Virtual reality dating can improve the quality of love

By Catherine Palmer,2015-08-16 03:26
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Virtual reality dating can improve the quality of love

    Virtual reality dating can improve the quality of love?

    Virtual dating can bring opportunity to interact face to face at the same time don't have to spend time and money.Why to Tinder into it?

    OkCupid and Tinder software let you dating become more convenient, but the date itself is very time-consuming.To attend cocktail party meeting strangers than simple dating fantasy come faster, but this is not a simplified way, because it is not from the initial strange to have dinner together and then send text messages to each other, and then all of a sudden the gradual process of emotional dispute.Need another step, and VR is probably can realize its ideal technology.

    Because the VR can create intimacy between people, without having to worry about possible embarrassment or even insecure for face to face communication, the founder of VR social networking websites vTime Paul Hollywood (his real name) said, although the site is not designed for love to make friends, of course, open to the love dating."Virtual reality dating really very convenient, because you need not run technically to restaurants and bars," he told the Inverse.If you want to meet someone for the first time, you will feel safe because there is no special go somewhere, and to establish contact with each other at the same time."

    To imagine a completely immersive VR appointment game the SIMS, but more is driven by the hormone.Digital lovers will interact through their incarnation, meet in the virtual space, then in virtual museum, restaurants and bars to wipe out the spark of love, and they can comfortably lying in the bedroom.This way, not a substitute for person-to-person contact, but it can serve as a true props to filter in advance, reduce the risk of a first date at the same time to keep this relationship continue intimacy."Although it is a digital platform, created the embodiment of the very personification," he said."You can make custom make these incarnate put on your clothes. You can also be more accurate to show up.

    He said a lot of sense: VR dates don't want to make the embodiment of ugly.But then again, most Tinder the profile itself is not attractive.VR dating won't expose you lied about her appearance, but at least when evaluating the relationship can be more easily."The best thing is can be out of date at any time," the sign said."Don't need to escape from the bathroom window."

    VR date may let us become apathetic.Or is it just frees up more time to find the real virtual love.In Hollywood's opinion, let VR has become so important is the latter."I saw it was effectively used as a tool to make friends," he said, is all the more surprising, as far as he knew, no a large online dating platform,, Plenty of Fish in the use of it.Although

    they are not ready, but the public is ready: in a recent survey, the technology giant Ericsson found up to a third of consumers has been to use VR head show for online dating.American large dating web site eHarmony dating trend is a recent analysis predicts that by 2040 VR dating will become the norm.

    In the end, a relationship is the need for two (or more) based on enough feelings come up in person to get along with each other.VR dating can help us to achieve this goal, faster or is aware of no results.Friends in the Oculus Rift in the era of love is a strange but occasionally but very effective.But the ultimate goal is the same.

    "Love is everywhere," the sign said."Even in VR."

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