European baroque classical is sufficient

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European baroque classical is sufficient

European baroque classical is sufficient

    "Baroque" is a kind of European art style, refers to the early 17th century until the 18th century the main artistic style popular in Europe.The word is derived from the Portuguese barroco, means a kind of irregular pearls.Italian (BAROCCO) has a strange, weird, deformation, etc.As a kind of art form, it is a 16 th-century classicists established began to appear in the second half of the 16th century in Italy, deviated from the spirit of the Renaissance art of an art form.

    In the 17th century to the early 18th century, Europe is extremely volatile, politics, economy, religion, etc, fierce fighting, all countries in Europe, earth-shaking changes have taken place in the Netherlands, the UK successively into capitalist society, France has further strengthened the centralized despotism.The European nobility, however, live a life of luxury, the pursuit of luxury, swank became powerful social and political needs.In such an era for men, must have strong artistic style for the center with men, this is the baroque art.On costume, also at the beginning of the 17th century to the early 18th century that a century of clothing culture between singular change known as "baroque".

    Baroque style though inherited the Renaissance of the illusion of established socialist represent the traditional, but abandoned the pure, harmonious, sedate classical style, the pursuit of a kind of long distance heavy and complicated, gorgeous, grand, dynamic realm of art.Baroque style is represented the biggest Flanders in painting painter Rubens, in the aspect of architecture and sculpture is the main representative of the Italian bernini.

    Since the eighteenth century, the art Shi Guhe archaeologists pay special attention to the style of study.The so-called "style" means a work is in accordance with a certain combination, constitute, itself has the inherent harmonic is consistent, but significantly different from other styles, so it can give a person with deep impression.The formation of style, of course, is the author of a certain age and art development mature performance.

    As a baroque style, however, has been the art historian controversial issues.The literal meaning of the word "baroque", contains don't tidy, distorted and weird, about 18 th-century classicists virtue yourself don't agree with the predecessors of art a title.From the time, said the "baroque" popular in the 17th century to the early 18th century.So they brought the entire 17th century art of countries - Italy, Spain, Fran del, the Netherlands, France...Are listed in the "baroque" scope.

    "Baroque" has become a unique style, because it is on the artistic spirit and technique, a significant difference between the human nature with the Renaissance.If the Renaissance can be classified as "classical", "baroque" can be classified as "romantic".It is in the feudal after the restoration of the Catholic church, along with the consolidation and growth of the aristocracy.However, cannot be simply put "baroque" art and its representatives, appellation "reverse", the art of "backward".Individual is subject to history, but in the traditional at the same time, also can bring something new to the modern history, this just formed the historical change multiterminal, rich colorful image.

    The characteristics of the baroque style:

    A: luxury.There are both religious characteristics and the colour of hedonism;

    2: it is a kind of passion, very emphasized the artist's imagination;

    Three: strongly emphasized movement, movement and change is the soul of baroque art;

    4: focus on work space and stereo feeling;

    Five: the comprehensive, emphasizing the comprehensive means of art form, for example on the construction attaches great importance to the architecture and sculpture, painting, in addition, also absorb the literature, drama, music, and other fields of some factors and imagination;

    Six: the religious color of dense;

    Seven: most of the baroque artists tend to far away from the life and times, and in some the zenith, the image of people become insignificant.

    Eight: elegant and romantic.

    Baroque is a period, rather than a style, the 150 years from 1600 to 1750 is called the baroque period.

    The spread of the baroque

    With the Renaissance Florence and Venice is the major art center, the birthplace of the baroque is Rome.This new style spread rapidly through other European Catholic country.Caravaggio's works, although some people criticized as too realistic, but its strongest dramatic expression is praised by many people.Great baroque sculpture master JieAn lauren zc, benitez's (1598-1680) of the myth of the bible story full of passion and appeal, deeply influenced a generation of artists.In Flanders, Rubens, in the form of a more loosely to describe the works of religious and secular subjects.In France, poussin and pure and fresh, concise style and Claude classic landscape, contrasts sharply with the passion of Rubens painting.At the same time, the sparkling katz on the committee's work to push Spain art to a whole new level.In Belgium and the UK, the Vatican, dick, with its vivid, luxurious and elegant figure paintings scenarios, and will carry forward the baroque style in the north.However, influenced by religious reform boycott, the baroque style in the Netherlands and the spread of the British spent a long time.In the end, the baroque art or developed in northern Europe, pay more attention to the reality of daily life, and not as a Catholic country put emphasis on the expression of feelings.

    This kind of style as in the Catholic country, most far-reaching longest.By the 18th century, baroque style become more luxuriant, finally evolved into a softer, more rich decorative rococo style.

    Baroque period

    Classical charm, making full of the feelings restoring ancient ways of the romantic style wedding dress also present a posh.Baroque imitation of chest and waist, layered skirt is placed, the details will be heavy and complicated and delicate do manual work reflect incisively and vividly, and fusion fashionable clipping and fashion elements, like a bow, fold, etc., to create a different style of ancient and modem.Large of tire is the most prominent in the wedding dress accessories, it can cover the whole head, also can blossom on either side, breathtaking.

    In wrapped chest waist as a prologue, in the baroque era as noble exaggerated with lace sleeves as the climax of the plot development, the "script" about classical drama was full of showily atmosphere.Short qiao wavy garment place makes the jacket at hale sex appeal gives fully in elegant, gothic style sleeve type restoring ancient ways in detail through modern, colour also USES bright-coloured and lively colour, let a person is like place oneself in a grand court congregations.

    With the lower half of the baroque style fashion most prized clipping, strive to variable.Slightly puffy knee-length skirt combining with delicate fold, and casual lace, sweet smell tender romance together.Brocade fabric is not typical of the floating flower, using smooth light silk yarn, reveal the luxury of having a unique style.On colour, champagne, rice white no longer, instead of the gorgeous pink, match with falbala collarband milk white knitting coat, and do not break elegant reserved handsome and lovely.

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