Registered under the new system often pavilion

By Dana Morgan,2015-08-17 02:14
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Registered under the new system often pavilion

Registered under the new system often pavilion the

    most benefit from individual stocks

    Army dream. Dream. [the Chinese dream. Power rich dream. But stock market rally dream!]

    Advised the new and old people, warm prompt strengths. Don't overdraft household assets into the stock market, don't expect overnight into the stock market, and even the bull market risk, also there will be a big slump in investment to buy a house to the stock investment to buy mentality to face the interest rate of the stock market, hope to continue to use solid ideas and skills to participate in the stock market with Chinese characteristics, all jumped brings the consequences of a slump. Please p remember!Learn to survive to find chance!

    "Policy guidance"

    1. Registration system to accelerate the implementation of already known fact, picking stocks and shares in the new system will have new changes;

    2. The value of placement of purchase before payment is coming to us. 3.13 five planning start to the year, will be in the meeting on more detailed policy measures;

    More than 4.2016 years expansion is expected this year.

    "Back to the dish"

    Back to dish, along the old today and next week, a total of 10 stock

    issued, the future after eight stock will continue to use the old system, IPO will usher in the new system. And the registration system of the future, to the recent market has not enough clear direction, and the market to wait and see to face the future uncertainty has. The Shanghai composite index closed at 3434 points, the volume of only 245.1 billion. Down 20 points, Shanghai and shenzhen two cities have a strong stock drop stop. 300047 of them what doctors graduated early significantly outperform in the drop stop, Tibet mining, vocation technology, meiya cupressaceae, idris, hunan post science and technology is a sharp plunge in performance, trends from such stocks. Has also clearly see the main funds in strength in the storehouse. The next next week there will be more strong strands join to fall down the line. So, here I want to remind you that grabs an eye movements of cumulative gains larger stocks. It is important to note that check surplus fall bags. Remember don't chase after buying high. In this Yin fall in the market, continuous, still need to be strict controls of positions, to take to buy strategy, and to buy is not optional.

    "Potential hot spots"

    In recent days the hottest keywords are "registered" market filled with eyes. In that case, we will be on increasing tracking related benefit shares. At the same time to avoid a photograph rushs related stocks. Register to create an open, personally think that the most direct the

    most long-term benefit is largest venture capital companies. The shares will receive more money holds a lock for a long time. Most of them as brokerage shares, of course, brokerage stocks are registered the benefit of the company. But I still tend to vc type of alternative individual stocks. Today's strong 000988 south China university of technology science and technology is one of them.

    South China university of technology science park innovation base is located in south China university of technology science and technology park, the total area of 66586 ?, construction area of 74900 ?, base

    volume rate is 0.89, greening rate of 47.1% (excluding the lake) of south China university of technology science park innovation base is a low density, high afforestation, form a complete set and service facilities of ecology, research and development of intelligent industry garden district, the area of 1000-10000 square meters of single-family and the terrace of hydrophilic buildings.It is south China university of technology science and technology park is an important part of "one park districts". South China university of technology science park innovation base designed for small and mid-sized science and technology research and development of enterprises and institutions to tailor single-family office space, committed to the introduction of optoelectronic information, advanced manufacturing technology, software development, enterprise combining features of upstream and downstream industry chain, to

    provide space for small and medium-sized enterprise of science and technology innovation and development and service platforms.Relying on good industry and rich cultural atmosphere, contracted heart type and match well of Chinese and western landscape architectural style, the wealth of the enterprise and horizon started is synchronized with the world

    Endogenous growth is strong, active layout "made in China 2025".Has been a steady rise in the company's performance, the company production of PTC series components in the automotive electronics industry has been expanding its applications, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting and plate material industry sales revenue also has a substantial increase, compared to the endogenous growth momentum is strong."Made in China 2025" promote the transformation and upgrading of domestic manufacturing, a new management explicitly create high-end equipment and service platform strategy transformation goal, layout of intelligent manufacturing and Internet of things actively, good prospects in the future.

    Five major business sector support the corporate strategy

    transformation and upgrading.The company is actively layout of intelligent manufacturing + Internet of things "science and technology.In south China university of technology "as a starting point, the other four big business to provide concrete support, to build a service-oriented

    platform;Laser company focus on industrial 4.0, provides the intelligent plant solution;Image company provides merchandise anti-counterfeiting and traceability solutions;High management sensors to build the foundation of the Internet of things, has a good prospect, new energy vehicles, wearable and intelligent household.Is the source company communications market from the traditional to the new ICT industry market transition.

    Scientific research strength to help the company continues to develop.South China university of technology science and technology as a key national high-tech enterprise, national "863" high-tech achievement industrialization base, relying on the strength of scientific research in higher educational institutions, the implementation of "five years plan" one thousand people introduced at home and abroad excellent scientific research personnel, improve innovation ability in key areas, sustained and healthy development of power companies. Give the "recommended" rating.Deep intelligent equipment

    manufacturing experience, we watch the company focus on resource layout smart platform construction, adhere to the "smart" made + "union" of science and technology development strategy will provide solid foundation for the company's future development, is expected to become the central China industry leading enterprises, 4.0 for valuation and performance of double promotion.We forecast in 2015 ~ 2017 EPS is

RMB 0.29, 0.38, 0.55, "recommended" investment rating.

Risk tip: transformation and upgrading of not exceeding the expectation

", brought by the economic downturn investment expectations

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