Virtual reality from reality into the virtual world a great invention

By Greg Ramirez,2015-08-18 12:02
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Virtual reality from reality into the virtual world a great invention

Virtual reality: from reality into the virtual

    world a great invention

    Over The past 30 years, virtual reality technology has long been regarded as "The Next Big Thing" (under a Big invention).But he seems to have been no significant technological breakthroughs, until Facebook use $2 billion acquisition of virtual reality helmet manufacturers Oculus and giant after a series of actions to let we saw the glimmer of light in the field.

    At CES this year, the Oculus VR launched its latest prototype of the virtual reality helmet Crescent Bay, this is already the Oculus VR in

    December after the acquisition of Nimble VR and 13 th Lab launched the latest version, the equipment to build a strong sense of immersion.

    Nimble VR is a gesture tracking in the start-up company, since 2012, has been engaged in using a 3 d camera technology to gesture tracking.The virtual reality control is to Oculus VR is one of the biggest challenges facing, so its Nimble VR is not surprising.

    CES opening day, CNET held "under a big invention: the new reality" special BBS.Invited the leader in the field of virtual reality and augmented reality to share 2015 these two technologies will be how to evolve.Augmented reality glasses CastAR inventor, Technical Illusions founder jerry Ellsworth (Jeri Ellsworth), virtual reality equipment manufacturers, Palmer's founder Oculus VR (Palmer Luckey) etc were invited to participate in the discussion.

    Le says, to solve the problem of virtual reality, "I am more interested in, first of all, to perfect the virtual reality technology, make it more perfect, then figure out how to turn into the real world to virtual world, rather than to continue to add items in the real world."

    's stressed at the same time, at present a lot of people are not satisfied with the virtual reality technology has emerged as the computer,

    do you think is bad to use, not much help, but once found interesting things, at some time node, you will get used to it.

    For ordinary consumers, virtual reality may like science fiction, from is distant.But in fact, virtual reality around us.Our laptop equipped with multiple folders, but often can't remember the specific content of each folder to save;But if she is your apartment, there are also numerous items, such as 1000, we can still relatively clearly describe what items placed in what position.

    Virtual reality to give everybody is such a kind of space.It with the help of computer simulations to create a 3 d virtual world, provides the user with a simulation about senses such as vision, hearing, touch, let them like immersive three-dimensional space can be observed timely and unlimited things.

    Watch believe that virtual reality version of "star through" the audience has experienced Oculus Rift helmet that brought by the strong sense of immersion.It can make you realistically feel weightlessness in space, and really experience the sit in the spacecraft through the star of that kind of wonderful feeling.

    Once the virtual reality technology popularization to ordinary consumers, there will be a huge market space for imagination.Markets,

    according to the global market research institutions and Markets predicts that by 2018, virtual reality market will be more than $1 billion.

    The manufacturer bet on a virtual reality

    Last year, SONY's virtual reality wore a display Project Morpheus on GCD2014 appearance;Samsung in the Galaxy Note4 new flagship machine, Gear VR also introduced virtual reality hardware

    devices;Microsoft will launch this year the Xbox One wore a device, to fight the Oculus Rift.

    At the same time, Intel invested Avegant company last year to develop a Glyph virtual reality helmet;Microsoft for $150 million from the Osterhout associated with virtual reality devices to buy a large number of patents.Companies into the virtual reality in the form of independent research and development or acquisition market, hope in the market before the outbreak.

    It is worth mentioning that VCS Rothenberg Ventures is the end of December last year, launched the world's first virtual reality accelerator River, to provide virtual reality start-up capital and services.

    Last year when it bought Oculus Facebook VR, cause the

    sensation.But most people may focus on the digital "$2 billion", while ignoring the two facts.When one is being acquired Oculus VR, Palmer's

    founder (Palmer Luckey) is a 21-year-old dropout;Another is being acquired Oculus VR and the dilemma facing the whole virtual reality.

    "At that time, the virtual reality technology into a dead end, is I from dying saved it, gives it a second life."Le base recalled, "it's not that I did better than others in the field, but because of a few like I did go to insist, expect to virtual reality technology is a breakthrough."By accepting tencent technology interview.

    Verge in The later accept us technology media interview, le base again, "really hinder our development of virtual reality helmet is not technical, 7 years in The second half has been developed in Rift, The price is a few thousand dollars. They could have at 08 years to develop a helmet equipment sells for 500 dollars, but no one to care about this thing."

    Le base with virtual reality statue is at the end of 09, when he spent several months researching the market, is on the market some crazy to buy all kinds of helmet mounted display, after the trial found that consumer experience of virtual reality is not in place.Thought the military virtual reality technology will be better, but later found that the effect is not better, so decided to try to do this thing.

    11 years and found the university of southern California's do Mark Bolas head of mixed reality research, and began to work there, which made him have access to a wide variety of virtual reality head-mounted displays.Later he founded the Oculus VR, and launched the first paragraph at the beginning of 13 Rift VR virtual reality devices.

    The Oculus VR team members mainly based on software developers and programmers.When asked why choose Facebook, rather than a company like Google (weibo), Microsoft has a hardware company, said, they are looking for the hardware is not a good partner, because they have great hardware team.They don't want to be after the big company purchase, just as the latter part of the whole product line.

    Facebook founder and chief executive mark zuckerberg said, after acquisition of Oculus Oculus virtual reality head-mounted displays have changed a lot people view of video games.Virtual reality will be the future platform, it could change the way we work, entertainment and communication in the future.

    Lead the way of the three "obstacle"

    When virtual reality can large-scale commercial applications.From the hand of the game developers to the homes of ordinary consumers

    also need how long?Lead must overcome bottlenecks?The following is the virtual reality lead to the big three "obstacle" on the road.

    First of all, the core technology and user experience.When we build a geographical location as the core of virtual environment, it is important to ensure that the user experience.If the game or application design, the user is not satisfied, the initial phase will be poor.After some virtual reality helmet equipment wear, for example, the user will feel dizzy.

    Second, the content.User to buy hardware products is not to the hardware itself, but rather requires extensive and high quality content.And the support of virtual reality experience, the number of games, video, and other products not meet the needs of users.

    Experts say, "the Oculus Rift is only a helmet mounted display product, rather than a content system. But the future really drive forward the development of virtual reality ecosystem is content. So if you want to see a virtual reality platform, there are a lot of integration of work to do."

    Third, the product pricing.Oculus VR has not produced the consumer version of the virtual reality helmet, mostly because r&d cost is too high.To spread to the user, to locate the user must be able to afford that.Actually I mentioned the lack of content, the key is excellent content production cost is too high, the Oculus end user is relatively small.

    Zuckerberg had previously said, to buy the Oculus VR is an investment for the future.SONY electronic entertainment world studio Shuhei Yoshida, President (Shuhei Yoshida) also think that virtual reality products from game developers to ordinary consumers, need to experience a process.Now the most important is, constantly develop new technology, produce more high quality content, set up a complete ecological system.

    Virtual reality to make people more confident?

    So realistic virtual world, it's easy to forget that is in a virtual environment, often confuse what is the real world and virtual world.So what will happen when people leave the virtual reality environment situation?

    Stanford university's virtual human interaction lab director Jeremy byron's (Jeremy Bailenson), said in the virtual interaction based on self-presentation, avatar will inadvertently affect the user's perception, attitude and behavior, namely psychological calls "Proteus Effect" (the Proteus Effect).

    Last year at The end of July, byron's invited to baidu hundred "The Big Talk" activities, to name a few cases, impressive.He said, the beauty of the avatar will let the girl feel more confident, her way of speaking, the

    choice of pronunciation and intonation, vocabulary, will change because of the incarnation of beauty.Also in the virtual interaction, the image of a man is tall and he is closely relative to income, confidence.

    So this is beautiful and tall feeling in real life can last long?Study found that, after take off his helmet, the influence of virtual reality will still exist for a period of time, such as avatar has a beautiful girl in real life will be more actively participate in various social activities, with tall men who avatar also become more assertive in the reality, have stronger leadership.

    Virtual reality also helps to reduce the obesity epidemic in the United States.Byron said, in virtual reality, you do three leg movement, will obviously found himself the embodiment of light a pound.Before you may not believe you can thin down, but the avatar to your feeling is, as long as I movement, is possible, that is "self-efficacy" concept in the theory of social cognition.

    Commercial applications in the future

    The concept of virtual reality originated in the 1960 s;With computer graphics technology, simulation technology, artificial intelligence and the development of multimedia technology, then in the 80 s, virtual reality helmet has been applied to military, aerospace simulation

    training;The virtual reality technology is mainly applied in the field of the game;Future of virtual reality technology in education, health care, business meetings in the areas of application will have a lot of imagination.

    The first is education field.In October last year, VIPABC launching a wearable intelligent glasses TutorGlass, enable users of online learning to feel immersed in the real environment, improve users online English learning experience.At the same time, the 3 d virtual world, the teacher can show students some books and tablet computer can't display.

    Followed by the medical field.The university of southern California institute of technology innovation Albert Rizzo (Albert Rizzo) study found that immersive virtual reality simulation training therapy can improve the recovery of patients with brain injury even life skills in the real world.

    And business meetings.Oculus VR, palmer's founder, says Oculus Rift virtual reality helmet can effectively reduce our travel frequency, not as busy as usual, to travel around the country, can save our precious time and resources.

    However, known as the "father of virtual reality," said the American, Jaron Lanier, VPL founder (Jaron Lanier) recently said in an interview with

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