Le havre everyone has a heart of glass

By Nicholas Phillips,2015-08-18 03:31
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Le havre everyone has a heart of glass

    Le havre: everyone has a heart of glass

    Many times I tried to find

    some less popular point of

    small pieces, not only because

    of its loyal to film the nature of

    the sincerity, simple and

    delicate, brought about by the

    direct touch the bottom of my

    heart, also want to through the

    film's visual expression, in order

    to perfect for those who have

    been covered with mysterious

    veil country understanding, indeed, that everything like kaleidoscope window through films, the extensive and profound culture, seen many countries spectacular shock of historical sites, rich and colorful way of life, for my vision and imagination on the part of a, but has a cow come to break off the director, and has given me a totally subversive cognitive direction.

     Kingdom of high-end western style design, perfect the solid social welfare, local residents to live and work in peace and contentment, this is I have been to Finland's inherent impression, like fairy tale world, full of expectations of all kinds of good, but the world-famous important national director is completely reversed the one-sided understanding, before I reserved in his image, only perhaps only the

    cold biting cold.Enjoyed the obsession with the bottom of the people or marginal figures, under the polarization state of life, lost lonely sad situation free atmosphere, slow rhythm control, original capture subtle detail, as well as to the color is the intentional use of symbolic, for the abnormal wooden characterization, so as to draw a more realistic picture of Finland, cold.

     At the base of the image, the everyone has no more stability and security, harmonious, fair, and prosperity, like seemingly glamorous camouflage to unload the appearance, with a seemingly more brutal than that actually more caring attitude about real life.And this view has become "is full of infinite charm of unique style, but, also is not a heartless refuse, his serious cold humor and warm human has been throughout his seemingly critical reflection of light and shadow in the world, often in the face of a plate of backwater of a hopeless life state, most aquino will be injected into a little stream of brilliant, the rare warmth in the recent work in le havre, ground-breaking affected everyone.

     Gave up the past scenery infinite life marcel, with his wife came to the town of le havre, clean up the shoes up insipid life, the beginning is the eyes and ears, a small incident to deprive a person quite interesting, you may have to living the life, but it's not hard to see dorks instead more colorful life.The start of the local residents of marcel credit showed some discontent, but as marcel unexpected help the fleeing boy, take good care of him, try my best to send her to find her mother, first has also been reported, but slowly good residents have started to lend a helping hand, help them to hide and even read the "kafka", while the double crisis

    has hit at the same time, one side is seemingly impartial ruthless police officers, one side is ill in bed cause strong wife, but life is not easy to imagine that marcel forced into a corner.

     Aquino has maintained his style of sui generis, the couple dialogue about fat let a person can't help but smile, or the point of detachment is a lovely cold humor, most of the time people face or deja vu poker face, dull the pause like see of domestic cartoons as a child, like the use of color and composition of delicate and has become a "specialty talents, the viewer's emotions also have the effect of the wonderful" adding ", or the habit to keep the lower half of the close-up, and the music that will never fade, the year lead half hundred ears temples to gray little Bob energetic stage is enough to prove that, "the music in the movie is always so sweet, that sad tone of moving, all these hit" brand consistent characteristics often let a person is most lasting.

     If not for the rich and the poor, class, racial prejudice and misunderstanding and break the bad feelings and estrangement, tolerance of life together to understand each other, just like le havre everyone has a heart considerate helpful glass, presents a gentle and tender feeling, even ruthless stodgy appearance officers have a tender side, believe even the social abuses will also have a beautiful spring day, just like the last cherry tree gave the infinite vitality.In the face of every country may exist difficulties and problems, recently moving "die a terrible death" expressed for the social reality of frustrated, helpless and anger, refuse, while more and more with kid gloves, with 1 + 1 turn sorrow into xi double stack inversion

technique, hit the human warmth and hope of a good, don't be too pessimistic,

everything will be a positive change, a person with good, will obtain the light of

attachment of comfort and happiness.

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