Heart is beautiful

By Robin Morris,2015-08-16 07:00
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Heart is beautiful

    Heart is beautiful!Spring market is rush!

    In a short sound, international team according to the technical system of oneself to near 3400 points will be changyang, plucking, this view has been a huge number of questions, "what makes the market rose? Rise logic in where?""The money is going to play a new, where there is money to push up?", yes, these questions are really very reasonable, but most of the time, technology also is not a vegetarian, most of the time will work wonders!But sometimes don't seem to understand the technology more happiness, because we seem to have been to help the state council, help the CSRC fuck broken heart, we easily?

    Yes, the bank property, to be honest, we don't see well, now that need changyang county, the only remaining brokerage, brokerage before the first wave of attack we clear reminder before pulling up, after a period of time to recover, this once again head again!In addition, we opened on Monday morning, to indicate the two directions, non-ferrous and quantum communication, the performance of the nonferrous stocks to everyone!Many comrades began to layout last week!Quantum

    communication high rushed back yesterday, we had a bit hesitant, today's performance confirmed quantum communication a

    diving!Shenzhou information, south China university of technology science and technology, the crystal science and technology, and so on are blocked off harden!!!!Received extensive attention of the hot money,

    also don't know if there are too many agencies see our international team inside?According to the previous practice, the 2015 state science and technology awards is held in the great hall of the people in January 2016 awards.Can be released from the current initial results, if the there is natural science prize winner, the honor will flower falls "multi-photon entangled interferometry.

    Look back to the market, yesterday's changyang again affirmed the historic 2850 points on schedule at the bottom of the solid, again confirmed 3400 points in a line of defence is lost!Many brokers and agencies are the bottom and top 2016, roughly 3000 to 4500, or 3200 points to 4500 points!We want to say is, this too rational, if in the 3200 points or 3000 points, to 2500 then to cry!!!!We believe that the 3400 - point line, limit of 3350 points even for an instant touch will be quick to pull up!For the market in 2016, we are quite optimistic!4500 points this forecast is too conservative!Because the economy bottoming, or interest rates downward, or reform of state-owned enterprises, or assets under the background of shortage configuration rigidity, let 2016 become very beautiful!Is a can let you rest assured to imagine the year! Of course, because there is currently no consensus long-short, still looking forward to continue to kill drop, when a lot of short therefore began in the 3400 - point rise will not be smooth, may be over, but the

    maximal spring market has not transfer to personal will come!We need to do is to meet him with open arms!Go to the spring market beating drums, has brought the wine, the food, the fruit, also brought luxury cars and luxury!Also brought song, brought laughter!Ganoderma lucidum brought smoothing traumas.

    Operation, continue to stick to new energy automobile plate, according to the ministry website on December 14, according to motor vehicle factory certificate, in November 2015, China's new energy automobile production 72300, rose 6 times.Among them, the pure electric passenger car production 30000, year-on-year growth of 7 times, plug-in hybrid passenger car production 7509, rose 2 times;30900 vehicles, pure electric commercial vehicle production rose 18 times, plug-in hybrid commercial vehicle production, 3893, up 97% from a year earlier.Listed in the catalogue of new energy automobile models of vehicle purchase tax shall be exempted six batch of domestic new energy automobile production of 68700, accounting for 95% of the production in November.Sustained growth and new energy automobile production capacity will be long!In addition, the short line continue to focus on brokerage, non-ferrous, quantum communication and second new opportunity!

    The last paragraph and anlyzes: there is a kind of meet, never met, but it

    seems to meet after such a long separation;There is a heart, never to vindicate, but has been deeply bone marrow.Some moved, some love, some chasing, save a ghostly gracefuls and restrained space are not the most perfect ending with desire.Understand you, you are direct, at heart begged the resonance is the best;Understand me, why meet, in the depths of the soul attraction together is the most beautiful.

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