AMD launched laptop special FX and PRO

By Lillian Cooper,2015-08-16 03:51
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AMD launched laptop special FX and PRO

    AMD launched laptop special FX and PRO. A

    series of APU

    AMD announced the launch of the ultra thin type and the performance of high performance laptop design mobile APU, including FX series and A series, will be before A new generation of desktop processors have multiple functions and features into the type of laptop to save power.

    Have the CPU will graphics processors AMD at the same time, in this year, the international computer exhibition also launched many new products, including mobile devices using the new processor, embedded products and the professional level of display adapter, graphics processors in the entertainment level from updated news.

    In view of the notebook computer products, AMD the recently will launch "the Kaveri" desktop to mobile devices, A series of APU transplantation is the Kaveri functions and also save electricity and power management function and become A special laptop

    version.Kaveri was adopted to design the APU, the most major characteristic is, of course, has a heterogeneous system architecture (HSA) function as well as the next generation drawing core (GCN) architecture, let the laptop also entering a new generation.

    The Kaveri version of the launch of new laptops dedicated processors, besides A series, more important is there are two new high performance of FX series.Unlike desktop FX series, mobile version of FX is relatively advanced A series of APU, namely internal still integrated graphics processor.FX - 7600 - p, A10-7400 p and A8-7200 - p is the TDP 35 w products, such as FX - 7500 of other money is 19 w.

    AMD also continued to change in response to other business market, including service life, performance and stability, and pro high performance mobile APU series, called PROA series.Specifically tailored for the enterprise PRO series A, has reliable long-term use value, including for up to 24 months, 18 months of software life cycle stability and open standard management function.PRO series A built-in high-performance graphics processing capabilities, can deal with all kinds of drawing load of homework today.And Eyefinity technology makes system can connect 4 screen at the same time, most improve the productivity of application execution.

    AMD new mobile version of the APU, whether it's A series, the series of FX or PRO series A, there are multiple vendors to launch the laptop or AIO, products have been in the international computer exhibition in Taipei.

    AMD also published the new single chip embedded G series system, to apply the financial, education, retail, electronic billboards, game consoles, industrial-grade computer...And so on products.G series products have characteristics of high performance low power consumption, and with enterprise level error correction coding (ECC) memory support, dual or four core and integration on a single chip of independent drawing processing and I/O controller, bringing high performance and integration.

    New G series products are divided into two series, identified as "the Steppe Eagle" and "Crowned Eagle", both with 28 nm process, operation of the core is still the "Jaguar", the difference lies mainly in the Steppe Eagle "plus GCN graphics processor architecture.The new G series family of SoC processors, have structure on the ARM TrustZone platform security processor (PSP), the hardware level design safety information system, protection against malicious attacks to intercept sensitive data and operation, very suitable for application in thin computer solutions.

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