Elon musk, super high-speed competition kicked off!

By Lester Adams,2015-08-19 00:38
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Elon musk, super high-speed competition kicked off!

    Elon musk, super high-speed competition kicked off!

    Two years ago, tesla CEO put the idea of super high speed rail network on the package;Two years later, his dream about "fifth generation" transportation quickly and quietly close to the reality, so the current progress?

    We've all seen such a future in science fiction scene: people through a pipeline structure of train, gallop from one place to another place.

    Imagine that you will take the train, half an hour from Los Angeles to San Francisco.You're in a section, as big as a bus without the engine compartment, your seat will automatically give you like entertainment Settings.Car speed up to 760 miles per hour, on nearly all of the vacuum pipe.Not the noise of the engine - the most close to the engine's pipeline, a pipeline can measure the speed and position of intelligence.Booster

    car by minimizing the gravitational acceleration;This trip is as comfortable as a plane.All this is done using solar power.

    Don't need a faster drinks are provided for passengers.

    This is a billionaire dream maker elon musk planning's dream.On August 12, 2013, he was in space exploration technologies corporation (that is, as we know capsules) issued on the website of the poster, called "super high-speed rail programme (HyperloopAlpha)".On posters, musk called fifth generation transportation, former four generation of aircraft, fire, car and ship.Musk future dream has always been proud of the United States, California high-speed rail project application violated this proud, "it is the world's most expensive the slowest high-speed rail".After losing the project declaration, musk put forward an open source design challenge: solar car design section can be loaded 28 people, to make it close to the speed of sound driving through a pipeline system, one-way ticket for as little as $20, all building cost estimated at $6 billion -- less than one over ten of the California high-speed rail project budget.

    The reaction of people each are not identical, some excitement, some doubt, some completely not believe - musk has even been questioned come to break the high iron project profited, though he made it very clear he doesn't intend to develop their own super high-speed rail for commercial purposes.Musk is not, but gave the students, the field

    engineers and entrepreneurs, everyone also all immediately accepted the challenge.Musk these two years on twitter super high-speed rail support with all open source developers.He also and leading in the field of current research and development of super high speed rail and two start-up companies maintain a close contact, the super high-speed rail transportation technology, referred to as "HTTP, and super high iron technology co., LTD., hereinafter referred to as HTI.But in this year's January 15, musk shook the field again, he announced a plan to build the super high-speed rail test track, and will be in the summer of 2016 in hawthorne, California city, southwest to ferry company headquarters) hold a contest.What game?Can make a miniature cars.The test match pipe details have been issued in October, November, 318 from 16 countries, 162 university team submitted their ultimate car design.U.S. transportation secretary Anthony fox will be the host of the first meeting, for the final players will be on January 13, 2016 at the university of Texas A&M super high-speed design week.

    Why musk will such a valuable idea of open source, rather than do it yourself?Musk declined to comment, but since released the super high-speed rail plans after his position was not changed: he was too busy.Except as a ferry, chief executive of the chief technology officer, he is the tesla CEO of electric vehicles, as well as the "solar city", the chairman of (solar city is one of his Cousins incorporates the idea of their

    brothers and sisters in 2006 the establishment of a company).All along, the musk pay close attention to the idea of progress, and there were also rumors that he may at some point one super high-speed startups with his name to join the board of directors.But musk no self.