it to become the next eBay, bankers reckon it will be a $30 billion worth of company.The company also has a young iconic CEO Andrew mason, he can make "fun" in a television interview answer, give the company into a fun-loving culture.

    After the ipo, however, as experienced a disaster.First is a financial scandal, then chief operating officer, a large number of its clones, employees filed a lawsuit because of work environment.Internal and external expectation value of the company has been reduced.

    But people still think of the company to the valuation of listed for $10 billion.Today, after the listing in the past two years, the company has a market value of $7.08 billion, and after two excellent performance of quarter in a row and after recent shares rose.

    The reason of the company shares rose seems to be that, originally only company investors Eric Lev he promised to act as their CEO of full-time.Since Andrew mason in February of this year, after he was fired, Leo and Ted Leonsis, chairman of the board of directors of the company (Ted Leonsis) has been a joint interim chief executive officer of the company.

    Recently, Business Insider phone interview Lev khodorkovsky.We asked him how to make the company go to the right track, if he will for a long time for this post, in the past, the company had done something wrong, if the company still funny, like Andrew mason period, happy?

    The following main content for the interview:

    BI: when you are in our office a few months ago, the company chairman ted leonsis said, the company will one day become a $100 billion worth of company.Do you like this idea?How to do this?

    Eric: I'm not sure if ted said so.I think ted wanted to express the meaning, that we are not just focus on the company grow 10% or 20%.You can see the opportunity before the company, mobile commerce and local business, are in global GDP trillions of dollars in value.Ted's mean, we don't just want to grow by 10%, we want to be a great company.I think, he just took $100 billion as an expectation, not suggested in the short term we can be more powerful than the amazon.

    BI: do you have any plans?

    Eric: we have already launched three major projects, we are from email to mobile transformation, and has made great progress.Now, we are in North America mobile business accounts for 50% of the total business, and in the international business, albeit from a low base, but in the aspect of mobile development faster.This is just the first step.

    The second step is to let the market platform really take off and full of vitality.We see the market platform growing by leaps and bounds, the number of merchants on every month.In this way, we are able to provide such an experience for users in big cities, in their login and enter the Italian food, pizza, pilates classes, yoga, fitness, or any other content, in front of a large number of products or services.

    The third step is to strategy, our north American business has done quite well, and is committed to expanding around the world.In the last quarter, we made a good progress in Europe.

    BI: now, you have several consecutive quarter has achieved good results, but still only about 50% of the IPO price, so you have to fire the co-founder and CEO Andrew mason.In retrospect, the company do wrong?

    Eric: we were unable to effectively cope with listing process and expectations, we also lack of concentration, do too many things at the same time.I think in 2008, founding the company, the group purchase business also very new and exciting.People, the feeling is very novel after receiving these emails, you will open the mail, it is full of surprise and joy.

    Owing to our success, the business model in the world is crazy copy with cloning, people drown in huge bulk mail, group-buying will lose part of the excitement.Therefore, in the past few years we have been efforts, hope from the email into a true e-commerce market platform.

    BI: you are a very successful startup investors, you have several small entrepreneurial middle as CEO of the company, is a successful entrepreneur.But the management of a large, internationalization of listed companies is a very different jobs.Why do you is the best person for the job?

    Eric: I and ted here in February this year, we did not spend too much time thinking about myself.In that case, we have to think about how best to finish the work?All of this is our thinking.

    Company's board of directors believes that the foundation of the company, that is, the business model is still very young and is still in the stage of transformation, so in different stages, should have a co-founder, entrepreneurs, and people like me, this is beneficial to the company.Enhance team cohesion, the effect is more and more obvious, and ultimately the board of directors, and personally, I decided to change a person more creativity.

    BI: will you be in five years as CEO?Or this is only a short-term measures to boost the share price?

    Eric: I only focus on is how best to finish the work, I wouldn't worry about stay here for long time, will eventually be determined by the board of directors of my time.I will not to work as an investor, I have been founded in many companies, in order to the development of these companies, I put in more time than money.I hope the company success and prosperity and development in decades.

    BI: under the leadership of the previous CEO Andrew mason, the company has a unique employee culture, a culture that is similar to crazy.Under the new culture, employee morale and performance will have what change?

    Eric: the company culture is very alive.Andrew mason, of course, great sense of humor, but its culture is mainly based on our editorial roots.We have a team of humor, an editor team, this is an important

    factor decided the company culture.Our editorial director Alan Witt (Aaron With) is the company name, the first picture is his pet cat.Now he is still a company managing editor.As we are one of the first five or six employees, Allen manages the team behind the scenes, until now still was so.Much of our staff has been working here for four or five years time, some of them even earlier than The company, can be traced back to The Point.

    We are a listed company, must be responsible for the shareholders, and many employees and shareholders.Therefore, only they feel the company's growing prosperity, feel the success of the company and goals, they can get the best feeling.

    I think, now the morale of five and a half months to come here than I much better.Employees, in my opinion, feeling himself in a invincible team, they think we have a very clear goals and mission, this is still an interesting work.

    BI: now, ordinary consumers think it is their email inbox.Do you think, they heard the company five years later when they think of?

    Eric: I think, if we succeed in five years, they will think the company is a dominant mobile commerce company in North America, is part of daily life, also is I want to buy anything at any time, the first will be logged in to view.

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