Why flowering results not only wearable devices

By Edith Morales,2015-08-19 18:44
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Why flowering results not only wearable devices

    Why "flowering results not only wearable


    For the mobile terminal industry, stability change of the year was 2013.Hardware structure of the intelligent terminal products high stability, most of the components in the short term can't revolutionary technological breakthrough, mainly by relying on the progress of process performance, terminal components into official PC performance iterative development stage.Terminal hardware highly homogenized, the leading enterprise of competition pressure, to maintain the differences the pursuit of higher profits, products terminal enterprise layout

    applications and services on the one hand, on the other hand, in the hope of innovation in the field of human-computer interaction to redefine the terminal.Wearable devices in such industry environment arises at the historic moment, bearing the terminal industry expectations of future development.

    Hardware as a service

    Application developers say

    Wearable devices based on intelligent terminal industry, the miniaturization of most components are the end products, design and contract model is basic.After 2013 years of breeding, in wearable device continuously breakthrough at the same time, the product shape and construct a hardware industry chain, similar to that of the intelligent terminal basic components, operating system, upstream development appeared in such aspects as the reference platform is relatively mature products, to say the wearable device ascension is intelligent terminal of the maturity of the hardware components of the process of

    miniaturization and low power.

    At the same time, relative to the intelligent terminal, the majority of wearable devices confined to limited application domains such as medical, health, safety, belongs to the proprietary equipment, higher

service dependency.Wearable device enables application can

    breakthrough the limitation of the touch-screen interactive, closer to the human body and reality, wearable device can be seen as a series of API interface, mobile application from the virtual Internet has been spread to the real world.The growing trend of hardware as a service, improve the voice of application developers in the whole industry chain, making wearable equipment industry for mobile Internet application pattern of flowers, and intelligent terminal oligopoly situation has not been formed.Must look at the same time, wearable industry is still at the stage of exploring services and applications, although the existing equipment with through greatly expand the extension of the terminal, convenient for the user's work and life, but still lack of the profit model with sufficient scale effect, many start-ups stays in the stage of trial and error, the main direction of profit from capital markets for investment, rather than with their own service market income.

    Thus it can be seen that upstream of wearable device hardware link is a continuation of the intelligent terminal hardware industry chain, maturity increase faster, also have a clear development path.And in terms of application and service platform, wearable equipment industry is still in the looking for a killer application, also did not form effective profit model, still in the stage of hatching.

    The balance of performance and power consumption

    Derive the two development path

    Intelligent terminal of multifunctional universal equipment, different configuration of the terminal function basic similar, gross is taking pictures, music, video, etc., product performance and work to pull open price range.Relative to character, single one belongs to the proprietary and wearable devices, its function and task specificity, and overall wearable device type is various, need to meet the needs of the application of a large number of different scenarios.Assessing the wearable device hardware maturity, on the one hand, to consider the hardware under the condition of single task performance and power consumption, on the other hand to consider whether there are enough types of hardware to meet the needs of different scenarios.With the intelligent terminal parameter iteration path of the current PC has obvious difference.

    Hardware of the maturity of the two Angle of view corresponds to the two wearable device hardware infrastructure.

    The first based on intelligent terminal to the existing mobile phone application processor (AP) as the core hardware platform for the general.Such as Google Glass used the ti OMAP 4430, Galaxy Gear used

    the samsung home Exynos 4212, is based on ARM architecture A9 architecture, is a typical application processor.Using this architecture can effectively use intelligent terminal has been accelerated development platform, terminal peripheral devices are available on the market, and powerful, can complete the virtual reality and a series of interactive function based on multimedia content.Shortcoming is high power consumption, standby time is shorter, ranging from a few hours to 1 day.

    The second and active in the field of industrial control low power microcontroller (MCU), based on embedded technology, USES the mature real-time operating system (RTOS), fixed single task in the field of single professional.Such as Nest thermostat, Pebble smart watches, FitBit One health tracker and qualcomm Toq smart watches are respectively adopted MCU based on ARM architecture (M structure products.Using this kind of architecture has the advantages of low power consumption, fast response speed, generally can be done more than 10 days of standby time, but support for virtual reality such as high-performance human-machine interaction is weak, can only complete the simple functions such as monitoring, recording, alert.

    Different categories of equipment to the performance requirements generally follow the intelligent glasses watch > > intelligence intelligent bracelet order.Although the wearable equipment research and

    development is focused on the balance of performance and power consumption, but from the perspective of the usage of smart glasses, "augmented reality" and "virtual reality" subversive human-machine operation is not level MCU processor can bear, under the enterprise expectations of wearable device is triggered a revolution, like smart terminal will expand the killer application in all kinds of wearable devices.The future with the further development of human-computer interaction technology, strong function of wearable devices such as smart glasses will face a large number of real-time data processing requirements, import AP level of the processor is the trend of The Times.Can be expected over the next five years, more than the core application processor based on the updated architecture will become mainstream.

    Proprietary design platform

    To promote industrial maturity

    At present, most of the problems facing choice wearable equipment start-up AP platform has the perfect development environment to support, but power consumption management is weak, also did not consider specific application scenarios, wearable devices are bloated.Lack of mature and MCU platform design platform, hardware debugging work requires a lot of manpower material resources, increase

    the burden of enterprise development.STMicro, TI, Freescale MCU fields such as leading semiconductor companies in the power management module, wireless communication module, the processor module has a more complete product line, has the ability to launch for wearable devices developed integration platform for the reference design, if this kind of platform can be timely launch, will form the MTK platform for mobile phones similar function, greatly accelerate the start-up transition, make the design of the startup process more efficient, and able to market situation for the rapid adjustment of product design.

    Intel in this area has been layout, CES in 2014 published a series of wearable devices in the prototype of the reference design, especially the Edison super microcomputer based on the Quark processor, can effectively lower the difficulty of the development of new ventures.Freescale at CES also introduced a WaRP platform, the platform adopts the open source model, by providing precise hardware design specifications and improve the development environment for developers and provides an AP, gyroscope, the integration of all kinds of equipment such as wireless charging module.Can be expected, in 2014 the major processor vendors will be highly integrated reporting low power hardware platform and the reference design, which will further promote the overall wearable device the size of the market, speed up the wearable device hardware.

    The diversity of wearable devices scene driving demand variable.In order to meet the changing of industrial, hardware and software innovation point also rich change, power consumption is the key of the current wearable devices.Mature technology and design hardware platform will provide new hardware enterprise implement ideas and creative platform.In the future, better performance, forms of wearable devices will further.

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